There are some car parts that work extremely hard every single time that we drive our car’s.

For example, brake pads and brake discs incur huge amounts of friction, and therefore this generates heat. Then theres the engine itself, which has large stresses imposed upon it every time we turn the key, and therefore quality engine oils should always be used.

You also have other items within your car, which work equally as hard, such as the cars clutch, that every time you use a manual gearbox, the whole clutch system including the “friction plate” will be working hard to help you to change gear’s smoothy.


Does your car’s clutch need replacing?

Regardless of the car brand, or the make of the model of the car that you drive, you may start to experience the clutch becoming worn. It doesn’t matter if the car is relatively new, or an older car, a clutch may need replacing at anytime.


Ultimately you should get your car’s clutch checked over by a qualified mechanic

Our best advice is, if you think that your cars clutch needs to be replaced, or you simply want to get it replaced as per the manufacturer’s specification, then you should talk to a reputable garage, such as Automotive Cardiff Ltd.

As with a number of other car parts, if you leave getting the cars clutch replaced until the very last moment, then it can sometimes cause even more car parts to become damaged, this may mean because maintenance has been delayed, that more damage has been incurred, therefore the labour and parts bill may be higher.  

For example, a heavily worn clutch might go onto wear out other parts such as the cars flywheel sometimes.

Here are just some of the signs that may indicate a clutch needs to be replaced:

“Clutch judder” (juddering from the clutch peddle when you are finding the “biting point”)

One of the most common signs that a clutch is worn, is when the clutch shudders, this is often referred to as “clutch judder”.

This is often felt when you are moving through the gears, especially into first gear from a stand-still.

The clutch is slipping

Another common sign is the clutch needs replacing is when it’s actually slipping, you may experience this especially if you are starting the car on a steep gradient, if the clutch is slipping then you definitely need to get clutch replaced.

The clutch peddle biting point is much higher

You may notice that the “biting point”, that’s the point when the clutch engages with the flywheel, you may notice that the biting point becomes higher, this is another tell-tale sign that the clutch needs to be replaced.

Harder to move smoothly between gears?

Ultimately whichever car brand that you drive, the gearbox should allow you to change through the gears quite smoothly, allowing you to transition up or down the gears with minimal effort.

However, if it becomes difficult to put the vehicle into gear, or to simply change gears then this could be sometimes because of a worn clutch.

How can I extend the life of my cars clutch?

Sometimes a driver will cause huge stresses on the cars clutch through their driving style, such as “riding the clutch”, or just simply through harsh acceleration which can cause the cars clutch to become worn in a much shorter period of time as opposed to a using more gentle driving style.

Here are some recommendations for helping to extend the life of your clutch:

More gentle driving

Quite simply put, driving more gently can help to decrease the wear on the cars clutch, for example if you are changing through the gears more smoothly, and using less acceleration then this can help to prolong the life of the clutch.

Do not ride the clutch

You may see a lot of drivers “riding the clutch”, this simply means sometimes at the traffic lights, some drivers will have the clutch engaged, with the car’s accelerator revving at the same time, this causes increased strain on the friction plate, and a huge amount of stress on the rest of the clutch, which is not needed when the car is not moving-  therefore a smooth engagement of the clutch, and gentle acceleration is far better way to extend the life of your cars clutch.

Avoid harsh acceleration

Harsh acceleration can simply cause increased stress on the clutch and the engine.

Avoid using the clutch with excessive acceleration

Sometimes some drivers build up the revs excessively, while also easing the clutch in, if this is done under harsh acceleration, then this also will increase strain on the clutch.

Mechanical sympathy

A phrase we like to use a lot at our garage is “mechanical sympathy”, you may hear some mechanics use this phrase a lot, it simply means that the driver should have acknowledgement about not just how they are driving the car, but how they are using the components while they are driving.

With a little knowledge about how the car’s engines components work- often the driver will have more sympathy for how hard the car parts are working, and therefore want to extend the life of these car parts, by driving the car in a more gentle driving style.

Ensure that your garage replaces the clutch with quality car parts

One way to ensure that you get better life out of your car’s clutch, is to quite simply use a garage whereby the mechanics are using quality clutch kits and not cheap clutch kits.

