Maserati cars are not just great to drive, we think there also a thing of beauty, of style and great design.

This is why at our independent family run garage; we appreciate that Maserati are a true drivers’ cars.

We like nothing more than sharing our passion and admiration for the brand with our valued customers here in Wales. We also like hearing how many of the cars which come to us for a service are often then bound for long road trip, perhaps the owners for example are off for an enjoyable drive through the South of France.


We also like hearing from our customers that say how great Maserati’s are to drive, how these vehicles, whether diesel or petrol powered offer such effortless performance, and are fun to drive.

Therefore, here at Automotive Cardiff Limited, we have serviced many Maserati cars for our customers, and have built long standing repeat business with many of these customers, so if you own a Grancabrio, or perhaps even the mighty MC20, we would love to hear from you.

Do you require your Maserati to be serviced?


No matter which Maserati you own, here at our independent, family run garage we enjoy meeting all owners of Maserati cars. We have therefore serviced many Ghibli’s, Levante’s and also many Quattroporte’s.

We find that the owners of Maserati’s truly care about keeping their cars well serviced and maintained. Here at our independent garage we are on hand to help you, to keep your car serviced.


Our mechanics

Our mechanics carryout work on a wide range of different car brands.

We don’t therefore just work exclusively on just Maserati cars, yet with that said, due to our valued customers recognising that we aim to offer such good customer service to every single customer that we have at Automotive Cardiff, many customers choose to come back to us for many years to come.

Automotive Cardiff Limited is therefore an independent garage, one which is owner James, is passionate about delivering an excellent service, so that you want to return to our garage as and when needed.


Brake changes

Maserati’s are true drivers’ cars, therefore if you own a Maserati in Cardiff, you might want us to change the brake pads and discs for you?

We offer competitive prices for brake pad changes, or to change the discs as well if needed. We see a lot of repeat business from our customers, which are based all over South Wales.


Full Service

Having a car regularly serviced and looked after, as per the car manufacturers specification is important whichever car brand you drive.

This is no different for Maserati’s, our customers we find are very diligent at getting their car serviced with us, as they often cherish their Maserati so muchthat they want to get it serviced when required.

Here at Automotive Cardiff, we can offer you a competitive price to service your car, plus, our mechanics can talk you through exactly what’s included in the service price.


All Maserati models welcome

Maserati have produced a wide variety of great sports cars, from the stunning MC20, through to the powerful Quattroporte, there have been so many impressive models produced by this great car manufacturer over the years.

Therefore, regardless of which model you own, diesel or petrol, we can offer to service, or repair any model for you.


South Wales

The vast majority of our customers live in South Wales, as our garage is located near central Cardiff, yet, with that said, from recommendations our customer base is growing.

We are an independent garage, that doesn’t just see customers travel to us from within Cardiff, but also from much further afield as well, for example we are increasing amount of customers come to us from The South West also.

Why not book your Maserati in with us?

As an independent family run business, here at Automotive Cardiff, we know its not just about offering competitive prices. We understand that offering a friendly and professional service is vital, this is why we aim to offer the best possible customer service that we possibly can.

Whether its our friendly garage manager Emma who answers the phone, through to talking to James about what services you need, we aim to offer the best possible customer service we can at our family run business.

Whether your car is in need of any repair work, or just a service, why not talk to our friendly team today, and we will aim to get you booked in as quick as we can.




As you might expect, there are a lot of different fluids that work as part of car to help protect certain components. The list of fluids within a car is often more than a lot of people think, as a lot of drivers will be familiar with checking say the engines oil dip-stick, and screen wash reservoir, yet may not be familiar with say checking the power-steering levels.

This is why its important that you have fluid levels checked over by a qualified mechanic, as something as simple as topping up the power-steering reservoir could help protect against a seized power steering pump from occurring.    

Now, as you would expect, each car design might well be different, so for exact list of the fluids that need checking on your car at what intervals, you will need to call us, and book your car in for an inspection.

The reason for that, is the oils used on say a city car that might not even have power steering will be quite different from say a large powerful saloon car with a V6 under the bonnet, the oils used will be different, and therefore our mechanics will need to check different car parts.

So, if you’re unsure as to whether your cars oil needs replacing, or any other fluids, we would recommend that you bring to us to check for you. The reason for that is some areas of some engines are not that accessible, for example, the power steering reservoir which we mentioned earlier might sometimes be under the battery box, and air intake. So, not every driver will know how to check this, yet we can help.  

