Often, we just use our cars without thinking about how hard the engine is working for us.

That’s to say, on a cold winter’s day, we may just turn the key, without thinking much in the way of all the strains which are imposed on an engine, that’s whether your cars a hybrid, diesel or a petrol internal combustion engine.

This is why routine maintenance is so important, whether that’s carrying out a full-service, or perhaps just an oil filter and oil change or an interim service. You should therefore have your car serviced as per the manufacturers specification or when required.

Right engine oil

Some car owners make the mistake of topping up their car with the wrong engine oil, or simply replacing it with the wrong oil, this can cause engine damage.

Instead, its important to use the right oil, that’s recommended by the manufacturer of that car.

Without an engine oil change, the oil can actually start to break-down and be less effective at protecting the engine

If the engine oil is not replaced when it should be, then it can start to break-down, causing it to be less effective. Therefore, it’s important that contact a reputable mechanic to change the engine oil when required.

Why not book you can in for an oil change?

If your cars due to have its engine oil changed, then why not call us? Alternatively, you may want a full service, which our mechanics can also offer, we offer the full range of car servicing options.

Our garage also welcomes any model and make of car, so why not call our team, and book your car in for a full service, oil change or even an interim service?




A noisy car exhaust may well start off as a rather minor iteration, that’s of a slight whistling sound as you drive along, however, left as is, bigger problems could occur.

That’s because, despite a lot of people thinking that a cars exhaust is a relatively simple bit of pipe work, often they are not that simple.

Instead, our cars exhausts often will have “catalytic convertors”, sometimes multiple sensors as well as a silencer. Its these sensors that are built into the exhaust system on some model cars which can trigger fault codes, in some instances the car could even go into “limb home mode” because the cars onboard computer, that’s the ECU has detected a fault with the exhaust system.

The main purpose of an exhaust is to as efficiently as possible take exhaust gases from the manifold, right to end of the car as smoothly as possible.

Yet, as you can imagine, running an engine will leave a build-up of soot residue, this is especially so in diesel cars, so this means that some exhausts, can become damaged or even clogged. If the car cant emit its exhaust gases correctly, then this can compromise the whole performance of the car.

On some cars there can be other problems, for example on the “back-box” of an exhaust, or indeed on any part, because the underneath of the car is subject to salt, and the elements, these parts can rust. This can cause holes to occur in the cars exhaust, meaning gases are not flowing through the pipe work, and instead being emitted in rust holes in the exhaust.

This again is something that will need urgent attention from a qualified mechanic.

The issues with a car’s exhausts can therefore sometimes be wide ranging, for example, ranging from a sensor not communicating correctly with the car’s onboard computer, right through to a clogged DPF which has put the car into a limb mode.

This can also occur with any brand car, however some cars may have “stainless steel” exhausts, which are made so they do typically last longer.

Therefore, a cars exhaust is something that may need to be repaired or replaced regardless of brand.

So if you own a car that has faulty exhaust, DPF or catalytic convertor, they why not give us a ring?

Let’s now quickly run through some of the common faults that can occur with a cars exhaust system.


Does your car sound different from normal?

As you drive down the road, you might well hear a slightly louder sound coming from your cars exhaust? This could range from a hole in the pipe or the silencer that has developed a fault. Rust may have deteriorated the exhaust to the point where exhaust gases are now escaping from a part of the exhaust rather than at the end of the back-box or silencer.

Sometimes a “fault code reader” will be needed for electrical faults, however sometimes when the car is put on our ramps, sometimes its just obvious to the mechanics eye that the exhaust is rusted, or maybe come away from the rubber clamps which sometimes hold some exhausts in place.

DPF Problems

On your cars dashboard there may well be an error code being displayed which relates to your cars DPF?

This means that the DPF may need replacing or cleaning, there may well be other fault codes, therefore the car will need bringing to our garage, so that we can put your car on our diagnostics machine, so we can read the cars fault code.


As the cars exhaust is on the underneath of the car, and leads directly to the engine, it is subject to huge amounts of heat, plus also the weather conditions under the car can cause the metal to rust. For example, wet roads, and also salt when it is spread over the roads during the winter, all can accelerate rust setting into the cars exhaust.

This is why a car’s back-box can sometimes rust sometimes to the point that holes occur in the steel, which can make some cars exhaust to sound abnormal.

This should not be ignored, our garage will be able to help you, we can also offer different types of exhausts.

For example, you may wish to opt for a longer life exhaust, one that is made of stainless steel for example?

Exhaust check

You may want one of our mechanics to check over your cars exhaust, even if the sound difference with the cars exhaust is only slight right now, this doesn’t mean that the problem won’t get worse.

What can occur, is if the exhaust is rattling, the whole exhaust may fall off, any problems with a cars exhaust should be seen by a qualified mechanic.

If your car is undrivable or our mechanics have discussed with you over the phone, that the car shouldn’t be driven, then we can collect the car from you using our recovery truck.