Cheap or low-quality clutches will often wear out in a much shorter period of time.

Are you looking for a garage within Cardiff that can replace your car’s clutch?

If you are looking for a garage in Cardiff, which employs highly experienced mechanics, and you need your cars clutch replaced, then why not give us a ring?




It is absolutely essential that as responsible drivers, we frequently check our cars brakes through asking a qualified mechanic to check how effective our cars brakes are.

A car’s brakes are a component that we should not ever take for granted, that’s because if our brakes become excessively worn, then this can seriously impede the effectiveness of a cars brakes, this can also cause undesirable consequences, such as the car pulling to one side under braking or the braking system simply being ineffective.

When you combine this with our country’s wet climate and driving conditions, it becomes even more imperative that we, as car owners make sure that we are driving a vehicle that is roadworthy, but also that the brakes are kept in good functioning order.

Therefore many car owners require a local mechanic, that’s who they can trust can look at the car’s brakes, on a regular basis to ensure that they are kept in good condition.

How do my car’s brakes work?

Different cars have different braking systems, for example some vehicles will have “drum brakes” fitted to the back of the car’s wheels, combined with disc brakes and brake pads fitted to the front.

However, what is more common on more modern vehicles, is to have “disc brakes” and brake pads fitted on all four wheels.

On high-performance vehicles, where it’s important to have much greater breaking performance, you might find some higher value vehicles have what are called “carbon ceramic brakes”.

Drum brakes

Drum brakes simply work by having two shoes, which then move in an outward direction causing friction onto the “brake drum” when the brake lever is applied, this then helps to slow the rotational speed of the wheel.

Brake discs

A brake disc and brake pad work on a slightly different system, in that a brake pad is made of a special compound which causes friction, this is once applied to the brake disc.

You have to think of the brake calliper as a kind of clamp- which when the brake fluid is applied to close the clamp, this applies pressure of forcing the brake pad onto disc, which in turn slows the rotational speed of that wheel.

Now, when you think about the forces that are being exerted onto the cars brakes, and the amount of friction and heat that is being caused as a by-product of slowing the wheel, you can begin to see that these parts can become worn.

Checking how effective your brakes are does need to be carried out by a qualified mechanic

For example, checking the reservoir on your car to see how full the window washer fluid is relatively simple task that most people can do, you simply lift the bonnet and you can see the window washer levels, however, it’s much more difficult to see how worn a brake pad is, that’s unless you are experienced in carrying this task out, this is why you should go to your local mechanic, that’s to get your car brakes checked on a regular basis, and if you are unsure whether you need your car brakes replaced or repaired, then you should check a qualified mechanic.

All car brands welcome

At our garage we welcome all car brands, it’s also fair to say that regardless of the make or model of the vehicle, it’s imperative that you get your car brakes checked on a regular basis.

For example, you might purchase a car which has relatively low mileage, but you cannot take for granted that the brakes are in good working order, that’s unless they have been checked by a qualified mechanic.

This is because brake pads, brake discs and other brake parts wear depending on the drivers driving style, for example a brake disc and brake pad may last sometimes longer for some drivers if they do not carry out harsh breaking, however, when compared with a driver which is used to fast acceleration and harsh breaking, well, this will wear a set of brake pads and brake discs out relatively quickly.

Therefore, even if you purchase a used car, that has hardly any mileage, you cannot ever take for granted that the brake pads or brake discs are in good working order, that’s unless they have been checked by your garage and a qualified mechanic.

Disc brakes, drum brakes and carbon ceramic brakes we can replace them all

Different cars have different braking systems, some have much more complex computerised systems which allow for the wheels to more effectively brake under emergency braking conditions, yet most braking systems fall into three categories, and they are “carbon ceramic brakes”, disc brakes and also drum brakes.

We are able to service and repair every different type of brake system

Brake pad replacement

Sometimes the car owner will put off attending their garage to get their brakes checked, however this can sometimes lead to you incurring a more expensive bill when you do take your car to the garage sometimes. That’s because sometimes the brake discs and brake pads will need to be replaced together, however, if you had attended your local garage for a brake check earlier, then it might be the case, sometimes, that only the brake pads need to be changed.


