Every time single we hop into our car’s and switch the ignition on, this is when various components under the bonnet start working extremely hard. Because of this cars need to be cooled, through coolant that’s often flowed through a cars radiator.

Now, because modern cars are rather silent, that’s to say as a driver will not often hear all that much noise produced from the cars engine under the bonnet, there are still pistons, belts, oil pumps, cooling systems that are all working to move the engine yet to aim to keep it operating within the tolerances that’s its designed to operate at.

So, just as we can feel hot and rather overheated, so can our cars, this is why we must service our cars as per the manufacturers stated guidelines, and under these we can obtain how often the coolant should be changed. Therefore, when you next attend our garage, why not have a service of car carried out which can include changing the cars coolant.

Car servicing

Now, for some owners that neglect correct maintenance it’s entirely possible that the engine coolant can run low, causing the engine to severely overheat, which can lead to sometimes the entire engine being a write-off! Some garages will refer to this as catastrophic engine failure, as the engine can run so hot, it can become in some instances beyond economical repair.

Can a cars engine coolant degrade?

The simple answer to this question is yes, a cars coolant can most certainly degrade over time. This is the same with engine oils, and other liquids like brake fluid, which is why car manufacturers will stipulate how often the car should be serviced, as specify when oils, such as a cars coolant should be changed.

Some manufacturers also change their guidance sometimes based on how many miles the car has covered, so for example, a high-millage car, because the engine is likely to be more worn, will often require more servicing, and also to ensure that all the parts, oils and coolant is of a good quality.

It’s commonly thought that its just engine oil, like synthetic oils and mineral oils that degrade within an engine over time, however, coolants can as well.

It is possible for sludge or sediment to accumulate in the cooling system, for example, sometimes corrosion of metal parts such as fixings on hoses can sometimes rust, causing a build-up of deposits.

This can even cause in the reservoir the coolant to be discoloured, for example to be the colour of rust.

Because the coolant has such a major function, which is to cool the engine, then the right coolant needs to be used, as per the manufacturer’s guidance and changed as per the manufacturers service recommendations, or when required to be changed, as sometimes the coolant will need replacing sooner.

Sludge building up in the system can affect the efficiency of how well the engine is cooled, and this is why its so important to make sure that your cars coolant is top quality and changed when required.

We don’t just need our coolant changed, we need a full service of our car- can you offer this?

At our garage we offer wide range of different servicing options, this can range from changing the coolant on any brand of car, to engine oil and oil filter changes, through to offering full servicing options.

We also regularly work on a large range of different makes and models of cars, for example, we could be working on a hybrid car with a complex petrol / electric system one morning, , then the next car lined up for us to work on could be a track day car. Our garage can therefore work on any brand of car and offer competitively priced servicing, including full services, oil changes and interim servicing.

We need to get our cars brakes checked, are you also able to change brake pads and discs?

At our garage we can carry out a wide range of car repairs on a large amount of car brands daily

We therefore can carry out a brake check when asked by the customer to do so.

Our highly skilled mechanics have a large amount of experience working on various braking systems that modern cars have. This means whether we  changing the ceramic brake discs and pads on a very large high-performance 4×4 which needs colossal stopping power, or we are working on a city car, with drum brakes at the back, discs on the front, we will always offer you a competitive price to have your brakes repaired. If your brakes need a check, then why not call us? We can book you in for a brake check at our garage.

Full range of servicing and repair options, why not book  your car in today?

You may have an engine warning light that’s suddenly appeared on your cars dashboard, alternatively your car may well be just due for a service, here at our friendly garage we can help you.

From just carrying out an oil change on your car, through to offering to carryout a full service, regardless of which car you drive we can help.

So, whether your planning on that summer get away, and your wondering if the coolant needs replacing prior to you setting off, or alternatively your due a service, our team can help. We can book you in to our garage located in Cardiff, where we can help you.




During our British summers the weather sure can get pretty hot, so the thought of even having to do even a short trip in a roasting hot car, well it can put anyone off wanting to travel.

