A noisy car exhaust may well start off as a rather minor iteration, that’s of a slight whistling sound as you drive along, however, left as is, bigger problems could occur.

That’s because, despite a lot of people thinking that a cars exhaust is a relatively simple bit of pipe work, often they are not that simple.

Instead, our cars exhausts often will have “catalytic convertors”, sometimes multiple sensors as well as a silencer. Its these sensors that are built into the exhaust system on some model cars which can trigger fault codes, in some instances the car could even go into “limb home mode” because the cars onboard computer, that’s the ECU has detected a fault with the exhaust system.

The main purpose of an exhaust is to as efficiently as possible take exhaust gases from the manifold, right to end of the car as smoothly as possible.

Yet, as you can imagine, running an engine will leave a build-up of soot residue, this is especially so in diesel cars, so this means that some exhausts, can become damaged or even clogged. If the car cant emit its exhaust gases correctly, then this can compromise the whole performance of the car.

On some cars there can be other problems, for example on the “back-box” of an exhaust, or indeed on any part, because the underneath of the car is subject to salt, and the elements, these parts can rust. This can cause holes to occur in the cars exhaust, meaning gases are not flowing through the pipe work, and instead being emitted in rust holes in the exhaust.

This again is something that will need urgent attention from a qualified mechanic.

The issues with a car’s exhausts can therefore sometimes be wide ranging, for example, ranging from a sensor not communicating correctly with the car’s onboard computer, right through to a clogged DPF which has put the car into a limb mode.

This can also occur with any brand car, however some cars may have “stainless steel” exhausts, which are made so they do typically last longer.

Therefore, a cars exhaust is something that may need to be repaired or replaced regardless of brand.

So if you own a car that has faulty exhaust, DPF or catalytic convertor, they why not give us a ring?

Let’s now quickly run through some of the common faults that can occur with a cars exhaust system.


Does your car sound different from normal?

As you drive down the road, you might well hear a slightly louder sound coming from your cars exhaust? This could range from a hole in the pipe or the silencer that has developed a fault. Rust may have deteriorated the exhaust to the point where exhaust gases are now escaping from a part of the exhaust rather than at the end of the back-box or silencer.

Sometimes a “fault code reader” will be needed for electrical faults, however sometimes when the car is put on our ramps, sometimes its just obvious to the mechanics eye that the exhaust is rusted, or maybe come away from the rubber clamps which sometimes hold some exhausts in place.

DPF Problems

On your cars dashboard there may well be an error code being displayed which relates to your cars DPF?

This means that the DPF may need replacing or cleaning, there may well be other fault codes, therefore the car will need bringing to our garage, so that we can put your car on our diagnostics machine, so we can read the cars fault code.


As the cars exhaust is on the underneath of the car, and leads directly to the engine, it is subject to huge amounts of heat, plus also the weather conditions under the car can cause the metal to rust. For example, wet roads, and also salt when it is spread over the roads during the winter, all can accelerate rust setting into the cars exhaust.

This is why a car’s back-box can sometimes rust sometimes to the point that holes occur in the steel, which can make some cars exhaust to sound abnormal.

This should not be ignored, our garage will be able to help you, we can also offer different types of exhausts.

For example, you may wish to opt for a longer life exhaust, one that is made of stainless steel for example?

Exhaust check

You may want one of our mechanics to check over your cars exhaust, even if the sound difference with the cars exhaust is only slight right now, this doesn’t mean that the problem won’t get worse.

What can occur, is if the exhaust is rattling, the whole exhaust may fall off, any problems with a cars exhaust should be seen by a qualified mechanic.

If your car is undrivable or our mechanics have discussed with you over the phone, that the car shouldn’t be driven, then we can collect the car from you using our recovery truck.

Manifold issues

Our garage can also fix and repair manifold issues that may persist with your cars exhaust.

Why not call our garage today?

Whether you drive a hyper car or you drive an everyday run-around our garage will be able to help.

We can repair your cars exhaust, DPF or manifold, yet our services extend to far beyond exhaust repair.

We also offer battery replacement, car servicing, brake replacement, clutch replacement or car diagnostic, air conditioning recharges, fixing electrical faults and much more.

If you would like your car repaired or to be serviced, then why not call us today?




At our garage we are frequently carry out servicing on a very large range of different vehicles. With that said, some car owners might not know what they need to bring with them on the day of the service.

This article has therefore been written to help you, when you are booking your car in for a service with us.

Car Service Records

A lot of car owners like to have their car service book stamped by us, when they have a service carried out.

Therefore, with this book, the car owner can simply flip open the book, and they will know exactly when the car was last serviced.

Also, when you sell your used car, sometimes the person or company that’s purchasing the vehicle will like to see the service records, that’s to show that the car has been correctly serviced at the correct intervals.

This makes a lot of sense, as if a car has jumped service intervals by a lot of miles, with no record of a service, well this might be a sign that the can hasn’t been maintained. Engine oils can therefore deteriorate for example over time, for example, lets take mineral oils as an example, they can build up deposits and become less effective at protecting the engine.

