Maserati have a loyal customer base around the entire world, and it’s clear to see why, these powerful vehicles are combined with Italian styling, this has proved a winning combination.

We can offer to repair or service any model Maserati, our garage is based in South Wales.

We can therefore repair or service anything from a Maserati Granturismo, right through to a Maserati Levante and Ghibli models.

Our mechanics are highly experienced at repairing and servicing a wide range of high-performance vehicles, this includes many high-performance Italian car’s.

Below we are going to provide some of the reasons why many Maserati owners trust us to repair their vehicles.


Experienced mechanics

We employ highly experienced mechanics, which are able to repair or service any Maserati.


Brake replacement

As with any performance car, it’s important that the brakes are replaced with high-quality parts.

Our mechanics can repair the brakes on any vehicle.



If you are looking for a garage which can offer servicing for any high-performance vehicle, well look no further than Automotive Cardiff.

We can service a wide range of cars, including high-performance Italian vehicles.

We can therefore offer to undertake a full service of your Maserati right through to a routine oil change.


Diesel and petrol engines

Maserati produces a wide range of vehicles, we have experience of working on both diesel and petrol Maserati’s.

Therefore, whether it’s a routine service, or repair work that needs to be undertaken we can help you.


Quality parts

We will only supply and fit high-quality parts to any vehicle that we service or repair here in Cardiff.


Repeat business

We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of many high performance cars, and friendly customer service that we offer to everyone of our customers here in Cardiff.

This means that many high-performance car owners here in Cardiff return year after year to get their car serviced or repaired by us.

Many car owners also bring their car to us so that we can inspect your car prior to its MOT inspection.

Our highly experienced mechanics are also able to quickly diagnose faults, we have also invested in state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to read fault codes.

Our garage is easily located within a central location within Cardiff, and we see many car owners travel to us from far and wide, that’s to receive a high-quality service at a fair price.  

We therefore can service and repair a wide range of Italian vehicles, this ranges from Maserati’s right through to rare Ferrari vehicles.

If you would like to book your car in for a service, or for a repair then why not give our team a ring today?


For a lot of us, during our busy lives we can often feel as though we do not have much spare time.

This often means it’s all too easy to delay getting our cars serviced, however by not getting our cars serviced at regular intervals this could mean that possibly increased engine wear occurs.

That’s to say, even though a lot of us lead super busy lives, and it can be hard to find time to do everything, we shouldn’t delay getting out car serviced by a reliable garage.

This is why so many car owners within the city of Cardiff trust us to service their car, whether that’s just to change the oil or for a full service.

We can service a wide range of cars, this can range from high-value classic cars, through to a small engined petrol car.

We make it easy for car owners to get their car serviced with us, that’s because we work efficiently so we can arrange a time that’s convenient for you to get your car serviced.

Within this article we are going to explain why so many car owners have their car serviced with us:

Why so many car owners within Cardiff choose us to service their car


Friendly service

We pride ourselves on offering a first-class and friendly service, this is offered by the business owners Emma and James. Where some garages and their mechanics can seem sometimes unwelcoming and not customer focused, our business is completely different.

We therefore pride ourselves on offering a friendly and honest service.


We use high quality oils

Every single car that we service, we will always replace the oil with a quality oil.

We use many quality oils, we often use Shell oils so you can rest assured that a top-quality oil will be used during the service of your car.

This is very important, as some mechanics and some garages to increase their profit margins on a service of a vehicle, sometimes opt for using the cheapest oils, which we believe is not beneficial to the engine at all.

Sometimes this means that some garages do not use fully synthetic oils and other quality oils when they should be used. This is why many customers in Cardiff instead come to our garage, as they know top-quality oils will be used.


“However when you come to our garage, you can rest be assured that we will always use the best quality oil and replacement parts”


Top-quality parts

As any good mechanic knows, air filters, heater plugs and spark plugs can vary massively in terms of quality and also performance.

Where some garages might just be aiming to offer the cheapest quote to service your car, sometimes this does not necessarily offer the best value to the car owner.

Instead when you have your car serviced you should aim to have the car replaced with quality parts and oils.

This is why we only use quality air filters and quality oils.


Honest advice

When your car is on the ramp, our mechanics may spot defects or parts that have become worn that may need replacing soon.

Our mechanics can therefore at this stage advise which parts might need replacing soon and offer a quote, that’s  if you would like us to carry out this work.

We will always offer you honest advice as to which parts might need replacing.


Quick turnaround

We know that being stuck without a car can sure be an inconvenience, this is why we aim to have your car turned around and serviced as quick as possible.


Great location

Our garage and also our mechanics are located in a great location, just off Newport Road in Cardiff.


Competitive prices

We offer very competitive prices, whether that is to repair your car or to service your car


Full service

We can offer a full service of your vehicle

Oil change

If you would prefer we can just change the oil of your vehicle


Why not book your car in with us for a service today?

If you would like to get your car serviced by us, why not call us today, and we can book in a time where one of our mechanics can service your vehicle.

Our garage is located within Cardiff