However, to give you some idea, of just some of the fluids that might be within your car, we thought we would write this article, to point out just some of the lubricants and fluids that our mechanics sometimes check when a customer requests.


Engine oil

Sounds an obvious one to check right, yet you would be surprised as to how many cars we see with the engine oil right on the minimum mark, or even below. Leaving the engine oil run low is not a good idea, it can sometimes mean the engine becomes so damaged, it’s a write-off. The reason for this is an engine incurs huge stresses on each drive, causing friction, which causes heat, if the engine is not correctly lubricated, it runs a very high chance of seizing and major damage being incurred.

Low oil, or oil that hasn’t been changed at regular intervals as specified by the manufacturer can mean that a lot of microscopic deposits build up in the oil its self, making it less effective at protecting the engine.

So, sure all fluid levels on your car should be kept within the levels specified by the cars manufacturer, but one that definitely needs an eye kept on, is the engine oil levels.

Engine oil running too low, or even sometimes too high, can cause engine damage. If the engine oil is too low, this can cause more friction to occur, generating heat, which can mean that sometimes the engine even seizes, which means that sometimes, depending on how much damage is caused, the engine can even be a write-off on some cars, purely due to the fact engine oil was run too low.


Engine coolant

It’s also crucial that engine coolant levels are kept to the right level, and changed as per the cars manufacturer specification.

Sometimes, on some cars its quick and simple to check the coolant levels, as the reservoir is transparent and as soon as you lift the bonnet, you can see the coolant level against the markers.

However, on some vehicles sometimes the engine coolant level is less visible, or the tank has become discoloured making it hard to see the true level of the coolant fluids inside. What’s for sure, is you don’t want this fluid to run too low, as again, if it does, it could cause major engine damage. 


Power steering oil

Now, this might be a fluid that some drivers don’t check all that regularly, however you most definitely should.

On some engines, the power steering oil reservoir is not in an easily accessible location, sometimes it’s even underneath the battery box, or air filter, meaning that sometimes multiple bolts needs to be removed, before the dip-stick can even be used.

Yet, it’s definitely a fluid that either you or your mechanic should check,  the reason being is that like for most parts fitted to your car, if the correct fluid is not flowing through, or not lubricating the part, well, it might seize.

Now, on some cars the power steering pump is no exception, in that if the power steering fluid runs too low, this could seize the pump.



Windscreen wash

Now this might sound rather basic one, yet say you’re driving down the road, a muddy puddle gets sprayed over your cars window, and the wipers just seem to be smearing this mud into the window more, this is potentially a dangerous situation.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your cars windscreen washers are working, and that the reservoir is topped up, plus we would recommend using a good quality windscreen wash as well.


Gearbox oil

Now, we would say, that a lot of drivers forget about this fluid, as its one that’s much less known about.

That is the “gearbox oil”, now when this is running low, on some cars you might not even notice this, yet it’s absolutely essential to protecting the gearbox.

Without the right level of gearbox oil, then it’s possible for the parts within the gearbox to wear very quickly. 


Make sure you know what’s included in your cars service

It’s all well and good taking a car to get serviced, yet, different garages will include different checks and work. Its important to follow the car manufacturers specification as to when parts should be changed, and when services should occur.

For example, a full service, often includes major filter change, such as replacing the air filter, oil filter, and an engine oil change, yet you should still check that what your getting for the fee is what the car manufacturer recommends should be serviced at that interval. For example, a car manufacturer may specify the timing belt is changed after so many thousand miles, so make sure you get a quote for this.

Equally, if your purchasing a full service from your garage, make sure that when you discuss with them what’s included, that your getting the oils, and parts that the manufacturer recommends. For example, if a car brand such as Renault, Citroen or Peugeot recommend a type of engine oil, then you should ask is this the oil that your chosen garage intends to use as part of the service.

We would therefore recommend that you get a breakdown of what’s included in the service price, so you know which fluids are being topped-up or replaced. And also you should change parts and fluids when required and as per the car manufacturers specification, your cars maintenance book may tell you more about this.



Can our garage help?

If you need your brake fluids checked, engine oil checked over, or you simply have a problem with the power steering which you suspect could be down to fluid levels, why not give us a ring?

Our independent and family run garage has highly experienced car mechanics working for us in Cardiff, South Wales. We can offer you very competitive rates to service your car. We service all major car brands, including Renault, Citroen, Peugeot.




Let’s say at home you notice that the water is not draining away as quick as you would like from the sink. This means you know you have a partial blockage in the pipe-work, and its best to try and remove that blockage prior to the flow of waste water stopping altogether.