For example, if there are large leaps in-between servicing, for example a large amount of mileage with no stamp to show a service was carried out, well this can sometimes be an indicator that the car hasn’t been looked after.

Everybody normally has a bit of a horror story of going to see a used car that looks great, that’s in terms of the body work, but then on closer inspection they may notice discoloration on the engine oil cap and excess smoke being emitted from the exhaust! This is not a good sign when buying a used car!

This is often why when someone is looking for a used car, they like to see regular service intervals.

Locking wheel nuts

This is definitely something you don’t want to lose on your car, it’s often a very small piece of metal, which will be formed into a unique shape, this will fit exactly into than your alloy wheel locking nuts.

Without this our mechanics will not be able to easily remove the wheels.

The purpose of the locking wheel nut is so that there’s an extra security measure in place so that the alloy wheels on your car are better protected.

With that said, the locking wheel nut is often something that some car owners can easily lose in say the boot of their car, however when you go to the garage and you ask the mechanic to check your brakes over for instance, sometimes they need to take the alloy wheels off to do the check, so this part is required.

If you have lost the what locking wheel nut, then sometimes it can be quite expensive to replace this car part, so this is definitely something that you should put in a safe place.

Although the locking wheel nut might not be needed when we service some cars, its just good practice to keep it handy anytime you go to a local garage.

Do you have the password for your stereo on your vehicle?

It’s worth checking with us at the booking stage, prior to any work being carried out, or servicing work that we might carry out, if we need to remove the car’s battery or not?

As you can imagine on some vehicles depending on the make and the model of the car, it can be extremely restricted in terms of access under the bonnet of a car.

On some cars therefore the cars battery may need to be removed to allow for access, while working on the car. However, on some cars, not all, there will be a password that protects the radio, so do make sure that you have kept your password.

Various servicing options

When customers call us, occasionally they will say “they want to book their car in for a service”, however there are various types of servicing options to choose from.

For instance, your car might be due a “full service” an “interim service” or maybe just a routine oil change.

It is therefore dependent on the manufacturers specification as to when servicing should be carried out, and also when you’ve covered a certain amount of mileage. Sometimes on some cars, not all, it will occasionally tell you exactly when a service is required. We can offer advice over the phone if you are unsure which servicing option that you require, and when it is due for your vehicle.

Other car repair work

There are some garages situated here within Cardiff that only specialise in servicing of cars.

Now, that is all well and good, if you only require your car to be serviced, however, often a customer may ask for additional work, such as asking one of our mechanics to check over the car’s brakes, or let’s say if the exhaust on the car sounds a bit unusual?

That’s to say the exhaust may sound a bit louder than normal, then you may wish for our garage to check this over for you, so when some cars are dropped off for a service, sometimes the owner will wish to discuss another problem with the car that they may have.

So often when a car is brought into us for routine service, the car owner will ask our mechanics about something else they would like looked at.

This is worth bearing in mind when choosing a garage to service your car, as some garages, when the customer asks for say a “brake check”, the garage may well be unable to offer this, as some garages only specialise in the servicing of cars.

However, when requested, we can also offer car repair services, such as fixing faulty exhausts, brakes, batteries, electrical faults, DPF issues and much more, when asked to do so.

Book well in advance

We are a very popular garage; we regularly have a huge amount of repeat business, and a lot of customers come to us for our garage for servicing of their car.

Therefore, we recommend booking your car in with us for a service as far as possible in advance, then you can ensure that your car will have an allocated time and date your car to be serviced.


As Cardiff is such a large and also busy city, as you would expect there are many businesses based here which have sometimes large fleets of company cars.  Whether this is a fleet of diesel, hybrid, electric or petrol we can offer car servicing and repair here at our garage. We therefore see a lot of company cars at our garage.

If you run a company here in Wales, and therefore looking for an independent and local garage, which can offer servicing and repair, then why not call us today? We therefore also see a diverse range of company cars, this can range from a fleet of small petrol cars, to companies which own fleets of large diesel cars.


Here are just some of the car repair services we can offer:

–        Clutch replacement

–        Brake replacement

–        Exhaust repair and replacement

–        Batteries

–        Electrical faults

–        DPF issues

–        All manner of car repairs, on all types of engines, hybrid, petrol and diesel welcome

–        We can also repair electric cars


Our garage is based just off Newport Road, that’s within Cardiff, which is surrounded by many businesses that use our garage for car servicing or have car repair work carried out.

Therefore dropping your car off to us for a lot of local companies is very convenient due to our central location.


Does your business own a fleet of cars?

Regardless of the car’s brand, we can offer to service any make or model car.

Here in Wales, some businesses can own a very large range of different company cars, these can range from executive saloons, for the management of the company, right through to a range of hybrid vehicles for say the company’s sales team.

Often therefore for the business that require company car’s to be serviced, or to have repair work carried out, such as the brake change, we offer a very efficient service.