“Now, some car owners, which are having their brakes checked more regularly, it might sometimes be the case that just a brake pads need replacing, which would mean that it is less expensive to carry out this work that having brake discs and brakes changed”.


However, because some car owners leave it too long to get their car’s brakes checked, the metal discs can sometimes become heavily worn, pitted and sometimes heavily rusted, so therefore these need to be replaced as well, which would mean more labour and more parts costs.

Brake pad and brake disc replacement

At our garage we are able to replace the brake pads, and brake discs on any make or model vehicle, therefore we can change the brakes on VW’s, Seat’s, Skoda’s, BMW’s, Aud’si, TVR’s, Aston Martins, and many more cars we can change the brake pads, and brakes discs.

Are you able to repair braking systems?

Sometimes a more complicated problem can occur with some braking systems, for example, the metal lines which contain the brake fluid may become corroded sometimes, this may mean you have a problem with the entire braking system, which means that our mechanics need to spend more time rectifying the problem.


What you can be rest assured of is that we will offer competitive prices to repair any vehicle.

Are you able to perform a brake check?

It often takes our mechanics a relatively short period of time to check your car’s brakes, we can therefore offer this brake checking service at our garage within Cardiff.


Why you should think of your car’s brakes in the same way as you think of your car’s tyres

Sometimes, some car drivers only consider their tyres on the vehicle as the main part which wears and gets worn down as they drive the vehicle.

However, this is not the case, in order to ensure that your car is properly serviced, and roadworthy, you have to consider your cars brake pads, brake discs, the whole braking system, as well as also other car parts which can become worn and need to be replaced.


There are also other components which wear and will need to be replaced also, as per the manufacturer’s specification.

We can repair hydraulic leaks in the braking system

Some cars they may incur a “hydraulic leak”, to the brake system, we are able to repair this at our garage.

We can repair drum brakes

Some cars have “drum brakes” all the way around the vehicle, however more typically drum brakes are used on back of a vehicle, and disc brakes at the front, we are able to repair drum brakes.

We can repair disc brakes

The most common type of braking system is to have “brake callipers”, “brake pads” and “brake discs” we are able to repair this system on any make or model car.

We can repair ceramic braking systems

Fitted to some higher performance cars, such as sports cars, you may have a “carbon ceramic braking system”. We are able to repair or replace this system.

We can also repair A.B.S, (Anti-lock Braking Systems)

A lot of cars are equipped with “anti-lock braking systems”, however sometimes the systems can incur problems, and therefore need diagnostic equipment to analyse what the fault code is, therefore allowing us to repair the problem.

Wide range of manufacturers

We work on a wide variety of vehicles each and every week, this can range from very large 4×4 vehicles, right through to sport utility vehicles and small city cars.

High-performance braking systems

Sometimes a braking system on a car will be working perfectly well, yet with that said, the car owner may want to replace the cars discs and callipers and brake pads to a much higher performance braking system, and we can help you to achieve this.

A local garage in Cardiff

If you are looking for a reliable garage within Cardiff, that has highly skilled mechanics, which can repair your car’s brakes, then why not give our business a call today?




There are many different items that we own, that will require regular servicing, so for example this can range from central heating boilers that heat our home’s, right through to our bicycles for example that may need the brakes adjusted from time to time.

And where many of us lead very busy lifestyles, that’s to say often we work full-time, these tasks might get put off to carry out another day.

However, we would strongly advise that you do not delay or put off getting your car regularly serviced when your car needs servicing. Whether your car requires a full service, engine oil changed or an interim service carried out, this should not be delayed.

Make sure your car is serviced as per the manufacturer’s specification

The reason for this is without a regular service carried out on your car, that’s to the manufacturer’s specification, you could be causing your car’s engine and other components on your car to become excessively worn, which could sometimes be prevented sometimes by carrying out a service.

Each engine will have different service intervals, so if you are unsure how regular to get your car serviced, we would highly recommend speaking to a local and reputable mechanic.