Manifold issues

Our garage can also fix and repair manifold issues that may persist with your cars exhaust.

Why not call our garage today?

Whether you drive a hyper car or you drive an everyday run-around our garage will be able to help.

We can repair your cars exhaust, DPF or manifold, yet our services extend to far beyond exhaust repair.

We also offer battery replacement, car servicing, brake replacement, clutch replacement or car diagnostic, air conditioning recharges, fixing electrical faults and much more.

If you would like your car repaired or to be serviced, then why not call us today?




At our garage we are frequently carry out servicing on a very large range of different vehicles. With that said, some car owners might not know what they need to bring with them on the day of the service.

This article has therefore been written to help you, when you are booking your car in for a service with us.

Car Service Records

A lot of car owners like to have their car service book stamped by us, when they have a service carried out.

Therefore, with this book, the car owner can simply flip open the book, and they will know exactly when the car was last serviced.

Also, when you sell your used car, sometimes the person or company that’s purchasing the vehicle will like to see the service records, that’s to show that the car has been correctly serviced at the correct intervals.

This makes a lot of sense, as if a car has jumped service intervals by a lot of miles, with no record of a service, well this might be a sign that the can hasn’t been maintained. Engine oils can therefore deteriorate for example over time, for example, lets take mineral oils as an example, they can build up deposits and become less effective at protecting the engine.

For example, if there are large leaps in-between servicing, for example a large amount of mileage with no stamp to show a service was carried out, well this can sometimes be an indicator that the car hasn’t been looked after.

Everybody normally has a bit of a horror story of going to see a used car that looks great, that’s in terms of the body work, but then on closer inspection they may notice discoloration on the engine oil cap and excess smoke being emitted from the exhaust! This is not a good sign when buying a used car!

This is often why when someone is looking for a used car, they like to see regular service intervals.

Locking wheel nuts

This is definitely something you don’t want to lose on your car, it’s often a very small piece of metal, which will be formed into a unique shape, this will fit exactly into than your alloy wheel locking nuts.

Without this our mechanics will not be able to easily remove the wheels.

The purpose of the locking wheel nut is so that there’s an extra security measure in place so that the alloy wheels on your car are better protected.

With that said, the locking wheel nut is often something that some car owners can easily lose in say the boot of their car, however when you go to the garage and you ask the mechanic to check your brakes over for instance, sometimes they need to take the alloy wheels off to do the check, so this part is required.

If you have lost the what locking wheel nut, then sometimes it can be quite expensive to replace this car part, so this is definitely something that you should put in a safe place.

Although the locking wheel nut might not be needed when we service some cars, its just good practice to keep it handy anytime you go to a local garage.

Do you have the password for your stereo on your vehicle?

It’s worth checking with us at the booking stage, prior to any work being carried out, or servicing work that we might carry out, if we need to remove the car’s battery or not?

As you can imagine on some vehicles depending on the make and the model of the car, it can be extremely restricted in terms of access under the bonnet of a car.

On some cars therefore the cars battery may need to be removed to allow for access, while working on the car. However, on some cars, not all, there will be a password that protects the radio, so do make sure that you have kept your password.

Various servicing options

When customers call us, occasionally they will say “they want to book their car in for a service”, however there are various types of servicing options to choose from.

For instance, your car might be due a “full service” an “interim service” or maybe just a routine oil change.

It is therefore dependent on the manufacturers specification as to when servicing should be carried out, and also when you’ve covered a certain amount of mileage. Sometimes on some cars, not all, it will occasionally tell you exactly when a service is required. We can offer advice over the phone if you are unsure which servicing option that you require, and when it is due for your vehicle.

Other car repair work

There are some garages situated here within Cardiff that only specialise in servicing of cars.

Now, that is all well and good, if you only require your car to be serviced, however, often a customer may ask for additional work, such as asking one of our mechanics to check over the car’s brakes, or let’s say if the exhaust on the car sounds a bit unusual?

That’s to say the exhaust may sound a bit louder than normal, then you may wish for our garage to check this over for you, so when some cars are dropped off for a service, sometimes the owner will wish to discuss another problem with the car that they may have.

So often when a car is brought into us for routine service, the car owner will ask our mechanics about something else they would like looked at.

This is worth bearing in mind when choosing a garage to service your car, as some garages, when the customer asks for say a “brake check”, the garage may well be unable to offer this, as some garages only specialise in the servicing of cars.

However, when requested, we can also offer car repair services, such as fixing faulty exhausts, brakes, batteries, electrical faults, DPF issues and much more, when asked to do so.

Book well in advance

We are a very popular garage; we regularly have a huge amount of repeat business, and a lot of customers come to us for our garage for servicing of their car.

Therefore, we recommend booking your car in with us for a service as far as possible in advance, then you can ensure that your car will have an allocated time and date your car to be serviced.