All businesses welcome

We welcome all businesses, it doesn’t matter for example if you only have one company car, or let’s say that you run a sales business and your sales representatives have over 100 vehicles, we can help you.


Competitive prices on vehicle servicing

Some company cars can be on the road a lot, clocking up those miles as the car might be regularly going on long journeys on the motorway for example.

This means, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, the car may require more regular servicing, if your car needs a service, then why not book it in with us today?


As company cars often do a lot of mileage every year, often the brake pads, discs, exhausts, batteries, and many more items will need to be replaced, as per the manufacturer’s specification, therefore if you are looking for an independent, as well as a local garage in Cardiff, then why not call us on: 07717752134 or why not call in and see us at:

Connies House

Rhymney River Bridge Road




Therefore whether you want the batteries replaced across your entire fleet of diesel saloons, or all of your company cars are now due for a full service, then we can assist you.


We offer very high-levels of customer service, and we often see a lot of repeat business.


Full Service

If you are looking for a garage which can fully service your companies cars, then why not call us?

Are you looking for a local garage which offers interim servicing?

We can also offer “interim servicing” for any brand of car.

Does your vehicle require an oil change?

We can also offer to replace the engine oil and oil filters on any brand of car.

Therefore, a lot of company cars are brought to us for an oil filter and to get the engine oil changed on the car.


All models of hybrid and electric vehicles are welcome at our garage

A lot of the cars that we service and repair can be hybrid vehicles, therefore all hybrid vehicles are therefore welcome at our garage.


Why not call our independent garage for a quote today?

If you would like a quote, why not call our team today for a no obligation quote?

We don’t just offer car servicing, here are just some of the other services our garage can offer:

·        Clutch repairs

·        DPF repairs

·        Brake pad replacement and discs

·        Exhaust faults

·        Electrical faults

·        Handbrake issues

·        Engine issues

·        Gearbox issues

·        All manner of car repair work



A vehicles suspension can be set up for many different purposes, for example a high-performance car might have much stiffer suspension and dampening. This stiff suspension should allow for less body roll through the corners and provide a much more firm ride.

And this stands to reason, as if the engine is large and powerful lets say roaring V8, well, there’s no point in having that much brake horse power under the cars bonnet, if the car then has soft suspension making the ride less responsive. So, as you can gather the suspension needs to suit the purpose of the car.

For example a family car might well be sent up for comfort, so the suspension is much more softer, therefore this might be more comfortable on say a long motorway journey.

However, regardless of the set-up of the suspension, the suspension arms and also bushes as well as dampening springs, can become worn and deteriorate over time. For example, you have to imagine the stress that the springs on your car and the whole suspension system endures on every drive, for example imagine all of those speed bumps, pot holes and also poor road surfaces which all are absorbed by a cars suspension.

If this deterioration is left unchecked, this can compromise the handling, and can also cause the steering to feel different. This can cause suspension faults, also on a lot of modern cars, there will be variable settings, where from the LCD display in the car, you can often set different suspension settings, such as comfort, sport, and on some cars even track set-up.

Therefore, its possible that electrical faults can be incurred, and should not be ignored.

On certain vehicles you may have an engine management system which can diagnose problems with the cars suspension, such as a component of the air suspension that’s gone wrong on say a 4X4.

The centre LCD panel may warn you that there’s say a problem with the cars suspension, or lets say the cars dashboard.

However, on some vehicles, because the suspension is mostly mechanical, there may not be any management system the see if there are any problems. This is why is especially important that the car owner has car seen by a competent mechanic if you suspect any problems.

Does your car’s handling fell different from normal?

You may have driven your car for a long period of time?

Therefore you might be used to the car’s handling by now, for example how the car feels on a country road bend, or say cornering round a roundabout.

Therefore, any difference in the handling, for example, there might be a different knocking sound as you drive over pot-holes or say a speed bump, or the steering wheel may feel less responsive, then these are just some of the signs that something is wrong, and you should get the fault rectified.

Its worth remembering that some cars, wont display a fault code for a suspension related issue.

Do you hear a different noise as your car rides over bumps and potholes in the road?

Potholes can cause a lot of problems with a car’s suspension, as the whole purpose of the suspension system is to even-out and make the ride more comfortable for the driver and passengers, if the system is subject to a large shock because of being driven over a pothole at speed, this can sometimes cause a lot of damage and will need to be inspected by a mechanic.

Does your car feel lower on one-side of the vehicle?

Sometimes one side of the car can feel lower, for example the suspension arm or spring might be deteriorated, this will need to fixed. If the cars undrivable, make sure a mobile mechanic visits you.

Is your car simply less comfortable to drive?

It’s also entirely possible that your car starts to become less comfortable, it may not be able to take the shocks of the road as well as it was once did?

So although there might not be, in some cases any total mechanical failures, it might be the case that the components have just become more warn, therefore they may need replacing before they do deteriorate to the point where say a part fails.

Is there uneven tyre wear across the tyre?

The suspension arms and spring’s purpose is to dampen the ride, it should therefore take the shock out of the wheel as it drives along the road. If the lower suspension arms and other components become highly worn then this can cause uneven tyre wear.