For example, you may purchase a used car, yet then not get the car serviced for quite a while, it is therefore possible that the engine oil could be running low, or the engine oil used is not suitable for that model car, so it causes engine damage.

For example, the previous car owner may have changed the oil themselves, using the wrong specification oil, which sometimes can do considerable damage to an engine. So, if you are also unsure as to the service history of a used car you have bought, for example how long ago the engine was serviced and the engine oil changed, then we would highly recommend talking to a mechanic.

Equally, you might delay getting your car serviced for quite a long period of time, which might cause the air filter to become obstructed, the engine oil to run excessively low, and also the coolant might also be running low on the vehicle. So, getting your car serviced at the regular intervals, is important.

As everybody knows, these components, such as the engine oil, air filter, engine oil filter, all need to work perfectly, that’s if you are to correctly help maintain the engine.

Engine coolant running low, or engine oil running low could cause a total engine failure for the engine, so this is why regular engine servicing is so important.

Which types of car servicing does your garage offer?

The main types of servicing that we offer at our garage are “interim servicing”, “oil changes and oil filter changes” and also to carry out “full servicing” for any make or model vehicle.

For example, somebody who carries out large amount of mileage may want us to carry out an “interim service” on their vehicle.

On the whole, most vehicle owners ask us to carry out a “full service” on their car, sometimes some customers ask us to carry this out, when they visit us for getting their car prepared for an M.O.T inspection.

This way when the car is on our ramp, at our garage, our mechanics can carry out a full service after they have carried out an inspection of the vehicle to prepare the car for its M.O.T. This means when you having car repairs carried out to your car, we can straightaway then start to carry out a full service, an oil change or an interim service.

Having your car serviced, also allows our mechanics to check other areas of your car, if you instruct us to do so.

Often cars are in daily use, so often the car owner does not want to be left without a vehicle for any great length of time.

Therefore, when you are having your car serviced by us, it also provides an opportunity for you to ask our mechanics to check other areas of the car that you may be concerned about.

For example, you may have noticed that the clutch on your vehicle feels different, you may ask our mechanics to check the clutch on your car.

Alternatively, you may have heard a strange sound from the car’s exhaust, that’s whilst driving in the lower gears, you may therefore wish to ask our mechanics to check your car’s exhaust.

Alternatively, your car’s brakes may not feel that responsive, so you may ask our mechanics to check the brake discs, the brake pads, and also other components that relate to the correct function of the brakes.

Therefore, when you are having your car serviced, you can discuss with your mechanic other areas of the car that you may want repaired.

However, it is worth emphasising the point that if you have any queries relating to the performance of your car, or any repair work that needs to be undertaken, you should not delay having your car inspected straightaway by an experienced mechanic. This means if any repair work needs to be undertaken to your car, then you should consult with a mechanic straightaway.

Yet having your car serviced also allows your mechanic, if you instruct them to do so, to check other components while working on your car. If you have any doubt as to if any parts need repairing or replacing, then you should immediately contact a mechanic, that can help you with this work.

Would you like to get your car serviced by us?

We can carry out servicing on a wide range of different vehicles, for example, we can carry out a full service on high-performance vehicles such as TVR cars, we can also carry out servicing on many other makes and models of cars.






When certain components on a car become worn or damaged, sometimes it is obvious to the driver of the vehicle that repair work is needed straight away.

For example, a car’s exhaust that has become damaged, perhaps because of a hole in the back-box of the exhaust, can sometimes be clearly heard by the driver while they drive along the road.

Also, if the engine oil is running low on a vehicle, the driver might sometimes immediately be informed via a light that appears on the dashboard of the car on certain vehicles.

However, if a car’s clutch becomes worn, well, this can sometimes be less obvious sometimes, for example it might sometimes start with a slight juddering as you drive off in first gear in some cases.

In other instances, it might be clear that the clutch does not work, as the car will not engage into gear. Yet often the wearing of a clutch can sometimes be less obvious for some drivers.

However, it’s crucial that if your clutch is showing signs of fatigue and needs to be replaced that you consult with your local mechanic in order to get this work carried out.