This is exactly the same when it comes to your car, obviously not in terms of draining away water, but in terms of how diesel exhaust emissions are emitted from the exhaust.

That’s because as part of the cars exhaust, on most diesel cars will be a “DPF Filter” fitted to the car.

The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a complex filter, yet the principle of it clogging up, just like the pipework say in a kitchen can mean that a DFP can sometimes become totally clogged.

Therefore it’s entirely possible for the DPF fitted to your cars exhaust to become blocked, and for soot to build up, caused by the combustion of diesel in the engine.

Some cars, depending on the cars make and model can sometimes even go into “limb mode”, meaning the power from the engine is reduced greatly, that’s until the issue is fixed by a mechanic.

This might mean a deep clean of the DPF, or sometimes, the DPF will beyond economical repair, and the cars DPF might need to be replaced.

Its also worth bearing in mind, that at some garages based here in Cardiff, the mechanics and the business itself will sometimes only service and repair a select few car brands, or sometimes just one make of car.

However, we are proud to say, our friendly and highly skilled mechanics work on servicing and repairing many different car brands. So, whether you drive a large German diesel saloon, a petrol Japanese city car or you have an Italian hyper car that has a hybrid engine, which is parked in your garage, we can offer all manner of repairs and servicing.

Due to our mechanics wealth of experience, this is why we are such a popular and respected garage in central Cardiff.

What’s the purpose of a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)?

Diesel cars emit different pollutants, and carbon, which most people simply call soot, so its rather like burning coal within a fireplace, just as these deposits can build up in your chimney, they can as well in your cars exhaust, or to be more exact the DPF.

Therefore, your cars DPF has important job to do, that’s to capture some of that soot while your driving, in the filter, so that it doesn’t all come out of the cars tail-pipe.

Now, as you can imagine, most motorists will use a lot of diesel every year, and therefore a lot of carbon can build up in the exhaust system, which is why its important not to leave it till the point where the filter is completely blocked.

That’s because for some drivers, the only time they know theres a problem with the DPF, is when there’s fault codes on your dashboard, and quite possibly, the cars gone into “limb mode” meaning the speed and engine power is hugely reduced- just imagine if this happened on a summer vacation, it may ruin the whole holiday.

This is why, you may want to get your cars DPF filter deep cleaned by our mechanics.

Is your car displaying a fault code which relates to the cars DPF?

It is possible that sometimes a deep clean of the cars DPF may solve the problem, however, sometimes the DPF can get so clogged, its sometimes beyond economical repair. If your cars DPF needs replacing, we can also to undertake this work for you.

How we can help:

Our garage and highly skilled mechanics are based in the city of Cardiff, our mechanics are used to fixing and cleaning DPF’s.

We don’t just fix DPF problems, we can also offer the full range of car repair services, ranging from replacing a cars brakes, through to changing the clutch.

A lot of our customers come to us for car servicing, so for example, they may want a full service of their car.

While the car is with us, at our garage, we can also offer you many other services. For example, sometimes some of our valued customers may ask for a “brake check” and our mechanics can do this for you, once requested.

If on the other hand, not sure if yours DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) needs a deep clean, or replacing, then why not talk to one of our friendly mechanics.

Our mechanics are on hand to help, so whether you need a full service, car repair work, such as changing the brakes, or just a deep clean of the DPF, we can help.

To book your car in to be repaired, why not call us?


As a lot of drivers will already know, under the bonnet of our cars, if we drive a modern vehicle that is, will be a mass of electrical sensors.

Depending on which car you drive, will depend on how complex the sensors within your car are. Yet, the ECU combined with each sensor play an important role in helping to detect problems with our cars, and sometimes let us know via the car’s dashboard when somethings is not functioning correctly.

The warning lights on some cars can therefore be displayed for a wide range of different reasons, ranging from the coolant running too low, through to a problem with the cars exhaust causing emission issues or DPF problems. Each time we therefore turn on the ignition, our cars ECU starts work on monitoring various sensors which often are checking critical parts of our cars, to check if things are running as they should.

So, this could range from the oxygen sensor, making sure the air mix is right, through to checking the emissions are within tolerance.

What’s important is not to ignore any fault code or error warning message, as if not checked the fault could get worse, sometimes leading to catastrophic engine failure. Let’s give you an example, an error code may appear on the LCD panel, or let’s say the dashboard on some cars, it may just simply state “error” and a code on some cars, yet it could, depending on the make and model of the car, relate to somethings that’s critical for the efficient running of the engine.