Does your car requires suspension need to be repaired?

We are an independent garage; we repair many suspension systems on vehicles every single month.

For example, we can fix the suspension system on a large sports utility vehicle (SUV), which can be very different to what is fitted to say a city car, yet with that said our mechanics are highly experienced in working on all types of car suspension.

Plus, you can be rest assured that we will only supply quality suspension parts when they need replacing.

Why not book your car in for an inspection by one of our mechanics here in Cardiff?

If you are concerned that your car suspension is not working correctly, then why not give us a call today?



Every time single we hop into our car’s and switch the ignition on, this is when various components under the bonnet start working extremely hard. Because of this cars need to be cooled, through coolant that’s often flowed through a cars radiator.

Now, because modern cars are rather silent, that’s to say as a driver will not often hear all that much noise produced from the cars engine under the bonnet, there are still pistons, belts, oil pumps, cooling systems that are all working to move the engine yet to aim to keep it operating within the tolerances that’s its designed to operate at.

So, just as we can feel hot and rather overheated, so can our cars, this is why we must service our cars as per the manufacturers stated guidelines, and under these we can obtain how often the coolant should be changed. Therefore, when you next attend our garage, why not have a service of car carried out which can include changing the cars coolant.

Car servicing

Now, for some owners that neglect correct maintenance it’s entirely possible that the engine coolant can run low, causing the engine to severely overheat, which can lead to sometimes the entire engine being a write-off! Some garages will refer to this as catastrophic engine failure, as the engine can run so hot, it can become in some instances beyond economical repair.

Can a cars engine coolant degrade?

The simple answer to this question is yes, a cars coolant can most certainly degrade over time. This is the same with engine oils, and other liquids like brake fluid, which is why car manufacturers will stipulate how often the car should be serviced, as specify when oils, such as a cars coolant should be changed.

Some manufacturers also change their guidance sometimes based on how many miles the car has covered, so for example, a high-millage car, because the engine is likely to be more worn, will often require more servicing, and also to ensure that all the parts, oils and coolant is of a good quality.

It’s commonly thought that its just engine oil, like synthetic oils and mineral oils that degrade within an engine over time, however, coolants can as well.

It is possible for sludge or sediment to accumulate in the cooling system, for example, sometimes corrosion of metal parts such as fixings on hoses can sometimes rust, causing a build-up of deposits.

This can even cause in the reservoir the coolant to be discoloured, for example to be the colour of rust.

Because the coolant has such a major function, which is to cool the engine, then the right coolant needs to be used, as per the manufacturer’s guidance and changed as per the manufacturers service recommendations, or when required to be changed, as sometimes the coolant will need replacing sooner.

Sludge building up in the system can affect the efficiency of how well the engine is cooled, and this is why its so important to make sure that your cars coolant is top quality and changed when required.

We don’t just need our coolant changed, we need a full service of our car- can you offer this?

At our garage we offer wide range of different servicing options, this can range from changing the coolant on any brand of car, to engine oil and oil filter changes, through to offering full servicing options.

We also regularly work on a large range of different makes and models of cars, for example, we could be working on a hybrid car with a complex petrol / electric system one morning, , then the next car lined up for us to work on could be a track day car. Our garage can therefore work on any brand of car and offer competitively priced servicing, including full services, oil changes and interim servicing.

We need to get our cars brakes checked, are you also able to change brake pads and discs?

At our garage we can carry out a wide range of car repairs on a large amount of car brands daily

We therefore can carry out a brake check when asked by the customer to do so.

Our highly skilled mechanics have a large amount of experience working on various braking systems that modern cars have. This means whether we  changing the ceramic brake discs and pads on a very large high-performance 4×4 which needs colossal stopping power, or we are working on a city car, with drum brakes at the back, discs on the front, we will always offer you a competitive price to have your brakes repaired. If your brakes need a check, then why not call us? We can book you in for a brake check at our garage.

Full range of servicing and repair options, why not book  your car in today?

You may have an engine warning light that’s suddenly appeared on your cars dashboard, alternatively your car may well be just due for a service, here at our friendly garage we can help you.

From just carrying out an oil change on your car, through to offering to carryout a full service, regardless of which car you drive we can help.

So, whether your planning on that summer get away, and your wondering if the coolant needs replacing prior to you setting off, or alternatively your due a service, our team can help. We can book you in to our garage located in Cardiff, where we can help you.




During our British summers the weather sure can get pretty hot, so the thought of even having to do even a short trip in a roasting hot car, well it can put anyone off wanting to travel.

No one wants to reach there destination rather hot, bothered and in a less than in a great mood because the car simply was so unpleasant in terms of being too hot. Factor in some road works, a delay in traffic and other motorists that are in less than in a pleasant mood also, well this is not ideal!

So, whether it’s a trip to the local shops for a loaf of bread, or a 300-mile drive to a remote holiday in the Scottish Highlands, we want to be able to control the temperature of our cars, and for everything to work as it should. This includes the cars air conditioning system.

