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Are you looking for a local garage which can service your car this winter?


Jack frost is already glazing everything as far as the eye can see- this means that often our cars have to work even harder for us.

Whether it’s the freezing temperatures of a winter morning, where we need our cars in order to take us to work, or its simply the cold-air of a long motorway journey, our cars have to work through these harsh weather conditions.

This is why its so important that we service our cars, and have a respected garage, such as ours, to carry out any servicing or repairs that might be needed.

So, if you’re looking for a local mechanic that can service your car, why look any further than us?

We have many 5-star reviews and our customers regularly comment how friendly our garage is, how efficient we are, plus, we have highly experienced mechanics which work for us.


Nov 21 2

Every car brand welcome at our garage

When scrolling through the various garages that appear on Google, you may find that some Cardiff based garages may specialise in certain makes of cars, yet at our garage every brand of car is welcome.

Our mechanics can therefore work on a wide range of different make cars at our garage, for example, in any one day, we could be servicing a classic car, a diesel saloon belonging to a local business, and also say a city car. Therefore, at our garage all car brands are welcome.

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We can offer you the full range of car servicing options

You may only require your car’s engine oil and filter to be changed, we can offer this at an affordable price.

Alternatively, you might be looking for a garage that offers “full car servicing” we can also offer this.


We offer the full range of servicing options.

When a lot of cars come into us, to have a service prior to winter, some customers also ask us to check the cars battery sometimes.

That’s because at this time of year, as the weathers so cold, this can put an extra strain on our cars batteries.

Does your car need to be serviced this winter?

Nov 21 1

If you’re looking for a local garage in order to have your car serviced, then why not give us a quick call?

We offer affordable prices

It’s fair to say that some quotes for getting your car serviced, well, they can sometimes vary quite a bit between the different garages.

However, at our garage, we see a large amount of repeat business, simply because, we keep our prices competitive, and our levels of customer service very high.

Highly-experienced mechanics


We don’t just offer car servicing, which means that our mechanics could be busy changing a car’s clutch, it’s brakes or even the exhaust on anyone day.

This means that our mechanics don’t just service cars, we offer car repairs, as well as many other services, such as air-conditioning recharges as well.


Classic through to electric vehicles are all welcome

June 21 1

At some garages, they may specialise in just one brand of car, or more than one make, but brands which are also owned by the same car manufacturer.

Therefore, that garage may only offer to service, or repair that make, or a few brands of vehicle.

However, we can service classic cars, such as rare British vehicles, right through to your much more ultra-modern electric cars, we therefore dont just service one brand, we can offer to service any brand and model car.


Battery becoming drained?

Don’t forget, if you have your car booked in with us for a service this winter, why not ask us at the same time to check your cars battery?

As its all well and good to have the vehicle serviced, yet on an ultra-cold day, you may find that your batteries completely drained, and doesn’t have the power to turn the engine over- which may mean, your late for work.

So, why not, while your car is with us, for say a full service, ask our mechanics to check the battery, and make sure it’s not too drained?


Why not book your car in for a service this winter?

2 APR 2021

Whether you have a large diesel saloon, a petrol 4×4 or even a city car, these will all need servicing, so if you’re looking for a local garage why not call us?


What types of car repairs can your garage offer?

Sometimes, while a car is with us, for say a car repair, the owner will also ask us to service the car as well, we therefore offer all manner of car repairs, here’s just an example, of the services that our mechanics in Cardiff can offer:


–        Clutch replacement

–        Brake repair, drum brakes, disc brakes and carbon ceramic brake discs can all be repaired by us

–        Gearbox issues

–        Electrical repairs

–        Suspension repairs

–        Exhaust repairs

–        Battery and alternator changes




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