Other problems that our cars ECU can notify us about problems with other car parts such as fuel injector issues, problems with the fuel and even if the cars miss-fires, what your car’s ECU is monitoring depends on the make and model of your car, yet, most modern cars have a lot of sensors.

My cars displaying that it has an “ECU Error” and won’t turn-over at all, what does this mean?


A cars ECU is like the brain of the car, so just like an onboard computer, it will therefore be carrying out a lot of calculations as you drive down the road to improve the running of the car.

The ECU may sometimes makes adjustments for you, for example if the fuels running too lean, it may, depending on the make of the car, change this to improve the efficiency of the engine.

However, if it’s the actual ECU that’s incurred a fault, and is not allowing the car to start, you may wish to call us, so that we can collect the car for you.

Will the ECU need to be replaced?


If a fault code is being displayed, then it could be to do with an individual sensor that’s detected a problem with lets say for example, a DPF problem, so even though the dashboard may say there’s a fault, it might not be the ECU itself.

It could just be a car part that’s relaying the fault or sometimes a problem with the sensor itself.

Errors can be displayed on a dashboard for a wide range of reasons, for example it could be something as simple as a clogged air filter, or something as complex as the engine severely overheating, so what’s needed is for our mechanics to use diagnostic equipment which communicates with the ECU directly.

The ECU if working correctly then should flag fault code(s), then our car diagnostics will be able to tell what the issues are exactly, so that they can be fixed by one of our mechanics in Cardiff. If it’s the actual ECU unit that wont communicate, as is essentially shut-down and wont communicate with diagnostic equipment, then it might be a case that the ECU is at fault.

What if we just clear the fault codes, will this fix the problem?


The simple answer is no, its like papering over the cracks when decorating, what should really happen is a good quality car diagnostic equipment should be used, no clearing of fault codes should occur until a mechanic has a good understanding of the faults, and what’s causing them, and how to prevent them recurring.

For example, just ignoring a fault code, by simply deleting it, could mean that a major fault is missed, then this could lead to major engine problems later on quite possibly.

Is your car displaying a fault code?

With some cars the fault code will appear on the cars central LCD screen, with some other cars it may simply be on the car’s dashboard, however, whichever car brand that you drive, you most definitely shouldn’t ignore any warning lights or error codes on your car.

If you’re looking for a local mechanic who can repair a problem with your cars ECU, or electrical sensors, then why not give us a ring today?


Brembo is a very well-known manufacturer of quality brake components, these brakes can be seen fitted to many different types of cars, from high-value race cars, through to many roadgoing vehicles.

Theis brand of brakes are therefore fitted to many cars all over the world, here at Automotive Cardiff Limited, we can supply, and also our mechanics can fit new Brembo brakes for you.

The brand “Brembo” is therefore synonymous with high-quality car parts, therefore if you are looking to upgrade your car’s brakes here in Cardiff, have you considered having Brembo brake pads and discs fitted? We recommend Brembo to a lot of our customers that want to upgrade their brakes, we therefore fit Brembo brakes to everything from powerful diesel estates,  through to cars used just on the race track.

If you own a high-performance sports car, you might even want “carbon ceramic brakes” fitted, which allow a superior braking force. We can fit these brakes to your car here in Wales.

You may have noticed therefore on many car brands, that on the brake callipers are possibly a bright red colour? They may have “Brembo” written, and underneath the wording “Carbon Ceramic”- this innovation is therefore also fitted to many different cars that need high-performance brakes fitted.

Therefore, if you are looking for a local garage, which can help you to upgrade your car’s brakes why not give us a ring today?

So, what exactly are Brembo brakes?

All petrol heads will have heard of the brand “Brembo”, it’s an Italian brand which is well-known for supplying quality brake parts and you have seen the brand fitted to many race cars?  

Here at our independent garage, we fit disc brakes, as well as carbon ceramic to a wide range of different vehicles.

This is therefore a brand of car brakes which needs no introduction at all, so if you’re looking for a garage in South Wales which can fit this make of brakes, then why not call our garage?

What are the advantages to choosing Brembo brakes?

Brembo simply offers high-quality brakes, the company is also committed to innovation, this is shown by their range of carbon ceramic brakes. Followers of the company may have also heard of the “brake by wire” system as well.

My car already comes factory fitted with Brembo brakes, so are you just able to just replace the brake pads?

There are a lot of well-known car brands which send their cars rolling off of the factory line already fitted with Brembo brakes, therefore the owner of that car might now be looking for a local garage which is located in the city of Cardiff, which can just change the brake pads and discs using genuine Brembo car parts.