This is why many motorists are booking their cars in with us at our garage, that’s from executive saloons to sports cars, through to sports utility vehicles, all can share a common problem- that is air-con problems, which are often caused by refrigerant loss.

There are many problems which can occur to a cars air-conditioning system, such as the air-con compressor not working, a perished rubber pipe causing a leak, a belt coming loose from a pulley or even an electrical fault. Yet, do not worry, as at our garage we have invested in very modern diagnostic equipment, so whether you drive a 1.0 city car, or a rather expensive SUV, we have a diagnostic machine, which can read what are often referred to as “fault codes”- so simply put, our mechanics can often diagnose and read a fault with most cars.


Refrigerant loss

What can occur is that sometimes a car will suffer from “refrigerant loss”- this could be because the system has simply lost its air-con gas overtime, yet it could be also because of a burst pipe or a faulty clamp for example which has caused the system to depressurise, and for all of the aircon gas to leak at once out of the cars system. This can occur to any make or model car.

To improve the cars air’s con performance, when the car can is brought to us, we will look at how much pressure is left within the system, we can also look for air con leaks. We will note which refrigerant the car needs, and we can replenish the system.

So, if you have a summer holiday trip planned, you do have to ask yourself, do you really want to be stuck on the motorway with no air-con? This is why often, when a car is getting a service with us, so for example, the air-filter, engine oil is changed, sometimes the car owner at the same time, will ask us to check the cars air-con and to re-gas the system if required.

Can faults occur with the cars air-conditioning compressor?

The air conditioning system is made up of many components, in matter of fact under the bonnet will be an array of items, such as compressors, pipe work, electric systems that are all working to regulate the system. The cars air con is therefore relatively intricate, and powering the system is the air-con pump, which can incur a fault sometimes.

Electrical fault with the air-con

Most modern cars these days are absolutely full of electrics, the electrical systems on some cars are used for a massive range of reasons, from assisting with some cars power steering, through to informing us whether we’ve driven off from the local petrol station and forgotten to fold back the filler cap!

Our cars air-conditioning system is no exception, for example, to regulate the temperature, to have controls on the dashboard that are as accurate as helping to set the cars temperature to half a degree have to have rather complex electrical system powering them.

This is why, sometimes when a cars air conditioning system does go wrong, well, its sometimes not as simple as just needing a re-gas, sometimes the cars system will have the right gas, the air-con system will be pressurised, yet sometimes the system may not work because of an electrical fault.

At our garage, which is based in Cardiff, South Wales, we can read the fault codes on any make or model car, we therefore have auto-electricians who can find the fault and fix it for you.

Do you need your air-conditioning re-gassed?

For a lot of cars here in Cardiff, our winters and autumns can be quite long, and during these much colder seasons, well it can mean that the cars air con will be switched off for a long period of time.

This means that on some cars, the air-con system can depressurise, even leaks in the piping can occur.

This is why on cars where the air-conditioning doesn’t work, the system will need to be checked for any leaks, and also if there’s no leaks, the system may need what mechanics refer to as “re-gassing the cars air-conditioning system”. 

Make sure the correct refrigerant is used

Your garage must use the correct air-con refrigerant, sometimes, on a lot of different brands of cars, under the bonnet of the car will be a sticker above the front bumper, the sticker sometimes gives mechanics the information they need, such as which refrigerant the cars air-con uses.

Is your car too hot? Why not book it in with us?

At the time of writing, we are currently experiencing a heat wave, which goes to show how here in Britain how fast the weather can change. This is why a lot of customers will want to have their cars air con in good working order, for this to occur, why not call our mechanics today?


Which car brands do you service?

Our highly skilled mechanics can service any make or model car. This means that on our garages ramps are often a wide range of different car brands. For example, in one working day our mechanics could be servicing a rare classic TVR, the next hour we could be working on a two-litre diesel saloon- therefore the cars our mechanics work on can be very different.

This means from Japanese cars through to German cars, we can offer car servicing on every make and model regardless of which car manufacturer has made your car.

We therefore welcome all petrol, diesel or hybrid cars at our independent garage in Wales. We also have a very friendly and efficient team which aim to offer very high levels of customer service to every single customer that visits our garage.

Wide range of servicing options

When looking on Google for a local garage to service your car here in Cardiff, you may instantly see from some garage websites that they also offer car servicing, yet some garages will only service just one or a few brands of car.

This could be because they are a main dealer, yet there are also some garages which are independently run, that also only work on just one brand of car, or a few different brands.

What makes us slightly different from some other garages, is that we service every make and model of car, from very rare track-day cars, through to mass produced German saloons. We could therefore be carrying out a full service on a modified Japanese sports car in the morning, and in the afternoon we might have a much sought after TVR on the ramps in for a routine engine oil and filter change-we therefore have experienced mechanics who are well versed on working on any brand car.  

For a no obligation quote to carry out a full-service on say a hybrid electric car, or to just change the oil on a one litre petrol engine car, why not give us a ring?