If you are unsure whether the clutch needs to be replaced, why not call our garage, this is so we can carry out an inspection to see if the clutch needs to be repaired, replaced or simply adjusted.

How long does a car’s clutch last?

A car’s clutch needs to be considered differently from other components within your car. For example, you may have got into a form of routine of getting your car serviced at regular intervals as per the manufacturer’s specification.

So, for example after so many thousand miles, you may have your car’s engine oil changed, and also the oil filter changed for example or you may want a full service carried out on your car after so many miles.

However, with the car’s clutch, how long the car’s clutch lasts is very much dependent on driving style of the owner of the vehicle. If somebody has a driving style where they gently use the accelerator and clutch when driving off, then this driving style is likely to increase the lifespan of the clutch.

However, if the driver is instead used to harsh acceleration, and also revving the car excessively while also rising the clutch especially say at traffic lights, then this can cause more stress on the clutch which can mean that it will last less longer. Also, carrying trailers, caravans or just heavy loads within the car can also place greater strain on the clutch.


“If a car is rapidly accelerated from a standstill on a regular basis, this type of driving style can increase the stress that is placed on the clutch as well”.


Therefore, how long the clutch lasts is very much dependent on the driving style of the particular drivers and owners of that vehicle.

If you have therefore just purchased a used car and you want to have the car looked over by our mechanics, then you may wish to ask them to look at your car’s clutch as well.

For example, you may ask your garage for a brake check, you may also ask them to check the car’s clutch at the same time? A good mechanic will be able to tell you whether the clutch will soon need replacing or not.

It is the “friction disc”, that’s the part that takes the stress of the clutch being regularly engaged and disengaged, if you have had a driver that has placed great stress on the clutch, then it may need to be replaced in a relatively short period of time.

Therefore, sometimes if a used car has a really low mileage, let’s say the car has only covered say 20,000 miles, this does not necessarily mean that the clutch will be fine, because it is entirely possible that the clutch sometimes becomes excessively worn even after a few thousand miles of use, and that’s sometimes because a previous driver might have caused excessive wear due to their driving style.

Therefore, it is important to contact a reputable mechanic, such as the mechanics at our garage at Automotive Cardiff Ltd to see if your cars clutch needs to be adjusted, repaired or completely replaced.

Our garage has experience of working on a wide variety of clutches that are fitted a wide range of car brands. This means, we have fitted new clutches to VW’s, Audi’s, Mercedes BMWs, we have also fitted new clutches to Skoda’s, TVR’s, classic cars and also many other brands such as Nissan’s, Toyota’s and also many other vehicles for example. We can change the clutch or repair the clutch on any make or model car, as we employ highly experienced mechanics.

“Therefore, whichever brand or model vehicle that you drive, we will be able to replace your car’s clutch and we will aim to do this in the most cost-effective manner”

If your car’s clutch therefore needs to be replaced or repaired, or perhaps adjusted then why not contact our business today?




There are certain parts of a car’s engine that unless replaced when required, or replaced to meet the car manufacturer’ specifications, the owner of the vehicle will run an increased chance of incurring serious mechanical failure.

Now, your window screen wash running low, well, that’s just a mere inconvenience in terms of needing to be topped up when it runs low.

That’s to say on the way home from work, you may notice that you see a rather bright warning light on your car’s dashboard to tell you that the “screen wash” need’s to top up.

Therefore, it may only take a few seconds to top up the screen wash reservoir- so this is a simple fix for the car owner to rectify.

That’s to say, a simple lift of the car’s bonnet, add the screen wash to the reservoir and its done.  

However, there are other components relating to the engine that if ignored or not replaced, then this means that when they do go wrong they can sometimes cause catastrophic engine failure. Your timing belt is such an item, and one that should not be ignored if it needs replacing.

That’s to say when a timing belt or it “cambelt” as it is sometimes referred, does go wrong, this can sometimes lead to very high bills for the car owner.

This can be caused because of the large amounts of labour that are sometimes needed when a cambelt fails, and causes damage to the cars engine.


Therefore if the cambelt needs replacing, then this should not be ignored. You should talk to your mechanic to gain a recommendation as to when the cambelt should be changed.