Our mechanics therefore work on a wide range of cars every week, we can change the brake pads on many cars, such as Alfa’s and Maserati’s and all other car brands. We are a very popular garage, so if your thinking of using our garage, to have your brakes upgraded we would ask you to book in with us as soon as possible.

All car brands are welcome at our garage, we also offer other services as well, such as car repairs, or car servicing. Therefore, while your car is with us, to have say new brake pads fitted, why not have your car serviced by us at the same time?

How our garage can help:

We don’t just install brakes, we can offer you the full range of car repairs as well, this can range from car diagnostics, right through to clearing out the DPF on an exhaust system on any car.

If you would like a quote for car repairs or servicing, then why not send us an e-mail or call us today?



A clutch is essential part of the car that helps us to change gears smoothly, however with that said, it’s a part that is also subject to huge stresses and strains as we drive along the road. For example, every time we change gear, the clutch will engage and disengage the pressure plates, this part of the cars clutch therefore takes a lot of strain.

So, just as the brake pads and discs on our car is deemed a wearable part, and so are so many other car parts, our cars clutch is the same, meaning that over time the clutch plate and other components will become worn.

This means that wear can occur sometimes causing potential faults.

Here at our garage every week we work on a wide range of cars which need their clutches repaired or completely replaced. The clutches we replace can therefore be fitted to say a 1.3 litre petrol car, through to much more powerful cars, such as a high-performance vehicle with a V6 engine under the bonnet. Therefore, our highly skilled mechanics have a huge amount of experience, working on replacing car clutches on a huge range of different car brands.

Driving style

Individual driving style will have a large effect on the wear of a cars clutch, for example, if you’re a driver that launches off from a standstill, then this can put a large strain on the clutch. However, regardless of driving style, you should get your cars clutch looked at by a mechanic at regular intervals, for them to tell you whether it needs replacing or not. As even if you are a very careful driver, the clutch will still need replacing at some point.

Smooth gear changes

So, if you are looking at improving your driving style, to help look after your car, you should aim for smooth gear changes. Rapid acceleration and engaging the clutch when there’s no need, such as when the car is at a standstill at the traffic lights, and also simply over revving the engine between gear changes, well, you guessed it, will cause excess stress on the clutch, such as the clutch plate.

Looking for a garage which can replace your cars clutch?

So, you may have already noticed that some garages make it clear on their websites that they only work on a handful of car brands, for example they may specialise in repairing and servicing say Italian cars for example. However, our garage is a bit different from some garages, simply because we work on all car brands and all models.

So, whether you have a classic car, that you’ve been storing in the garage for most of the year, that you know has a worn clutch, or instead you have a mass-produced diesel saloon car, that is suffering from “clutch judder” when you engage into first gear, we will be able to help you. We offer affordable prices on replacing clutches.

Don’t leave it until it gets worse

Your cars clutch may cause juddering as you engage first gear? So, at first, you might think not much of it, but the clutch plate is like the cars brake discs, they will wear out, and become less effective at doing their job.

This is why its important to get your car checked over by a mechanic as soon as possible, they can then recommend whether the cars clutch is okay for a while, or whether it should be booked in straightaway for a clutch replacement.

Clutch judder

You may notice a problem with your cars clutch is many different ways, for some car owners, a digital “fault code” might be produced on the car’s dashboard for example, for some others, it might be noticeable through the clutch peddle itself, in terms of the clutch being a lot higher than usual, yet sometimes you might experience what is called “clutch judder”.

This is when the driver feels the clutch actually juddering, it can even sometimes causes the whole car to judder. For example, you may notice this more when trying to engage first gear, or when theres extra load on the clutch, for example, when starting the car on a steep gradient, this means you should seek the advice of a mechanic as soon as possible.

Buying a used car?

Used car prices at the moment are particularly high, so you may have forked out a lot on your used car?

Therefore, the last thing you want is for any large mechanical problems to occur just after you’ve made the purchase, so prior to purchase, if the seller agrees with you, why not have us check the car over for you?

Sure, the car might be gleaming, and the interior might be to a show room quality, yet under the bonnet could be potentially a lot of problems, so why not let our mechanics give the car a check over before you buy it?

How our garage can help:

We can repair any make or model of car, so whether you have a large diesel saloon car, which has DPF exhaust problems, or you have a 4×4 car which won’t engage into first gear, as the clutch is not working, then we are your local garage which can help you. We offer affordable rates, whether its car servicing, such as changing your cars engine oil, or whether it’s a job where more labour required, such as a total gearbox failure, we have a team that can help get your car back on the road.





