There are many different items that we own, that will require regular servicing, so for example this can range from central heating boilers that heat our home’s, right through to our bicycles for example that may need the brakes adjusted from time to time.

And where many of us lead very busy lifestyles, that’s to say often we work full-time, these tasks might get put off to carry out another day.

However, we would strongly advise that you do not delay or put off getting your car regularly serviced when your car needs servicing. Whether your car requires a full service, engine oil changed or an interim service carried out, this should not be delayed.

Make sure your car is serviced as per the manufacturer’s specification

The reason for this is without a regular service carried out on your car, that’s to the manufacturer’s specification, you could be causing your car’s engine and other components on your car to become excessively worn, which could sometimes be prevented sometimes by carrying out a service.

Each engine will have different service intervals, so if you are unsure how regular to get your car serviced, we would highly recommend speaking to a local and reputable mechanic.

For example, you may purchase a used car, yet then not get the car serviced for quite a while, it is therefore possible that the engine oil could be running low, or the engine oil used is not suitable for that model car, so it causes engine damage.

For example, the previous car owner may have changed the oil themselves, using the wrong specification oil, which sometimes can do considerable damage to an engine. So, if you are also unsure as to the service history of a used car you have bought, for example how long ago the engine was serviced and the engine oil changed, then we would highly recommend talking to a mechanic.

Equally, you might delay getting your car serviced for quite a long period of time, which might cause the air filter to become obstructed, the engine oil to run excessively low, and also the coolant might also be running low on the vehicle. So, getting your car serviced at the regular intervals, is important.

As everybody knows, these components, such as the engine oil, air filter, engine oil filter, all need to work perfectly, that’s if you are to correctly help maintain the engine.

Engine coolant running low, or engine oil running low could cause a total engine failure for the engine, so this is why regular engine servicing is so important.

Which types of car servicing does your garage offer?

The main types of servicing that we offer at our garage are “interim servicing”, “oil changes and oil filter changes” and also to carry out “full servicing” for any make or model vehicle.

For example, somebody who carries out large amount of mileage may want us to carry out an “interim service” on their vehicle.

On the whole, most vehicle owners ask us to carry out a “full service” on their car, sometimes some customers ask us to carry this out, when they visit us for getting their car prepared for an M.O.T inspection.

This way when the car is on our ramp, at our garage, our mechanics can carry out a full service after they have carried out an inspection of the vehicle to prepare the car for its M.O.T. This means when you having car repairs carried out to your car, we can straightaway then start to carry out a full service, an oil change or an interim service.

Having your car serviced, also allows our mechanics to check other areas of your car, if you instruct us to do so.

Often cars are in daily use, so often the car owner does not want to be left without a vehicle for any great length of time.

Therefore, when you are having your car serviced by us, it also provides an opportunity for you to ask our mechanics to check other areas of the car that you may be concerned about.

For example, you may have noticed that the clutch on your vehicle feels different, you may ask our mechanics to check the clutch on your car.

Alternatively, you may have heard a strange sound from the car’s exhaust, that’s whilst driving in the lower gears, you may therefore wish to ask our mechanics to check your car’s exhaust.

Alternatively, your car’s brakes may not feel that responsive, so you may ask our mechanics to check the brake discs, the brake pads, and also other components that relate to the correct function of the brakes.

Therefore, when you are having your car serviced, you can discuss with your mechanic other areas of the car that you may want repaired.

However, it is worth emphasising the point that if you have any queries relating to the performance of your car, or any repair work that needs to be undertaken, you should not delay having your car inspected straightaway by an experienced mechanic. This means if any repair work needs to be undertaken to your car, then you should consult with a mechanic straightaway.

Yet having your car serviced also allows your mechanic, if you instruct them to do so, to check other components while working on your car. If you have any doubt as to if any parts need repairing or replacing, then you should immediately contact a mechanic, that can help you with this work.

Would you like to get your car serviced by us?

We can carry out servicing on a wide range of different vehicles, for example, we can carry out a full service on high-performance vehicles such as TVR cars, we can also carry out servicing on many other makes and models of cars.






When certain components on a car become worn or damaged, sometimes it is obvious to the driver of the vehicle that repair work is needed straight away.