We will just need to know a few basic details about the car, and we can offer you a quote in a short period of time.

We can service hybrid cars, diesel cars and also petrol cars.

Here’s just some of the reasons why many car owners appoint us to carry out their servicing:

·        We use quality engine oils

·        Friendly service

·        We offer very competitive pricing, whether it’s a sports car, 4×4 or a campervan.

Book in advance



We encourage all customers to book in advance at our garage.

In order to receive a quote, for car repair or servicing, then why not call us today?

All cars are welcome, including:

·        Classic cars

·        Modified cars

·        Sports and high-performance cars

·        Hybrid, Petrol and Diesel engines welcome

·        Track day cars

Engine oil changes, interim services, full car servicing

We can offer the full-range of vehicle servicing options, for example, you may want an “interim service” carried out on your car? For example, you might be a car fleet manager here in Wales, your company might have in excess of hundred company cars, you may therefore be looking for a garage to service these cars, for example to undertake routine servicing, and also to change for example brake pad and brake discs when required?

We therefore work with companies and also car owners, we offer the full-range of car servicing.

Therefore whether you want your campervan serviced for an upcoming holiday, or lets say a diesel saloon, we can help.


Where is your garage location to?

Our garage is in a great location, our garage is based just off Newport Road, within the city of Cardiff.

Our garage is set in a compound, we can be easily found.


Does your car require any further repair work?

Some garages just offer car servicing, yet we can also offer the full range of car repair services.

Our mechanics can therefore offer the following if required:

·        Air-conditioning repairs and recharge’s

·        Car diagnostics- regardless of the car brand or model, we have modern diagnostic equipment to quickly find fault-codes

·        Car repair, including brakes, suspension faults, exhaust replacement, electrical faults, steering repair

·        Turbo repairs

·        DPF repairs

·        All car repairs welcome


We therefore don’t just service cars

We don’t just offer car servicing, our garage also offers all manner or car repair work as well, ranging from replacing turbo’s, right through to changing brake discs and pads on any make car. We therefore offer car repair services.

Equipped on a lot of vehicles today, will be dashboard warning lights, which can switch on when the car detects a problem or for example that the car requires a service. On some cars, depending on the cars brand will actually be the number of miles till when the car next requires a service, so our cars dashboard can often tell us a lot about the vehicle.

Depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle, will depend on how many sensors there are around the car and what those sensors around the car are reading.
For example, the electrical sensors purpose can range from warning you that you’ve just left the fuel door open, right through to much more of a serious issue, such as for example the water temperature exceeding a set limit.

However, the mistake that some motorists make is this, some motorists think that their car is still running, even though a warning light is on, and they sometimes mistakenly then ignore the warning light as not something that needs attention- this is a mistake.

Let us be clear, you should never ignore any warning light on your dashboard, the simple reason is that it can sometimes cause more serious mechanical failure, and damage to your car.

Let’s give you a common scenario, you might see a battery warning light appear on your dashboard, and you might think well, the car starting fine, and you might mistakenly think that you can ignore this as you might think, well the battery is working, otherwise the engine wouldn’t turn-over.

However, what the warning light might actually be indicating to you, is that the car’s alternator has developed a problem, so although there is a charge already held in the battery now, it might no longer be charging up well it is running.

Then sometimes at the most least convenient moment, perhaps when you are many miles away from home, your car won’t start at all, and it’s only then that the motorist will suddenly see that they wish they had taken heed of the notice, and got the car repaired or a trusted mechanic. Also, some cars wont even attempt to start, that’s if there’s not sufficient charge in the battery, so this is why warning lights shouldn’t be ignored, as sometimes larger problems, and inconvenience, such as a car not starting can sometimes occur.

We are now going to look at some of the warning lights that the can appear across different cars, and why they shouldn’t be ignored.
Please do note however, that these are just some of the lights that may appear, there are many more warning lights that can appear, it does depend on the car you drive, so if in doubt do get your car seen to by a mechanic.

Steering Wheel Sign

If a steering wheel icon appears dashboard, or the LCD display within your car, then this might indicate that there is a problem with the car’s power steering.
When a mechanic works on your car, they might find that there is a lack of power steering fluid in the system, they might also find that it more of a serious problem, for example that the power steering pump has a problem.

Engine Warning Light

You should never ignore an engine warning light appearing on your car, some motorists do sometimes and think that the car is running fine, that’s to say they may think because they can’t hear any unusual rattles, they then may make the mistake of thinking that it’s fine- however, do not ignore any warning lights on your dashboard.

Even if a car sounds like it’s running fine, there might be a problem that is occurring under the bonnet that’s not making a noise, ignoring such a fault may lead to more damage to your car being incurred. A mechanic should therefore be consulted.
“We would therefore never recommend ignoring an engine warning light, on your dashboard.”

Faults codes

Sometimes a vehicle will simply display a warning sign, sometimes within a triangle, and sometimes might even display a fault code, for some vehicles therefore this could be displayed on the cars dashboard for a multitude of different reasons. This can range from the window washer reservoir running low, through to other problems, such as a problem with the cars exhaust and catalytic convertor.

