It’s fair to say that there are a lot of garages and mechanics here in the city of Cardiff to choose from. Yet, with that said, at our garage we believe that we offer a top-quality service and competitive prices.

For example we repair a wide range of cars, here are some of more frequent car repair work that our mechanics frequently carryout:

·        Brake disc and pad replacement

·        Engine warning light and car dialogistic

·        Car suspension issues

·        DPF problems

·        Car exhaust replacement

·        Car electrical faults

·        Turbo replacement

·        Injector problems

·        Diesel engine repair

·        Petrol engine repair

·        Hybrid and electric car repair


“We can repair any make or model of vehicle, we frequently repair car brakes, exhaust suspension, yet we can also repair engine faults”.


At our garage we repair a wide range of cars, ranging from high-value prestige vehicles, right through to classic cars such as classic TVR’s.

We have highly experienced mechanics which are able to quickly diagnose faults with your car and offer an estimate for how much it will cost to repair your vehicle. Our garage is located just off Newport Road, which is within Cardiff, South Wales.


Car repair

Where some garages in Cardiff specialise in repairing a certain brand of car, we instead repair and service a wide range of different brand vehicles.

Therefore, if you would like the brake pads changed on a VW car, we would like the engine repaired on a classic car, like a TVR our mechanics are able to turn their skill set will wide range of different car engines and cars. That’s to say our mechanics can work on classic petrol engine cars, right through to modern diesel and hybrid electric engines.

We therefore employ highly experienced mechanics at our garage that have knowledge of working on a wide range of different engines.


Experienced mechanics

We employ highly experienced mechanics at our garage, our mechanics can use our diagnostic equipment to detect faults with an engine. Our Cardiff mechanics can advise on how much it will cost to repair your vehicle at our garage, plus we can often offer you different car parts to choose from.



We have invested heavily in car diagnostic equipment, we can quickly use our diagnostic equipment on your car to read any fault codes.

The brain of your car is often referred to as the “ECU”, we can use our diagnostic equipment to communicate with the ECU, to read any fault codes that your vehicle might have. Once our mechanics have carried out the car repair, and the fault has been fixed, to lets say the cars diesel injection system, then we will make sure we have repaired the fault and reset the engine warning lights, and the ECU.

We have diagnostic equipment, so that we can read the fault code and we are able to quickly understand what is wrong with your car and how we can repair your car.


Engine warning lights

A number of customers sometimes state that an engine warning light has been on the vehicle for quite a long time, yet they have not called us because they have not heard any problems with the vehicle. However, we would never recommend delaying getting your car seen to, that’s once a engine warning light appears.

In some cases, with some cars, the car repair work may well be extensive, and driving the car could actually cause more damage to say the engine. In this case we can over to recover your car, and drive it to our garage for our mechanics to start work on the engine.

For example, sometimes a shard of metal in the gearbox, which is not picked up by say the magnet in the gearbox can move with the gears, causing sometimes immense damage to the gearbox and its gears, so what’s the solution?

Well, call our garage as soon as possible, we can collect cars in the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan areas. That’s to say we can then transport the car, whether it  be a large 4×4 or a classic car, we can then drive the car safely to our garage, in order to repair the gearbox, or undertake the car repair work that is needed.

We would never recommend taking approach where an engine warning light is ignored, we would always recommend when the warning light appears that you visit a trusted garage like Automotive Cardiff.

Our mechanics can use our diagnostic equipment to quickly read your car’s fault codes and advise whether its an engine fault, an electrical fault, turbo fault and also why your car may have entered “limp mode” or as some cars refer to it as “limp home mode”.


Engine and car repair

If you are looking to get your car repaired, whether that be to get your brakes replaced, suspension fixed or your exhaust system replaced, our garage can help.


Brake pads and brake disc replacement

One of the most frequent tasks that our mechanics carry out is to replace the brake pads, or the brake discs on a vehicle.

We are able to replace the brake pads or the brake discs on a wide range of different vehicles, ranging from 4×4 cars ,right through to high-value prestige cars.

We can also offer high-performance braking systems as well.


Exhaust replacement

We can repair or fully replace your cars exhaust system.


Car suspension

If there’s a problem with your cars suspension, then why not visit our garage?

We can offer a range of different car suspension options to pick from.


DPF problems?

A lot of modern vehicles can sometimes incur “DPF problems”, if your vehicle incurs a DPF problem, and this is communicated via the dashboard or a warning light, then why not take your car to our garage?