For example, a car’s exhaust that has become damaged, perhaps because of a hole in the back-box of the exhaust, can sometimes be clearly heard by the driver while they drive along the road.

Also, if the engine oil is running low on a vehicle, the driver might sometimes immediately be informed via a light that appears on the dashboard of the car on certain vehicles.

However, if a car’s clutch becomes worn, well, this can sometimes be less obvious sometimes, for example it might sometimes start with a slight juddering as you drive off in first gear in some cases.

In other instances, it might be clear that the clutch does not work, as the car will not engage into gear. Yet often the wearing of a clutch can sometimes be less obvious for some drivers.

However, it’s crucial that if your clutch is showing signs of fatigue and needs to be replaced that you consult with your local mechanic in order to get this work carried out.

If you are unsure whether the clutch needs to be replaced, why not call our garage, this is so we can carry out an inspection to see if the clutch needs to be repaired, replaced or simply adjusted.

How long does a car’s clutch last?

A car’s clutch needs to be considered differently from other components within your car. For example, you may have got into a form of routine of getting your car serviced at regular intervals as per the manufacturer’s specification.

So, for example after so many thousand miles, you may have your car’s engine oil changed, and also the oil filter changed for example or you may want a full service carried out on your car after so many miles.

However, with the car’s clutch, how long the car’s clutch lasts is very much dependent on driving style of the owner of the vehicle. If somebody has a driving style where they gently use the accelerator and clutch when driving off, then this driving style is likely to increase the lifespan of the clutch.

However, if the driver is instead used to harsh acceleration, and also revving the car excessively while also rising the clutch especially say at traffic lights, then this can cause more stress on the clutch which can mean that it will last less longer. Also, carrying trailers, caravans or just heavy loads within the car can also place greater strain on the clutch.


“If a car is rapidly accelerated from a standstill on a regular basis, this type of driving style can increase the stress that is placed on the clutch as well”.


Therefore, how long the clutch lasts is very much dependent on the driving style of the particular drivers and owners of that vehicle.

If you have therefore just purchased a used car and you want to have the car looked over by our mechanics, then you may wish to ask them to look at your car’s clutch as well.

For example, you may ask your garage for a brake check, you may also ask them to check the car’s clutch at the same time? A good mechanic will be able to tell you whether the clutch will soon need replacing or not.

It is the “friction disc”, that’s the part that takes the stress of the clutch being regularly engaged and disengaged, if you have had a driver that has placed great stress on the clutch, then it may need to be replaced in a relatively short period of time.

Therefore, sometimes if a used car has a really low mileage, let’s say the car has only covered say 20,000 miles, this does not necessarily mean that the clutch will be fine, because it is entirely possible that the clutch sometimes becomes excessively worn even after a few thousand miles of use, and that’s sometimes because a previous driver might have caused excessive wear due to their driving style.

Therefore, it is important to contact a reputable mechanic, such as the mechanics at our garage at Automotive Cardiff Ltd to see if your cars clutch needs to be adjusted, repaired or completely replaced.

Our garage has experience of working on a wide variety of clutches that are fitted a wide range of car brands. This means, we have fitted new clutches to VW’s, Audi’s, Mercedes BMWs, we have also fitted new clutches to Skoda’s, TVR’s, classic cars and also many other brands such as Nissan’s, Toyota’s and also many other vehicles for example. We can change the clutch or repair the clutch on any make or model car, as we employ highly experienced mechanics.

“Therefore, whichever brand or model vehicle that you drive, we will be able to replace your car’s clutch and we will aim to do this in the most cost-effective manner”

If your car’s clutch therefore needs to be replaced or repaired, or perhaps adjusted then why not contact our business today?




There are certain parts of a car’s engine that unless replaced when required, or replaced to meet the car manufacturer’ specifications, the owner of the vehicle will run an increased chance of incurring serious mechanical failure.

Now, your window screen wash running low, well, that’s just a mere inconvenience in terms of needing to be topped up when it runs low.

That’s to say on the way home from work, you may notice that you see a rather bright warning light on your car’s dashboard to tell you that the “screen wash” need’s to top up.

