There are some car parts that work extremely hard every single time that we drive our car’s.

For example, brake pads and brake discs incur huge amounts of friction, and therefore this generates heat. Then theres the engine itself, which has large stresses imposed upon it every time we turn the key, and therefore quality engine oils should always be used.

You also have other items within your car, which work equally as hard, such as the cars clutch, that every time you use a manual gearbox, the whole clutch system including the “friction plate” will be working hard to help you to change gear’s smoothy.


Does your car’s clutch need replacing?

Regardless of the car brand, or the make of the model of the car that you drive, you may start to experience the clutch becoming worn. It doesn’t matter if the car is relatively new, or an older car, a clutch may need replacing at anytime.


Ultimately you should get your car’s clutch checked over by a qualified mechanic

Our best advice is, if you think that your cars clutch needs to be replaced, or you simply want to get it replaced as per the manufacturer’s specification, then you should talk to a reputable garage, such as Automotive Cardiff Ltd.

As with a number of other car parts, if you leave getting the cars clutch replaced until the very last moment, then it can sometimes cause even more car parts to become damaged, this may mean because maintenance has been delayed, that more damage has been incurred, therefore the labour and parts bill may be higher.  

For example, a heavily worn clutch might go onto wear out other parts such as the cars flywheel sometimes.

Here are just some of the signs that may indicate a clutch needs to be replaced:

“Clutch judder” (juddering from the clutch peddle when you are finding the “biting point”)

One of the most common signs that a clutch is worn, is when the clutch shudders, this is often referred to as “clutch judder”.

This is often felt when you are moving through the gears, especially into first gear from a stand-still.

The clutch is slipping

Another common sign is the clutch needs replacing is when it’s actually slipping, you may experience this especially if you are starting the car on a steep gradient, if the clutch is slipping then you definitely need to get clutch replaced.

The clutch peddle biting point is much higher

You may notice that the “biting point”, that’s the point when the clutch engages with the flywheel, you may notice that the biting point becomes higher, this is another tell-tale sign that the clutch needs to be replaced.

Harder to move smoothly between gears?

Ultimately whichever car brand that you drive, the gearbox should allow you to change through the gears quite smoothly, allowing you to transition up or down the gears with minimal effort.

However, if it becomes difficult to put the vehicle into gear, or to simply change gears then this could be sometimes because of a worn clutch.

How can I extend the life of my cars clutch?

Sometimes a driver will cause huge stresses on the cars clutch through their driving style, such as “riding the clutch”, or just simply through harsh acceleration which can cause the cars clutch to become worn in a much shorter period of time as opposed to a using more gentle driving style.

Here are some recommendations for helping to extend the life of your clutch:

More gentle driving

Quite simply put, driving more gently can help to decrease the wear on the cars clutch, for example if you are changing through the gears more smoothly, and using less acceleration then this can help to prolong the life of the clutch.

Do not ride the clutch

You may see a lot of drivers “riding the clutch”, this simply means sometimes at the traffic lights, some drivers will have the clutch engaged, with the car’s accelerator revving at the same time, this causes increased strain on the friction plate, and a huge amount of stress on the rest of the clutch, which is not needed when the car is not moving-  therefore a smooth engagement of the clutch, and gentle acceleration is far better way to extend the life of your cars clutch.

Avoid harsh acceleration

Harsh acceleration can simply cause increased stress on the clutch and the engine.

Avoid using the clutch with excessive acceleration

Sometimes some drivers build up the revs excessively, while also easing the clutch in, if this is done under harsh acceleration, then this also will increase strain on the clutch.

Mechanical sympathy

A phrase we like to use a lot at our garage is “mechanical sympathy”, you may hear some mechanics use this phrase a lot, it simply means that the driver should have acknowledgement about not just how they are driving the car, but how they are using the components while they are driving.

With a little knowledge about how the car’s engines components work- often the driver will have more sympathy for how hard the car parts are working, and therefore want to extend the life of these car parts, by driving the car in a more gentle driving style.

Ensure that your garage replaces the clutch with quality car parts

One way to ensure that you get better life out of your car’s clutch, is to quite simply use a garage whereby the mechanics are using quality clutch kits and not cheap clutch kits.

Cheap or low-quality clutches will often wear out in a much shorter period of time.

Are you looking for a garage within Cardiff that can replace your car’s clutch?

If you are looking for a garage in Cardiff, which employs highly experienced mechanics, and you need your cars clutch replaced, then why not give us a ring?




It is absolutely essential that as responsible drivers, we frequently check our cars brakes through asking a qualified mechanic to check how effective our cars brakes are.

A car’s brakes are a component that we should not ever take for granted, that’s because if our brakes become excessively worn, then this can seriously impede the effectiveness of a cars brakes, this can also cause undesirable consequences, such as the car pulling to one side under braking or the braking system simply being ineffective.

When you combine this with our country’s wet climate and driving conditions, it becomes even more imperative that we, as car owners make sure that we are driving a vehicle that is roadworthy, but also that the brakes are kept in good functioning order.

Therefore many car owners require a local mechanic, that’s who they can trust can look at the car’s brakes, on a regular basis to ensure that they are kept in good condition.

How do my car’s brakes work?

Different cars have different braking systems, for example some vehicles will have “drum brakes” fitted to the back of the car’s wheels, combined with disc brakes and brake pads fitted to the front.

However, what is more common on more modern vehicles, is to have “disc brakes” and brake pads fitted on all four wheels.

On high-performance vehicles, where it’s important to have much greater breaking performance, you might find some higher value vehicles have what are called “carbon ceramic brakes”.

Drum brakes

Drum brakes simply work by having two shoes, which then move in an outward direction causing friction onto the “brake drum” when the brake lever is applied, this then helps to slow the rotational speed of the wheel.

