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We need our car’s clutch replaced-can you help?

Introduction There are some car parts that work extremely hard every single time that we drive our car’s. For example, brake pads and brake discs incur huge amounts of friction, and therefore this generates heat. Then theres the engine itself, which has large stresses imposed upon it every time we turn the key, and therefore […]

Why its so important to get my car regularly serviced?

Introduction There are many different items that we own, that will require regular servicing, so for example this can range from central heating boilers that heat our home’s, right through to our bicycles for example that may need the brakes adjusted from time to time. And where many of us lead very busy lifestyles, that’s […]

Does your car’s cambelt need to be replaced?

Introduction There are certain parts of a car’s engine that unless replaced when required, or replaced to meet the car manufacturer’ specifications, the owner of the vehicle will run an increased chance of incurring serious mechanical failure. Now, your window screen wash running low, well, that’s just a mere inconvenience in terms of needing to […]

Are you an Alfa Romeo owner?

Introduction Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd we are great enthusiasts of all Italian cars. We especially like the Alfa Romeo brand for the impressive style of the companies cars, as well as all the impressive handling and performance of Alfa Romeo’s. Often described as a true “petrol heads car”, they are a brand of car […]

Do you own a Maserati?

Introduction We truly are big fans of the Maserati brand, the style, the elegance of a Maserati is something to be admired. Whether you own a Ghibli, Levante, Quattroporte or perhaps a rare classic Maserati that you love so much it has its own heated garage at home? You truly own a car from a […]

Do your car brakes need replacing or upgrading?

It’s imperative that the brakes on our cars function perfectly- this is especially so now winter is upon us and the roads are more icy and slippery at this time of year. This is why car owners should have their car brakes regularly checked by a highly skilled mechanics. Perhaps it might just be the […]

We can offer car servicing for a wide range of car brands

Introduction Regardless of the make or model car that you drive, all cars will require servicing. Many car owners therefore ask us to carry out a “full service”, “interim service” or just an engine oil and oil filter change on the vehicle. We offer very competitive prices, plus our garage and mechanics are located just […]

Does your vehicle need to be repaired or serviced?

If you are looking for a local garage to get your car repaired or serviced, then simply choosing a local garage from the amount of car garages on Google can seem overwhelming. That’s to say, in a capital city like Cardiff there are so many garages and local mechanics to choose from. There are your […]