Therefore, it may only take a few seconds to top up the screen wash reservoir- so this is a simple fix for the car owner to rectify.

That’s to say, a simple lift of the car’s bonnet, add the screen wash to the reservoir and its done.  

However, there are other components relating to the engine that if ignored or not replaced, then this means that when they do go wrong they can sometimes cause catastrophic engine failure. Your timing belt is such an item, and one that should not be ignored if it needs replacing.

That’s to say when a timing belt or it “cambelt” as it is sometimes referred, does go wrong, this can sometimes lead to very high bills for the car owner.

This can be caused because of the large amounts of labour that are sometimes needed when a cambelt fails, and causes damage to the cars engine.


Therefore if the cambelt needs replacing, then this should not be ignored. You should talk to your mechanic to gain a recommendation as to when the cambelt should be changed.


What is the cambelt?

Quite simply put on a lot of modern engines will have a cambelt, which is simply like a very large rubber band, it’s construction is very basic and once removed from the engine can look like a relatively low value car part.

However, it’s function is very important indeed, it is therefore a very hard-working item, that is fitted to your car’s engine.

If the item is not regularly replaced at the designated intervals, or replaced once it becomes damaged then a car owner could incur a high bill from some garages when it does fail.

Most cambelts are made mostly from rubber, so it is possible that the cambelt becomes worn.

For example, bearings in the pulleys fail causing excessive tension on the belt, or simply a misaligned pulley may cause extra tension on the belt which causes it to snap.

When you think of freezing temperatures, and at the opposite end of the spectrum boiling hot summer days, you can see the extreme weather conditions also this engine component has to operate within, so if worn it can easily snap.

Have your timing belt / cambelt replaced today


High bills that can sometimes be incurred because a timing belt snaps and other components within the engine can also become damaged at the same time. This is why it’s absolutely crucial that the cambelt is replaced at regular intervals. If you are unsure when you last had your timing belt replaced, or you have simply purchased a used car, and are unsure when it was last serviced, then why not talk to our mechanics to see if they recommend the timing belt is replaced?

We can take care all your cars servicing requirements

It doesn’t matter if you drive a rather expensive sports car or an everyday city car, most engines are now driven by a “cambelt” that will need replacing at designated intervals.

This does depend on the make and model of your vehicle, so if you are unsure you should consult with your mechanic who can look at the cambelt and recommended it needs replacing. Thats to say most cars have a cambelt, so it doesnt matter if you drive a Skoda, VW, Seat a BMW or any other make of car, if the engine uses a cambelt also known as a timing belt, then this needs to be replaced as per the manufacturers specification.

The garage may also ask you to bring in your cars service records, this is just to gain an idea of when the cambelt was actually last replaced on the vehicle.

We don’t just replace cambelts, which are sometimes referred to as “timing belts”, we can also take care of your cars servicing, for example we can offer engine oil and engine oil filter changes, as well as full servicing and also interim servicing as well.


High-quality car parts are always supplied

It has been known for car owners to purchase a used car, then not to gain an understanding of when the cambelt was last replaced, for it then subsequently fail a few days or weeks later.

Therefore, if it is unknown when the cambelt has last been replaced, we would recommend consulting with a mechanic, so they can recommend if the belt needs replacing.

If, however you have owned your car quite a while, and you know when belt was last replaced, you can tell this to the mechanic, and he will be able to consult with the recommendations made by the manufacturer to specify when the cambelt should next be replaced. For example, the manufacturer may say that the timing belt should be replaced after however many miles for that model car.

Obviously if you are travelling and clocking up more miles, then a timing belt will need to be replaced at more regular intervals.


Why should I get my cambelt or timing belt replaced as a priority, and why this should not be delayed?

A cambelt and a timing belt can be relatively inexpensive to replace when operational and working as it should, however if this component was to fail, then the labour charge on repairing the engine can sometimes be very considerable, as often multiple other car faults will occur when the cambelt fails.

This is why it’s always better to prevent the belt from failing, your mechanic can also examine the engines pulleys to make sure that the belt can move freely.

Does your car need to be serviced?

If you would like your car to be serviced within Cardiff, then our mechanics, and our garage can offer all manner of car servicing, to book your car in for service, why not give us a ring?