Jack frost is already glazing everything as far as the eye can see- this means that often our cars have to work even harder for us.

Whether it’s the freezing temperatures of a winter morning, where we need our cars in order to take us to work, or its simply the cold-air of a long motorway journey, our cars have to work through these harsh weather conditions.

This is why its so important that we service our cars, and have a respected garage, such as ours, to carry out any servicing or repairs that might be needed.

So, if you’re looking for a local mechanic that can service your car, why look any further than us?

We have many 5-star reviews and our customers regularly comment how friendly our garage is, how efficient we are, plus, we have highly experienced mechanics which work for us.


Every car brand welcome at our garage

When scrolling through the various garages that appear on Google, you may find that some Cardiff based garages may specialise in certain makes of cars, yet at our garage every brand of car is welcome.

Our mechanics can therefore work on a wide range of different make cars at our garage, for example, in any one day, we could be servicing a classic car, a diesel saloon belonging to a local business, and also say a city car. Therefore, at our garage all car brands are welcome.

We can offer you the full range of car servicing options

You may only require your car’s engine oil and filter to be changed, we can offer this at an affordable price.

Alternatively, you might be looking for a garage that offers “full car servicing” we can also offer this.


We offer the full range of servicing options.

When a lot of cars come into us, to have a service prior to winter, some customers also ask us to check the cars battery sometimes.

That’s because at this time of year, as the weathers so cold, this can put an extra strain on our cars batteries.

Does your car need to be serviced this winter?

If you’re looking for a local garage in order to have your car serviced, then why not give us a quick call?

We offer affordable prices

It’s fair to say that some quotes for getting your car serviced, well, they can sometimes vary quite a bit between the different garages.

However, at our garage, we see a large amount of repeat business, simply because, we keep our prices competitive, and our levels of customer service very high.

Highly-experienced mechanics

We don’t just offer car servicing, which means that our mechanics could be busy changing a car’s clutch, it’s brakes or even the exhaust on anyone day.

This means that our mechanics don’t just service cars, we offer car repairs, as well as many other services, such as air-conditioning recharges as well.


Classic through to electric vehicles are all welcome

At some garages, they may specialise in just one brand of car, or more than one make, but brands which are also owned by the same car manufacturer.

Therefore, that garage may only offer to service, or repair that make, or a few brands of vehicle.

However, we can service classic cars, such as rare British vehicles, right through to your much more ultra-modern electric cars, we therefore dont just service one brand, we can offer to service any brand and model car.


Battery becoming drained?

Don’t forget, if you have your car booked in with us for a service this winter, why not ask us at the same time to check your cars battery?

As its all well and good to have the vehicle serviced, yet on an ultra-cold day, you may find that your batteries completely drained, and doesn’t have the power to turn the engine over- which may mean, your late for work.

So, why not, while your car is with us, for say a full service, ask our mechanics to check the battery, and make sure it’s not too drained?


Why not book your car in for a service this winter?

Whether you have a large diesel saloon, a petrol 4×4 or even a city car, these will all need servicing, so if you’re looking for a local garage why not call us?


What types of car repairs can your garage offer?

Sometimes, while a car is with us, for say a car repair, the owner will also ask us to service the car as well, we therefore offer all manner of car repairs, here’s just an example, of the services that our mechanics in Cardiff can offer:


–        Clutch replacement

–        Brake repair, drum brakes, disc brakes and carbon ceramic brake discs can all be repaired by us

–        Gearbox issues

–        Electrical repairs

–        Suspension repairs

–        Exhaust repairs

–        Battery and alternator changes





Whether your car has a faulty electric handbrake or your car just needs new brake pads, we can help.   

Each week we replace the brake pads and discs on a wide range of different cars, this includes rectifying handbrake issues if they exist.

As brakes are a wearable part fitted to our cars, that are subject to huge amounts of friction, which of course produces heat, this is a part of your car that will wear out. So, whether you need the brakes repaired on an everyday diesel saloon, or a high-value track day car, our garage will be able to help you.

Our experienced mechanics are used to working on all manner of cars, from replacing or repairing older drum brakes on say a classic car, right through to working on real high-performance cars, which may even have very advanced braking systems, such as using a “carbon ceramic” brakes, which you may find on say a hyper car.