Brake discs

A brake disc and brake pad work on a slightly different system, in that a brake pad is made of a special compound which causes friction, this is once applied to the brake disc.

You have to think of the brake calliper as a kind of clamp- which when the brake fluid is applied to close the clamp, this applies pressure of forcing the brake pad onto disc, which in turn slows the rotational speed of that wheel.

Now, when you think about the forces that are being exerted onto the cars brakes, and the amount of friction and heat that is being caused as a by-product of slowing the wheel, you can begin to see that these parts can become worn.

Checking how effective your brakes are does need to be carried out by a qualified mechanic

For example, checking the reservoir on your car to see how full the window washer fluid is relatively simple task that most people can do, you simply lift the bonnet and you can see the window washer levels, however, it’s much more difficult to see how worn a brake pad is, that’s unless you are experienced in carrying this task out, this is why you should go to your local mechanic, that’s to get your car brakes checked on a regular basis, and if you are unsure whether you need your car brakes replaced or repaired, then you should check a qualified mechanic.

All car brands welcome

At our garage we welcome all car brands, it’s also fair to say that regardless of the make or model of the vehicle, it’s imperative that you get your car brakes checked on a regular basis.

For example, you might purchase a car which has relatively low mileage, but you cannot take for granted that the brakes are in good working order, that’s unless they have been checked by a qualified mechanic.

This is because brake pads, brake discs and other brake parts wear depending on the drivers driving style, for example a brake disc and brake pad may last sometimes longer for some drivers if they do not carry out harsh breaking, however, when compared with a driver which is used to fast acceleration and harsh breaking, well, this will wear a set of brake pads and brake discs out relatively quickly.

Therefore, even if you purchase a used car, that has hardly any mileage, you cannot ever take for granted that the brake pads or brake discs are in good working order, that’s unless they have been checked by your garage and a qualified mechanic.

Disc brakes, drum brakes and carbon ceramic brakes we can replace them all

Different cars have different braking systems, some have much more complex computerised systems which allow for the wheels to more effectively brake under emergency braking conditions, yet most braking systems fall into three categories, and they are “carbon ceramic brakes”, disc brakes and also drum brakes.

We are able to service and repair every different type of brake system

Brake pad replacement

Sometimes the car owner will put off attending their garage to get their brakes checked, however this can sometimes lead to you incurring a more expensive bill when you do take your car to the garage sometimes. That’s because sometimes the brake discs and brake pads will need to be replaced together, however, if you had attended your local garage for a brake check earlier, then it might be the case, sometimes, that only the brake pads need to be changed.


“Now, some car owners, which are having their brakes checked more regularly, it might sometimes be the case that just a brake pads need replacing, which would mean that it is less expensive to carry out this work that having brake discs and brakes changed”.


However, because some car owners leave it too long to get their car’s brakes checked, the metal discs can sometimes become heavily worn, pitted and sometimes heavily rusted, so therefore these need to be replaced as well, which would mean more labour and more parts costs.

Brake pad and brake disc replacement

At our garage we are able to replace the brake pads, and brake discs on any make or model vehicle, therefore we can change the brakes on VW’s, Seat’s, Skoda’s, BMW’s, Aud’si, TVR’s, Aston Martins, and many more cars we can change the brake pads, and brakes discs.

Are you able to repair braking systems?

Sometimes a more complicated problem can occur with some braking systems, for example, the metal lines which contain the brake fluid may become corroded sometimes, this may mean you have a problem with the entire braking system, which means that our mechanics need to spend more time rectifying the problem.


What you can be rest assured of is that we will offer competitive prices to repair any vehicle.

Are you able to perform a brake check?

It often takes our mechanics a relatively short period of time to check your car’s brakes, we can therefore offer this brake checking service at our garage within Cardiff.


Why you should think of your car’s brakes in the same way as you think of your car’s tyres

Sometimes, some car drivers only consider their tyres on the vehicle as the main part which wears and gets worn down as they drive the vehicle.

However, this is not the case, in order to ensure that your car is properly serviced, and roadworthy, you have to consider your cars brake pads, brake discs, the whole braking system, as well as also other car parts which can become worn and need to be replaced.


There are also other components which wear and will need to be replaced also, as per the manufacturer’s specification.

We can repair hydraulic leaks in the braking system

Some cars they may incur a “hydraulic leak”, to the brake system, we are able to repair this at our garage.

We can repair drum brakes

Some cars have “drum brakes” all the way around the vehicle, however more typically drum brakes are used on back of a vehicle, and disc brakes at the front, we are able to repair drum brakes.

We can repair disc brakes

The most common type of braking system is to have “brake callipers”, “brake pads” and “brake discs” we are able to repair this system on any make or model car.

We can repair ceramic braking systems

Fitted to some higher performance cars, such as sports cars, you may have a “carbon ceramic braking system”. We are able to repair or replace this system.

We can also repair A.B.S, (Anti-lock Braking Systems)

A lot of cars are equipped with “anti-lock braking systems”, however sometimes the systems can incur problems, and therefore need diagnostic equipment to analyse what the fault code is, therefore allowing us to repair the problem.

Wide range of manufacturers

We work on a wide variety of vehicles each and every week, this can range from very large 4×4 vehicles, right through to sport utility vehicles and small city cars.

High-performance braking systems

Sometimes a braking system on a car will be working perfectly well, yet with that said, the car owner may want to replace the cars discs and callipers and brake pads to a much higher performance braking system, and we can help you to achieve this.

A local garage in Cardiff

If you are looking for a reliable garage within Cardiff, that has highly skilled mechanics, which can repair your car’s brakes, then why not give our business a call today?