What is the cambelt?

Quite simply put on a lot of modern engines will have a cambelt, which is simply like a very large rubber band, it’s construction is very basic and once removed from the engine can look like a relatively low value car part.

However, it’s function is very important indeed, it is therefore a very hard-working item, that is fitted to your car’s engine.

If the item is not regularly replaced at the designated intervals, or replaced once it becomes damaged then a car owner could incur a high bill from some garages when it does fail.

Most cambelts are made mostly from rubber, so it is possible that the cambelt becomes worn.

For example, bearings in the pulleys fail causing excessive tension on the belt, or simply a misaligned pulley may cause extra tension on the belt which causes it to snap.

When you think of freezing temperatures, and at the opposite end of the spectrum boiling hot summer days, you can see the extreme weather conditions also this engine component has to operate within, so if worn it can easily snap.

Have your timing belt / cambelt replaced today


High bills that can sometimes be incurred because a timing belt snaps and other components within the engine can also become damaged at the same time. This is why it’s absolutely crucial that the cambelt is replaced at regular intervals. If you are unsure when you last had your timing belt replaced, or you have simply purchased a used car, and are unsure when it was last serviced, then why not talk to our mechanics to see if they recommend the timing belt is replaced?

We can take care all your cars servicing requirements

It doesn’t matter if you drive a rather expensive sports car or an everyday city car, most engines are now driven by a “cambelt” that will need replacing at designated intervals.

This does depend on the make and model of your vehicle, so if you are unsure you should consult with your mechanic who can look at the cambelt and recommended it needs replacing. Thats to say most cars have a cambelt, so it doesnt matter if you drive a Skoda, VW, Seat a BMW or any other make of car, if the engine uses a cambelt also known as a timing belt, then this needs to be replaced as per the manufacturers specification.

The garage may also ask you to bring in your cars service records, this is just to gain an idea of when the cambelt was actually last replaced on the vehicle.

We don’t just replace cambelts, which are sometimes referred to as “timing belts”, we can also take care of your cars servicing, for example we can offer engine oil and engine oil filter changes, as well as full servicing and also interim servicing as well.


High-quality car parts are always supplied

It has been known for car owners to purchase a used car, then not to gain an understanding of when the cambelt was last replaced, for it then subsequently fail a few days or weeks later.

Therefore, if it is unknown when the cambelt has last been replaced, we would recommend consulting with a mechanic, so they can recommend if the belt needs replacing.

If, however you have owned your car quite a while, and you know when belt was last replaced, you can tell this to the mechanic, and he will be able to consult with the recommendations made by the manufacturer to specify when the cambelt should next be replaced. For example, the manufacturer may say that the timing belt should be replaced after however many miles for that model car.

Obviously if you are travelling and clocking up more miles, then a timing belt will need to be replaced at more regular intervals.


Why should I get my cambelt or timing belt replaced as a priority, and why this should not be delayed?

A cambelt and a timing belt can be relatively inexpensive to replace when operational and working as it should, however if this component was to fail, then the labour charge on repairing the engine can sometimes be very considerable, as often multiple other car faults will occur when the cambelt fails.

This is why it’s always better to prevent the belt from failing, your mechanic can also examine the engines pulleys to make sure that the belt can move freely.

Does your car need to be serviced?

If you would like your car to be serviced within Cardiff, then our mechanics, and our garage can offer all manner of car servicing, to book your car in for service, why not give us a ring?




Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd we are great enthusiasts of all Italian cars. We especially like the Alfa Romeo brand for the impressive style of the companies cars, as well as all the impressive handling and performance of Alfa Romeo’s.

Often described as a true “petrol heads car”, they are a brand of car which quite simply makes brilliant sports cars.

Here at our garage, we have worked on all models of Alfa Romeo over the years, ranging from Alfa Romeo Spider’s through to the very luxurious Stelvio.

When we talk to Alfa Romeo owners, we often find that they have a true passion for driving, which is what our business owners also share.

We are therefore able to build a rapport and a relationship with our customers, which means that they often return to our garage each year to have their Alfa Romeo prepared for an M.O.T inspection or simply to have their car serviced.

