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We can service any make or model car. Our garage is located within Cardiff.

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We offer competitive prices for servicing many different makes and model vehicles.

Car servicing

Car servicing is regular maintence work that should be carried out to keep you automotive vehicle in good running order. Having a regular service on your vehicle can reduce the risk of breakdown, keep the vehicle running efficiently and maintain it’s value. The Service schedule is indicated by the vehicle manufacturer service schedule generally found in the vehicle handbook some modern cars has this log as a digital service record stored within the vehicle’s onboard computer. Service history means the records are updated and logged after each service on a vehicle. Cars have a service light/Service indicator to remind drivers of the need for regular car servicing. These records are helpful in identifying when the last service was completed and what type of service it was. The service can increase fuel economy and help avoid costly car repairs allowing you to save money in the long run. There is no legal requirement to have your car servicing completed however it is a legal requirement to keep the vehicle’s condition in a roadworthy state. A service can range from a basic oil + filter change to a Full service. In this article we will guide you through what to expect.

Types of car services

Car Oil and filter change

Recommended every 6 months or 6,000 miles. An oil + filter change is the most basic type of service, Quite simply it is where the old engine oil is removed from the engine along with the oil filter and replaced with new consumable parts. Engine oil keeps all the parts lubricated and the car running smoothly. All commercial vehicles have inspection logs and dipping the oil is one of the checks to know the vehicle has enough oil in it. The dip stick located under the bonnet of the vehicle can give a good visual indication of the condition of the oil. If it is a golden colour then the oil is fresh, the darker and thicker the oil the higher the necessity to get it changed. Engine oil can be topped up by the oil filler cap under the bonnet of a vehicle. Topping up when low to keep the oil within the working limits of the engine will keep the car running. However if your oil is black it is recommended that you get the oil + filter changed. All of the engine’s oil is drained from the vehicle, a new filter is fitted then the vehicle is filled up with fresh oil. If topping up the oil yourself please consult your owners manual for the car to make sure the correct oil is used for you vehicle as not all oil is the same.

Car Interim service

An interim service consists of an oil and filter change, and checks on all the major car parts, an interim service is often completed 6 monthly and should not replace the cars annual service. The interim service covers checking of parts like: Tyres, Brakes, Clutch, Steering, hoses and pipes.Changing engine oil and filter checking for oil leaks along the way. Having a professional mechanic check over all the things that could possibly develop to a costly issue further down the line.

Car full service

Every 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first is generally when a full service would take place. Like the interim service a full service benefits from our 52 point visual inspection health check. This covers checking the condition of, Spark plugs, Exhaust system, seat belts, exterior lights, windscreen washers, wiper blades, brake fluid, coolant, auxiliary drive belts like the fan belt and timing belt/chain, check exhaust system. The interior is checked for damage to the pedals, warning lights on the dashboard and that any visual indicators inside of the car are operating correctly. The air conditioning is checked and advisories given if there are any issues. The tires are checked for tread wear, the brakes are checked pads, calipers, discs etc. The car is checked under neath whilst on the ramp for any corrosion, the joints are inspected, Wheel bearings, Fuel pipes, hoses and connections checked for leaks. The Vehicle Checks and top ups of steering fluid, oil change are completed on both interim and full service types. Other car maintenance work that require replacement parts like brake pads, air conditioning regas will be done at an advised extra cost.

Major service

How Much Does a service cost?

Service costs vary dramatically from vehicle to vehicle, this is largely impacted by the costs of vehicle manufacturer parts from dealers for different cars. Engine size can have an impact as a Maserati 4.2l engine holds around 15 litres of oil by comparison to a fiat 500 holding around 4 litres. Give our staff a call with your car registration number and vehicle mileage and we will be able to give you an accurate cost over the phone. If you have your service history with you when calling we can identify what was done last and what service will likely be due.


Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd our mechanics service a wide range of different cars.

For example, we can service family saloons, right through to high-value prestige vehicles.

We can offer to change the oil of your vehicle and we can also offer a full service.

Our garage is located just off Newport Road, why not call us to arrange your car service from us today? Just have your vehicle registration number ready for us to give you a quote.

Vehicle Servicing

For Car Servicing Cardiff, any make or model car, for a quote why not call us to book your car service on: 07717752134

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    We can service any make or model vehicle

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    We offer competitive prices

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    We can also offer to replace or repair your car’s brakes and exhaust

  • Cardiff

    Our garage is located within Cardiff

We can service any make or model car

We can offer full servicing, interim servicing and also just to change the oil of your vehicle

You can rest assured when you use our garage that we will use high-quality engine oils, as well as high quality air filters and oil filters.

Our highly skilled mechanics can service any make or model vehicle

We can therefore service high performance cars, prestige vehicles and also every other type of car such as a city car for example

We can service diesel and petrol vehicles as well as also hybrid cars

We offer very competitive prices to service any type of car, to book your car in for a service, why not give our garage a ring in Cardiff today

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