Experienced Mechanics

Our mechanics have a huge amount of experience on working on a wide range of car brands. This experience ranges from your everyday type of brake repair, such as checking over and replacing brake pads, right through to more complicated fixes, such as sorting out braking issues caused by electrical faults.

Our mechanics therefore switch between working on many different car brands every day. For example, at our garage we repair and service hybrid cars, fully electric vehicles and your more common diesel and petrol engine cars.

There are now complex braking systems, such as cars fitted with “regenerative braking systems” right through to simpler brake systems such as having drum brakes on the back of a car, and discs and brake pads on the front.

Therefore, whichever type of brake system option you have, whether it be an electrical issue, mechanical issue or simply a matter of the car being stood idle for too long, so the discs have now become heavily corroded through rust, our mechanics can start to repair your car for you.

For electrical problems, such as a issue being caused by an intermittent fault, such as having a defective electric handbrake, our advanced car diagnostic equipment will be able to quickly work out the problem, by obtaining a “fault code” so our mechanics will then know which part needs replacing or repairing.

Brake pads

One of the most frequent tasks our mechanics carryout is to replace worn brake pads, we can then replace them with a new pads.  

Brake pad and disc replacement

Sometimes the actual brake disc will be work down as well, or uneven wear may mean it needs replacing as well. Our mechanics will be able to tell you after a brake check, whether you just need the pads replacing, or whether we recommend the brake discs are replaced at the same time.

Rusted / Pitted Brake Discs

Let’s say you have a car and it’s your absolute pride and joy, so much so you’ve had it many years, yet it’s been stored in a garage that’s rather damp, or lets say its been left on your driveway for a long while, so that the brakes are exposed to the elements.

Through all of that frost, wet and sometimes salty sea air, if you live close to the coast, this can mean that sometimes the brakes become so rusted that extensive work is needed to repair the car. For example, brake discs can corrode, which can start as just surface rust, and then end up pitting and ruining the brakes so they cannot be used.

Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Some cars produce so much brake horse power that traditional brake pads and discs wont be as effective at helping to bring the car to a safe stop.

This means on some cars, especially those producing high amounts of BHP under the bonnet, the cars manufacturer may have fitted what is called “carbon ceramic” brakes, these are normally a lot more expensive to replace.

Drum brakes

Some cars have “brake drums” on the back of the car, that’s to help the stopping force of the back-wheels, and then on the front sometimes brake discs and pads are used.

We also repair brake drums, some cars, for example an old classic car may sometimes have these fitted to the vehicle.

Handbrake issues

You may have a handbrake issue, which has caused an MOT failure?

Alternatively you may simply have a handbrake that has too much “travel” in the lever, meaning, that the handbrake cable may need adjusting or fully replacing.

If you have handbrake issues, we can help to repair them.

Electric handbrake repair

More modern cars have electric handbrakes, meaning the lever, which is normally between the two front seats, that’s the drivers and passenger chairs may be replaced by a simple push button in order to switch the handbrake on or off.

However, sometimes faults can occur, our mechanics can help to repair these issues.

Faults with the car’s brakes, such anti-lock brake (ABS) issues

There may well be a fault with the cars electrics, which when connected to our cars diagnostic machine we can start to fix.

Is the car unsafe to drive?

If the car is unsafe to drive, we can collect the car from you, we have our own recovery truck.





It’s that time of year again, the clocks have gone back, the leaves are falling off the trees at a rather rapid pace, and is nearly time to scrape frost off our car’s windows in the mornings.

Yet, its at this time of year, a lot of us forget how hard our cars work for us every single day, that’s to say, during the sub-zero temperatures our engines are expected to be switched on in a flash, and we expect everything to be working perfectly.

However, it’s so important to keep our cars serviced and in good working order all year around, this is where our garage can help you.

For example, engine oil running low, or the engine oil being used for too long, this can increase engine wear.

This is why it’s so important to use a reputable garage, such as Automotive Cardiff, and to have your car serviced or repaired by our experienced mechanics.

So, whether its something relatively simple, such as changing a cars battery or you may require a full service of your car, we can help.

Why not talk to our team in Cardiff, we can then book you in for car repairs or servicing that you may require?


Full service

Just think our hard our engines work especially during our cold winters; this is why its important that items like the engine oil is replaced to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Whether your car needs a fully-synthetic oil, a semi-synthetic oil or mineral oil, we will be able to tell which oil your car needs and we use quality oils.

It’s so important that the right oil is used, this is why many high-performance car owners in Wales come to us, as they know, when it comes to the engine oils we use, we only ever use quality oil.