For some cars there are sometimes a huge amount of sensors under the cars bonnet, and connected to exhausts, doors, seat beats and fuel cap lids. These car sensors can therefore monitor everything from the airflow into the engine, right through to monitoring exhaust gases the other end, these sensors can then be triggered when a problem is highlighted with the running of the engine.

When you meet our mechanics, we are able is to use our own diagnostic equipment, that is we can connect to the car’s electronic control unit (ECU) and we can therefore ascertain what the problem is with the car and the exact fault.

It could be that is the cars overrun on its service date, for example for a full service, or it could be something to do the cars DPF will the ad-blue system example.
Why engine and dashboard lights should never be ignored
We therefore at our garage never recommend ignoring any warning lights that may appear on your vehicle.

Our highly trained mechanics are well versed with working on many different types of cars, manufactured by many different car manufacturers from across the world.
This means that our car mechanics don’t just service and repair just one brand of vehicle, we instead work on many different brands of car.
So, whether you have a problem with your car’s hybrid electric system, or your cars ad-blue system or perhaps there is a problem with your car’s exhaust and DPF? Our mechanics can work on any brand vehicle, whether it be petrol, diesel or a fully electric vehicle.

Our mechanics can also work on hybrid vehicles as well, if you would therefore like a quote in order to service or indeed to repair your vehicle our mechanics and our friendly team which are located city of Cardiff in Wales can offer you a quote.

Please do note that we work on any brand of car, ranging from super cars, right down through to saloon vehicles, to book your car in today for a service, such as a full service, or to get your car repaired why not give us a ring today?


For a lot of U.K drivers, we will often not use our cars air conditioning for the vast majority of the year.

This means when we do choose to turn the car’s air-con on say on a rather hot day in Cardiff, well, because it’s been switched off for so long over the winter months, well the cars air-con might not operate as you would like?

For example, the air-con might take a very long time to cool the cars overall temperature, alternatively the cars air con might simply be blowing hot air out of the dashboard!

This is despite the fact that you know that the air-conditioning is running because the cars revs have increased, yet nothing but warm air is flooding through the vents.

This can be frustrating for a lot of car owners, as during the hot summer days, we obviously want our cars air con to work when we want and quickly, this is especially if we are going on a long drive, such as on holiday for example.

This article will look at some of the more common air conditioning faults that some cars owners can have, and how our local garage can assist you in repairing your car air conditioning irrespective of the cars manufacturer or model. This means we fix all make and model cars at our garage within Cardiff, Wales.


“This means that our local garage, we fix the air-con on a wide range of different cars, for example we work on every single brand, and we offer a full range of air conditioning repair services and air con recharge options as well.”



Is your car air conditioning system not as cold as you would like?

What a lot of drivers will not know is that their cars air conditioning can sometimes lose its efficiency every single year, that’s to say, as your air conditioning system is not used throughout say the winter months, it can lose its overall efficiency through refringent loss, therefore when it is switched on during the summertime, you might notice that it either takes a very long time to cool the car or that’s it is blowing hot air.

Sometimes this can be caused by air con refrigerant loss, for example some of the rubber pipes and aluminium clamps may have perished causing a refrigerant leak, for example the aluminium fittings that are joining some rubber tubing, might have suffered abrasion or just cracked, and therefore refrigerant loss occurs making the air-conditioning system not that efficient or completely broken.

Alternatively, there might be a larger problem, such as the air-conditioning pump not working all together, other faults might be to do with air-conditioning electrical faults, which will need to be diagnosed by our auto-electricians, here at our garage here in Cardiff, South Wales.

Air conditioning leaks

It’s important to know that your cars air-con is powered by air-con refrigerant gas, now just as our kitchens fridge-freezers also often has a compressor, this can lose its refrigerant as well.

“This is the same principle in terms of what happens under the bonnet of your car, in that the air-conditioning system can lose its refrigerant, this could be a total escape of the refrigerant due to a failure with some of the components.”


We can recharge the air-conditioning on a wide range of different brand car brands, for example you might own a Seat car, you might own a Skoda vehicle,  you might own a Volkswagen, and you require the cars air conditioning system to be recharged? We can work on any make car, that’s to say our mechanics at our garage, can recharge the air-conditioning on the car irrespective of which brand vehicle that you drive.

This is quite different from some other garages, which sometimes only work on one brand of car or a selection of brand vehicles, instead our mechanics are well-versed on working on a huge range of different car makes and models, which means that we can recharge the air-conditioning system for you, and we offer competitive rates at our family run business.

Pressure test

Our mechanics, at our garage, can pressure test your car air con system, this is important to see if there are any faults with the cars air conditioning system.

Air-conditioning repair

Sometimes larger problems can occur, that’s the say a car might require more work than just recharging the air-conditioning which can be a straight-forward task, however instead what could occur is a sometimes a mechanical problem with the air-con system, for example a problem with the pulley for let’s say that the pump on the air-conditioning is not working correctly, this will require more labour to correct and may require more parts, we therefore offer a full range of car repair and this includes repairing all makes and models air conditioning systems, that’s offering to recharge or “re-gas” the system, right through to fixing compressors.