Our family run business, which is based in Cardiff, sees Alfa Romeo car owners return to us as they know we offer a high-quality service.

Quality service


Alfa Romeo owners that come to our garage know that we take great pride in every aspect of our work, and we offer a cost-effective service as well.

Whether you own a Giulietta or a Brera or perhaps you own a high-value and classic Alfa Romeo, we can help you at Automotive Cardiff.

All Alfa Romeo’s welcome

Here at our family run garage we have a workshop which is centrally based in Cardiff, our garage is near the busy Newport Road. Our garage has also invested in modern diagnostic equipment, as well as highly experienced mechanics which work for us.

This means whether you would like your brake discs and brake pads changed, alternatively you may well be simply coming to us for a full service, we offer a truly high-quality service when you pick our garage.

Sports cars  

We really do enjoy servicing and also offering repair services to all sports car owners. Many high-performance car owners, such as owners of high-value TVR’s, Maserati’s, Alfa Romeo’s come to us because we offer a truly professional service.

As soon as you talk to our highly experienced mechanics, you will know that they are highly capable team and we able to deliver a first-class service.

Quality car servicing (Full service, interim service, engine oil and oil filter change)

Whether you own a Giulia or perhaps you own a Spider or Giulietta, we are able to offer affordable car servicing.

Many car owners regular come to us for engine oil and filter changes or for a full service or perhaps for an interim service.

Some Alfa Romeo owners come to us with a rare classic Alfa Romeo’s that they would like serviced prior to enjoying the car on a long road trip that they have planned.

The twisty roads of some of Wales great driving roads means that Alfa Romeo owners can enjoy the fine handling of the car, while listening to great exhaust noises that are produced by the powerful engines.

Our mechanics have worked on a vast range of different sports cars and also high-performance vehicles, so you can rest assured that when you leave your car with us, that we will offer a top-quality service.

Brake pads and brake discs

We can offer to replace or repair the brake pads and brake discs on any make or model of vehicle.

If you have an Alfa Romeo that you would like the brakes replaced upon, then why not give us a ring?

Exhaust systems

Alfa Romeo’s are renowned for high-quality performance engines; therefore the car owners often want to hear these great engine’s as they drive along a country road, or let’s say through a tunnel. Therefore, you might want your car’s exhaust system repaired, we can offer to replace your cars exhaust, that’s irrespective of which car brand or model that you drive.

A local garage,

We offer a reliable garage, that you can return to each year in order to enjoy a high-quality service.

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly family run business.

If you own an Alfa Romeo and you would like your car to be booked in for a service or possibly to have the exhaust or brakes repaired or replaced then why not give us a ring?





We truly are big fans of the Maserati brand, the style, the elegance of a Maserati is something to be admired. Whether you own a Ghibli, Levante, Quattroporte or perhaps a rare classic Maserati that you love so much it has its own heated garage at home? You truly own a car from a car brand that’s admired right across the World.

And Whether you own a practically brand-new Ghibli or perhaps you are an owner of a Quattroporte that you’ve enjoyed owning and driving to work for a long time now, you will agree that a Maserati is a true driver’s car in every sense.

From the impressive design of all the Maserati’s through to the great sounding engines that produce a roar of power, a Maserati is a very enjoyable car to own and to drive on twisty roads here in Wales or simply to enjoy while driving down the motorway.

Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd, we are able to help you by offering to service your Maserati, alternatively perhaps you would like work undertaken on your car, for example changing the brake discs and the brake pads?


Friendly team

Whether it’s the initial call that you make to us, or while you are discussing what work you would like undertaken with one of our friendly mechanics, you will receive a friendly and highly professional service from us, that’s from start to finish.

We therefore have many returning customers that return to our garage every year for their annual service or perhaps to prepare their vehicle ready for an M.O.T inspection.

Alternatively, you may have just purchased a used Maserati online, and you would now like us to perhaps to change the brake discs and brake pads and to carry out a full service as well?



All Maserati’s are welcome

Whether you have recently bought a Maserati Ghibli or perhaps you have owned a Maserati Quattroporte for a very long time, we will be able to help you with your car’s servicing requirements.