Our mechanics can recommend different ways to remedy DPF problems with your vehicle.


Car electrical faults

In most modern cars there are now complex electrical systems, this can power everything from your electric seats, right through to your electric windows and headlight adjustment on your vehicle for example.

If any of these develop a problem then it could potentially cause an MOT failure, not just that it can sometimes make your car not driveable.

Our mechanics can use our diagnostic equipment to see where the problem is originating from, and recommend replacement car parts, and how many hours it will cost in terms of our mechanics fixing the problem.


Car servicing

We can offer car servicing and car repair in Cardiff, whether you wish to have the oil changed within your engine, or you wish to have a complete service carried out of your car, we can help.


MOT preparation

We can prepare your car ready for its MOT inspection.

A lot of our customers also have their car serviced at the same time, so that the car is then off the road for a shorter period of time, rather than having your car prepared for an MOT, and then visiting the garage again to have your car serviced.

Our garage can therefore offer car repair and also servicing.

How our garage can help:

Our garage is based just off Newport Road, our friendly mechanics will be able to book your car in for a repair or a service.




With winter just around the corner, this means that we will soon be scraping ice off our car windscreens, whilst also turning the heaters up to the maximum level within our cars.

With that said, there’s another important thing to think about for car owners, that is during the winter months our car engines can be placed under increased strain because of the cold weather in which the car’s engine operates in.

Engine oil levels

That is why it’s especially important that our car’s have the sufficient level of high-quality engine oil within the car’s engine, and antifreeze and to also ensure that your car is ready for winter.

It’s also really important that you use a high-quality engine oil

Here at Automotive Cardiff our mechanics can offer car servicing for all brands of car, plus if your car is in needs any type of repair work, our mechanics can also repair any brand of car.

So, if your engine oil needs to be replaced prior to winter, then why not give our garage a call?

Does your car require a full service?

Sometimes, some car owners will take their car to a main dealer, however you may wish to call us to see how much we charge for car servicing instead.

We can service any make or model car, this can range from a luxury 4X4 car, right through to a classic car, our mechanics can change your car’s engine oil and offer a full service of your car.

Our mechanics also are equipped with modern diagnostic equipment at our garage which allows us to service your car, as well as repairing faults that your vehicle may have.

MOT and Car servicing

For example, many car owners come to us for their car to be prepared for an MOT.

And because many drivers do not want to be off the road for any great deal of time, they often have one of our mechanics check the car before MOT inspection, as well as having a full service carried out of the vehicle as well.

This can help to save our customers time, that’s because we can check your car before it’s MOT, also when your car is on the ramp, one of our mechanics can change the oil or carry out a full service on your car.

Therefore if you are looking for a local garage in Cardiff, that offers car servicing, as well as car repair’s then why not call automotive Cardiff today?

Car service

Whether you drive a large prestige 4×4 vehicle or you have a much cherished classic car that you are keeping for those summer drives along the country roads, we will be able to offer you a competitive price for servicing any type of vehicle.

You can rest assured when you choose our garage, that our mechanics will use high-quality engine oils as well as using high-quality car parts as well. We frequently use high-quality fully synthetic Shell engine oils, which we believe offers a very high-quality engine oil.

At our garage, which is based just off Newport Road within Cardiff, our mechanics frequently repair high-value prestige vehicles as well as all car brands.

Affordable car servicing

We service a wide range of cars, ranging from small petrol engine cars, perhaps with a 1.0 petrol engine, right through to classic cars, we therefore have mechanics that car repair or service any car.

Why not call us for a quote to see how much it will cost to get your car serviced?

The cost of the service will depend on the engine size of your vehicle and which vehicle you have.

For example different cars will require different engine oils.

Some cars will require a fully synthetic motor oil, and others will not. It’s also especially important in all the vehicles such as classic cars to make sure that a very high-quality engine is used.

When you use our garage, you can rest assured that our mechanics will only use high-quality engine oils and also high-quality car parts.

That’s to say whether we are replacing brake pads, brake discs or simply carrying out an oil change of your engine, we will always use high-quality parts.

Our mechanics frequently service:

·        VW’s (Volkswagen)

·        Skoda

·        Seat’s

·        Ford

·        Vauxhall

·        And many other major car brands

We can therefore service any make or model car.

Is your car displaying a light to get your car serviced or a warning light?

A lot of car owners simply ignore warning light that may appear on their dashboard, however we would never recommend that you do this. Some car’s therefore tell you when your car is due a service.