Oil change


Its important to change your car’s engine oil when required, yet some car owners leave their engine oil run too low or don’t change it at regular service intervals, as recommend by a mechanic, and this can sometimes cause engine damage.

Engine oil is what helps lubricant the engine, without it, sometimes even catastrophic engine damage can occur. This can sometimes cause major mechanical damage, that the engine components become damaged, and the engine sometimes becomes seized.

This is why its so important to get your car serviced when required.


Interim servicing

Some of us clock up a huge number of miles every year, whether that’s motorway cruising within a company car, or someone that simply works a long distance away from home, so the car is simply traveling further, and on a regular basis, therefore we also offer “interim servicing” at our garage.

No matter which brand car you drive, whether it’s a luxury SUV or simply a diesel estate, we can service your car, as well as offering interim servicing.

Companies within Cardiff know how efficient our business is, this is why if they own a fleet of company cars, they may get those vehicles serviced by us. We can therefore offer you a time slot, where we will get your car serviced.

This means that all company cars are also welcome at our garage, so whether your company owns 10 cars or a thousand cars, we can offer company car servicing as well.


Battery replacement

Its at this time of year our cars batteries are put under increased strain, that’s because our main beam lights are often on a lot more, as daylight time is reduced, plus starting a cold engine, that often takes more effort from the cars battery.

Sure, a cars alternator should help charge the battery as the engine is running, yet if we are only doing very short drives in Cardiff on a regular basis, well, the demand on starting the car, having the heaters on, headlights on, well that may drain the battery, and not give it enough of a long drive to recharge the battery.

Yet, the batteries in our cars are the same as other types of batteries, that’s to say, the battery can lose its strength.

This is why if your battery is running low, and seems sluggish when starting the car, well, it’s definitely worth coming to our garage, so we can carry out a battery check to see if it needs replacing.


Why not ask our mechanics to also check your cars brakes?

Having your brakes in good condition all year around is absolutely crucial, yet at winter time, when the roads are frosted over, its so important that your car is in absolutely perfect working order.

No matter if you have the most common type of brakes, that’s discs and brake pads, a more rarer option that’s “carbon ceramic brakes”, which are normally fitted to real high-performance cars, or drum-brakes, sometimes fitted to the back of some cars, we can help you.

Why not call us for a brake check?


Does your handbrake need to be repaired?

Don’t neglect a faulty handbrake, you may have noticed for example that there’s more travel in the handbrake than normal? Or that the electric handbrake doesn’t seem to be working every time? This shouldn’t be ignored; a qualified and experienced mechanic is needed, this is where our mechanics can help.


Would you like us to add coolant / anti-freeze to your vehicle?

Our winters can be fiercely cold, this is why its crucial that the right anti-freeze is used, call us if you need your cars coolant to be replaced.


Is your vehicle displaying any sort of fault code?

Fault codes shouldn’t be ignored at any time of year, they could be flagging a problem that could result in a much larger repair bill if ignored. If your car is displaying a warning light, or a fault code, then this shouldn’t be ignored, why not call us?


Get your car ready for winter with us

No matter if you own a rugged 4×4 vehicle or simply a small petrol engine car, you should get your car serviced.

Many car owners in Wales call us, we have many happy customers, a lot of which have left reviews on our Google My Business account, so why not check our garages many positive reviews, and call to book your car in with us.



Often, we just use our cars without thinking about how hard the engine is working for us.

That’s to say, on a cold winter’s day, we may just turn the key, without thinking much in the way of all the strains which are imposed on an engine, that’s whether your cars a hybrid, diesel or a petrol internal combustion engine.

This is why routine maintenance is so important, whether that’s carrying out a full-service, or perhaps just an oil filter and oil change or an interim service. You should therefore have your car serviced as per the manufacturers specification or when required.

Right engine oil

Some car owners make the mistake of topping up their car with the wrong engine oil, or simply replacing it with the wrong oil, this can cause engine damage.

Instead, its important to use the right oil, that’s recommended by the manufacturer of that car.

Without an engine oil change, the oil can actually start to break-down and be less effective at protecting the engine

If the engine oil is not replaced when it should be, then it can start to break-down, causing it to be less effective. Therefore, it’s important that contact a reputable mechanic to change the engine oil when required.

Why not book you can in for an oil change?

If your cars due to have its engine oil changed, then why not call us? Alternatively, you may want a full service, which our mechanics can also offer, we offer the full range of car servicing options.

Our garage also welcomes any model and make of car, so why not call our team, and book your car in for a full service, oil change or even an interim service?