No one wants to reach there destination rather hot, bothered and in a less than in a great mood because the car simply was so unpleasant in terms of being too hot. Factor in some road works, a delay in traffic and other motorists that are in less than in a pleasant mood also, well this is not ideal!

So, whether it’s a trip to the local shops for a loaf of bread, or a 300-mile drive to a remote holiday in the Scottish Highlands, we want to be able to control the temperature of our cars, and for everything to work as it should. This includes the cars air conditioning system.

This is why many motorists are booking their cars in with us at our garage, that’s from executive saloons to sports cars, through to sports utility vehicles, all can share a common problem- that is air-con problems, which are often caused by refrigerant loss.

There are many problems which can occur to a cars air-conditioning system, such as the air-con compressor not working, a perished rubber pipe causing a leak, a belt coming loose from a pulley or even an electrical fault. Yet, do not worry, as at our garage we have invested in very modern diagnostic equipment, so whether you drive a 1.0 city car, or a rather expensive SUV, we have a diagnostic machine, which can read what are often referred to as “fault codes”- so simply put, our mechanics can often diagnose and read a fault with most cars.


Refrigerant loss

What can occur is that sometimes a car will suffer from “refrigerant loss”- this could be because the system has simply lost its air-con gas overtime, yet it could be also because of a burst pipe or a faulty clamp for example which has caused the system to depressurise, and for all of the aircon gas to leak at once out of the cars system. This can occur to any make or model car.

To improve the cars air’s con performance, when the car can is brought to us, we will look at how much pressure is left within the system, we can also look for air con leaks. We will note which refrigerant the car needs, and we can replenish the system.

So, if you have a summer holiday trip planned, you do have to ask yourself, do you really want to be stuck on the motorway with no air-con? This is why often, when a car is getting a service with us, so for example, the air-filter, engine oil is changed, sometimes the car owner at the same time, will ask us to check the cars air-con and to re-gas the system if required.

Can faults occur with the cars air-conditioning compressor?

The air conditioning system is made up of many components, in matter of fact under the bonnet will be an array of items, such as compressors, pipe work, electric systems that are all working to regulate the system. The cars air con is therefore relatively intricate, and powering the system is the air-con pump, which can incur a fault sometimes.

Electrical fault with the air-con

Most modern cars these days are absolutely full of electrics, the electrical systems on some cars are used for a massive range of reasons, from assisting with some cars power steering, through to informing us whether we’ve driven off from the local petrol station and forgotten to fold back the filler cap!

Our cars air-conditioning system is no exception, for example, to regulate the temperature, to have controls on the dashboard that are as accurate as helping to set the cars temperature to half a degree have to have rather complex electrical system powering them.

This is why, sometimes when a cars air conditioning system does go wrong, well, its sometimes not as simple as just needing a re-gas, sometimes the cars system will have the right gas, the air-con system will be pressurised, yet sometimes the system may not work because of an electrical fault.

At our garage, which is based in Cardiff, South Wales, we can read the fault codes on any make or model car, we therefore have auto-electricians who can find the fault and fix it for you.

Do you need your air-conditioning re-gassed?

For a lot of cars here in Cardiff, our winters and autumns can be quite long, and during these much colder seasons, well it can mean that the cars air con will be switched off for a long period of time.

This means that on some cars, the air-con system can depressurise, even leaks in the piping can occur.

This is why on cars where the air-conditioning doesn’t work, the system will need to be checked for any leaks, and also if there’s no leaks, the system may need what mechanics refer to as “re-gassing the cars air-conditioning system”. 

Make sure the correct refrigerant is used

Your garage must use the correct air-con refrigerant, sometimes, on a lot of different brands of cars, under the bonnet of the car will be a sticker above the front bumper, the sticker sometimes gives mechanics the information they need, such as which refrigerant the cars air-con uses.

Is your car too hot? Why not book it in with us?

At the time of writing, we are currently experiencing a heat wave, which goes to show how here in Britain how fast the weather can change. This is why a lot of customers will want to have their cars air con in good working order, for this to occur, why not call our mechanics today?