We recommend that you get your car serviced, yet serviced by a garage that will use high-quality car parts and engine oils.

For example, the warning light might be telling you that your car is due service, or that your engine oil is running low, in which case if the engine runs low on oil then this could mean that the engine could incur a fault. This is why it’s so important to get your car serviced, and to ensure the correct level of engine oil is kept.

This is why it’s so important to get your car regularly serviced.

Is your car due a service?

A lot of our customers therefore bring their vehicle to us for a regular service, sometimes this is just to have the engine oil changed and sometimes it is carry out a full service of the vehicle.

If you are therefore looking for car servicing in Cardiff, then why not call our garage?

Is your dashboard stating that your car needs a service?

If your vehicle needs a full service, or for the oil to be changed, then why not call our garage? Our mechanics have worked on many different brand vehicles, we therefore see a lot of high-performance sports cars, prestige cars, classic cars.

For example our mechanics have serviced:

·        TVR’s

·        Aston Martin’s

·        Maserati’s

We also offer to repair and also service your more common every day type of cars as well.

Does your car require an oil change?

We frequently see customers that do a large amount of mileage per year, they frequently come to us for an oil change.

Each day we change the oil on many cars, ranging from large diesel engine cars, through to classic car’s such as TVR’s.

“Your car may require an oil change soon? if so, why not call our garage so that we can change the oil on your car for you?”

Full service

If you would like a full service carried out on your car, then why not call us for a quote?

We can service all makes and model of car, ranging from 4×4’s right through to a small car with a petrol engine for example.

We offer very competitive pricing, we can service any car.

All car brands welcome

We can service any brand of car, for example VW’s, Audi’s, Skoda’s, Seat’s and also Hyundai’s, Kia’s and other brands such as Vauxhall and also Ford as well.

We offer very competitive pricing on servicing of all brands of car.

Winter service

Our garage and our mechanics are especially busy during the build-up to winter, as many car owners want to get their car ready for winter.

For example, many car owners would like antifreeze either topped up or replaced within their car.


Experienced mechanics

We employ highly experienced mechanics, for example we can repair any brand or model of car.

Prestige and classic cars

At our garage we frequently service a wide range of prestige and also classic cars. For example a lot of TVR’s and also Aston Martins are serviced at our garage.

Our mechanics therefore have experience on working on a wide range of high-value prestige cars.

Car repair

We do not just offer car servicing at our garage in Cardiff, that’s because we can also repair any make or model of car.

For example, we frequently at our garage your replace car clutches, brakes and general engine repairs as well.

High-quality engine oils

You can rest assured that when you use our garage, we will only use high-quality engine oils.

For example, we use a high-quality brands such as Shell engine oils.

High-quality car parts

Some garages, and also some mechanics only use the cheapest parts, that’s in order to increase profitability.

We do not take this approach, instead we use high-quality parts, such as high-quality brake pads, brake discs, clutches, engine oils and oil filters, our mechanics are often able to take the time to explain different types of parts that you may wish to opt for.

For example, if you need new brake pads, and your brake discs replaced, our mechanics will be able to explain the different make brake pads and brake discs that we can offer you.

For example of the car is a high performance car, then we will be able to offer you suitable brakes, if you are looking for a quality set of brake pads and discs for a more every day type of card and we can also recommend different makes this as well.


Our garage is based in Cardiff, our friendly mechanics will be able to repair or service any make of car.

Our mechanics have experience of working on a large range of cars.

At our garage at any one time you will see a wide mix of different cars on our ramps, for example there may be a large 4×4 vehicle that needs a clutch replaced, then on another day, you might see one of our mechanics working on a high-value and high-performance vehicle.

Many high-performance cars are therefore serviced and also maintained at our garage.

For example, our mechanics are regularly working high-performance cars high-performance Nissans and Toyota vehicles.

We can recommend which parts may need replacing soon

Our mechanics can recommend different make car parts, therefore we do not just recommend just one manufacturer of certain car parts.

Repeat business

Our garage always aims for repeat business, so all of our staff are always friendly and we offer very competitive prices at our garage.

Brake check

When your car is on the ramp and we are carrying out a service for you whether that be an oil change or a full service, one of our mechanics can also carryout a brake check if you request us to do so.


It’s important to know that whichever brand of car that you drive, that you should always get your car regularly serviced. Whether that be an oil change or a full service.

With most people’s busy lives, it may seem all too easy to ignore the service light on a vehicle, and to put it off for just another task that can be completed on another day- however we would not recommend doing this.