Car’s electrical faults

Sometimes the mechanics of the air-conditioning system can work perfectly, yet an electrical fault might be preventing the system from working as it should, this could be because of something so simple as a loose wire, ranging through to a fault code that has developed on the ECU, this will need our mechanics attention and our diagnostic equipment, so we can therefore accurately also fix electrical faults with a wide range of different cars.

Car diagnostics

We offer car diagnostics, we also work on a wide range of cars, we can run diagnostics on any make or model vehicle.

We can fix your cars air conditioning in Cardiff

As you can see, regardless of the fault your cars air conditioning has, our friendly mechanics can repair the fault for you.

Why not give us a ring, to book your car in today?





It can sure be confusing to some car owners which car servicing option they require, after all, when you are presented with some garage websites, they sometimes automatically assume that you know whether you require a “major service”, “interim service” or perhaps a “full service”?

Then prior to your booking, you may get various other options, such as selecting from “mineral oil”, “fully synthetic” or “semi-synthetic oil”– so the sheer volume of servicing options, well, can be sometimes overwhelming to some.

So, as you can see, for some car owners, the huge range of servicing options, well can be rather confusing, and what can compound this even more is the fact that the list of servicing options is becoming even longer at some garages, as cars change how they are powered, with for example, various options for hybrid vehicles, and sometimes also “upgrade options” where extra items are added to the list for an additional fee.

Therefore what you might want instead is to instead opt for a friendly and family run business like ours, which will spend the time with you recommending which servicing option you may need. This is why so many car owners in Wales come to use because we offer great prices, and high-levels of customer service.

So, whether you drive a city car, that has a hybrid electric system, or you simply drive a powerful sports saloon, that has a large V12 petrol engine and produces huge amounts of horsepower, we can offer the right servicing option for you, regardless of which car you drive.

From prestige, to everyday run arounds, our friendly mechanics each day work on servicing a huge range of diesel, petrol, electric and hybrid cars, as well as also LPG converted cars as well.

What exactly is “interim servicing”?

A lot of car owners will instantly know what a “engine oil, and oil filter change is”, and know why this is so important to carry this out as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, that’s to say as per how often the car should get serviced.

However, when some car owners are flicking through the owner’s manual, well, they may see that the manufacturer also recommends “interim servicing”, say for example, after say so many miles have been covered.

But what does interim servicing mean?

Well, some car owners can carry out a lot of miles every year, so as you can imagine this car cause more wear on the car’s components.

This means, manufacturers often state how often the car should get serviced, in terms of a major service, and interim service, therefore the car should be serviced as per what the manufacturer stipulates.

What’s included in the “full car servicing” that you offer at your garage?

As you would expect, with different vehicles, the manufacturer will specify which car parts should be serviced or replaced after so many miles or will stipulate a time-frame when they should be replaced, and this should be followed.

Therefore, a small petrol car may have a totally different service interval, and also list of items that need servicing when compared to say a large V6 performance saloon.

You can always talk to our friendly team, who can advise you as to costs, when you would like your car serviced here in Cardiff, South Wales.

Why is it so important to get items like the cars air filters, engine oil and engine coolant changed as per the car manufacturers guidance?

Under the bonnet of car are various components that work very hard every time you turn the ignition on, that’s regardless of whether the cars diesel, hybrid-electric or just petrol powered.

From the pistons to the cambelts, through to the engine oil, that’s job is to lubricate the engine, this is why as a car owner you should get your car serviced as per the manufacturer’s guidance as to “service intervals”. Also, certain car parts will be stipulated as to when then should be changed, for example, the car manufacturer will stipulate when the timing belt should be changed, so these items should be replaced as per the manufacturer’s guidance.

Therefore, because your car, and all the various car parts work so hard, it is important to keep on top of your servicing and also get car parts replaced as per the manufacturer’s recommendations or of course, when needed.

I need a garage that will service my car using good quality car parts, can you offer this?

Our friendly management team will be on hand to explain to you exactly which car parts we can supply, in terms of the various car part brands that we use at our garage.

For example, it’s not uncommon at all for a car owner to want to know which brand of engine oil we will use, during say a routine engine oil change

Our team can therefore offer all manner of car servicing, yet, we are also on hand to answer any queries that you might have.

Does your garage service hybrid vehicles?

We most definitely do, hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular, that’s to say here in Cardiff there are now many cars that have a petrol and also an electric engine.

These cars can range from a small city-cars, right through to very large sports utility vehicles.

Our mechanics can service hybrid-electric cars, whether you drive a Toyota, Lexus or perhaps a Mitsubishi? We can service your car for you, here at our independent and also family run company here in Wales.

For a no-obligation quote for car servicing, for engine oil and filter changes, through to carrying out a “major service” on your car, why not give us a ring?