In order to help maintain your car, it’s important that you get your car serviced.

Some car owners come to us just to have a routine oil change, however it’s more common for customers to request a full service of their vehicle.

We also fully appreciate that being without your car, even for a very short period of time can mean an inconvenience to the customer.

This is why our mechanics will always strive to service your car as quickly as possible.

So whether you drive a large diesel 4×4 vehicle, which has a large diesel engine, or perhaps you drive a small petrol engine car, all of these engines will need to be serviced.


Our mechanics work on a wide range of different cars

From high-performance vehicles, that will need oil changes and also a full service, right through to small petrol engine vehicles, we can offer to service any type of car.

Our mechanics have worked on a large range of different cars, ranging from high value and prestige vehicles right through to family saloon cars.

This experience of working on a wide variety of different cars means that we can quickly service your vehicle.


Quality car parts

As most car owners will know, at some garages they will sometimes use the cheapest car parts in order to maximise profit.


Our garage takes a totally different approach, we aim to retain all of our customers for as long as possible, we therefore see a lot of repeat business from our customers coming back to our garage every single year.


We achieve this by offering high levels of customer service, yet we also use high-quality car parts and often say to our customers the different type of parts that we can purchase, so that we recommend a number of different options.

We therefore recommend that quality car parts are always used, whether this be a type of brake system, clutches or whether it be parts that are needed in order to carry out the service of your car such as different types of air filters for example.

Because we cater for a wide range of different customers, for example customers that own high-value classic cars, right through to diesel saloon vehicles, we are often able to recommend different manufacturers for different parts.

For example, we can often recommend different performance brake systems, we can also recommend several different options of clutch for example.

Also, we only use high-quality oils, and high-quality parts when we are carrying out a car service.



Our garage is located within Cardiff, our garage located just off Newport Road, so we are in a great location if you wish to have your car serviced.

Therefore whether you wish to have the oil changed on your vehicle, and you may need a fully synthetic oil to be used, or a different type of oil within your engine might be required, you can rest assured that our garage can recommend high-quality parts and engine oils that will be needed for your car.


Don’t ignore the service warning light

On most vehicles, on the instrument panel within your car, there will be a part on the panel that is dedicated to telling you whether a service is due.

A lot of customers do not just rely on this, they will know when their car needs to be serviced, however if the instrument panel is stating the car is due a service, then we would recommend giving us a call in order to obtain a quote on 07717752134.

For example, if your engine was to run to low on oil this can cause a serious problem, therefore such warning lights should never be ignored.

Also our prices for carrying out a car service are very reasonable, so if you were to give us a ring 07717752134 we can often quote you a price over the phone.


Prestige vehicles and classic cars

At our garage we have serviced a wide range of classic and high-value prestige vehicles. For example at our garage, we have serviced Maseratis, TVR’s, Ferrari’s and we have serviced a wide range of classic vehicles as well for example.

Therefore many car owners that own a prestige vehicle or a classic car trust our mechanics to provide an excellent service.

We are also able to spend the time with the customer to explain which quality car parts, such as different brake pads and brake discs as well as exhausts, clutches might be needed in order to repair the vehicle as well.

Due to our investment in high-quality ramps at our garage, and our diagnostic equipment, we are able to quickly service and also to diagnose any faults with any vehicle.

We can diagnose faults with a wide range of different vehicles

Our mechanics can therefore often carry out a service on your vehicle, for example an oil change or a full service, and at that time you may want to enquire how much it would be to repair a fault or a advisory that your vehicle may have.


Often a car is brought into us to prepare it for it’s M.O.T inspection, at the same time often the car owners will want a car service carried out and also to be advised on any areas that may need to be repaired on the vehicle.

Because our mechanics have experience of working on a wide range of cars, such as hybrid electric vehicles, diesel cars and petrol engines we are able to quickly analyse if there are any faults or areas of the car that are needed to be repaired prior to its M.O.T.

We can also at the same time while the car is on the ramp, ask our mechanics to carry out a service on the vehicle, whether that be an oil change of the engine, or whether it be a full service.

Car brakes

We can also replace your car’s brakes, we can offer you a wide range of different options, ranging from high-performance brakes, right through to changing the brakes on a small petrol engined vehicle.

Does your card need to be serviced?

If your car needs to be serviced within Cardiff, you are therefore looking for a garage that offers car servicing, then why not give our mechanics a ring today on 07717752134?