Perhaps you would like your cars clutch, brake pad and brake discs changed also, perhaps you would like other work undertaken on your car then we can help.

With a highly experienced team, here at our garage we are able to offer a professional service and we aim to repair or service any car as swiftly as we can.


Modern and classic cars most welcome

You may own a much cherished and perhaps rare Maserati, you may keep your Maserati safe in your heated and purpose built garage here in Wales?

Alternatively you may only Maserati that is perhaps only a year or two old? We are able to work on all Maserati models, that’s new and old.

Whether you own a classic, rare or a Maserati that’s much more modern we can help.


“Whether you own a high-value and rare classic Maserati or perhaps you own a car that is relatively new we will be able to help”


Perhaps you would like to bring your car to us for a full service or perhaps you’ve just bought a used Maserati online and you would like our team to give the car a once over, that is in order to see if we would recommend that any work is possibly needed on your used car, then we can help.

Maserati owners also come to us in order to prepare their vehicle for their annual M.O.T inspection.

You can therefore see that our garage is able and equipped to work on all Maserati cars both new and also old. Whether they are a rare classic vehicle or a car that just requires the engine oil changed as you are planning on a long road trip through Europe, we can help.


As with any high-performance vehicle it is imperative that you regularly check your car’s brakes and brake pads, as well maintaining your car in good condition. You may also want to have your car reguarly serviced and we can help you with that also. 

At our garage, here at Automotive Cardiff Limited, we always use high-quality car parts, so whether you require an oil change on a Quattroporte, that’s before you take it on a driving tour around some Europe’s great driving roads, or perhaps you would like your brake pads and brake discs changed on a Maserati Levante, quite simply put we can help, why not call us today?






It’s imperative that the brakes on our cars function perfectly- this is especially so now winter is upon us and the roads are more icy and slippery at this time of year.

This is why car owners should have their car brakes regularly checked by a highly skilled mechanics.

Perhaps it might just be the brake pads that need replacing, or sometimes your brake pads and brake discs will need replacing as well?

Whatever your car requires in terms of repair work we can help. If your car requires new brake pads, discs or just a brake fluid top-up we can help.

Many car owners also upgrade their cars brakes with us, that’s to say some car owners want a much higher performance braking system installed by us. Therefore, many car owners come to us, not just to get their car brakes fixed, they also come to us when they want to upgrade their brakes to say a high-performance set of Brembo brakes that might be fitted to say a high-performance Nissan for example.

Some of these vehicles that we work on are sometimes high-value track day cars and some or are simply high-performance vehicles that the car owner wishes to upgrade the entire braking system on. We therefore work on a wide range of different cars, yet we can always offer reasonable costs of for upgrading or replacing your cars brakes.

We can replace or upgrade the brakes on all types of cars, this means we can work on all makes and model of car, including:

·        Prestige vehicles

·        Your more common cars, such as saloons and city cars

·        Large 4×4’s

·        Hybrid cars

·        Fully electric cars

Our mechanics can upgrade or replace any brakes or any brand of vehicle, we can therefore offer you a free no obligation quote.

We are now going to explain within this article how we can help you to upgrade or replace your car’s brakes.

Do your brake pads need replacing?

Sometimes a car will only need its brake pads replaced, our friendly mechanics will be able to explain whether the brake pads need replacing or if the brake pads and also the brake discs will need replacing. It often only takes us a few minutes when your car is on our ramp to see whether the pads need replacing, or the brake discs as well.

Some garages do specialise in servicing and repairing just one brand of car, for example, they must just work on VW cars, however what makes our garage slightly different from some other garages, is that we frequently carry out work on a massive range of different vehicles.

For example, one day we could be changing the brakes on a hybrid electric vehicle, the next week we might be changing the brake pads on a high-value classic car, we simply therefore can work on any brand of car. From installing a set of Brembo brakes on a performance Ford, through to putting a new set of brake pads on a city car, we can repair, upgrade and replace brakes on a huge variety of cars.


What is important is that you have your brake pads and brake discs replaced by a highly experienced mechanic, and that’s exactly what our garage can offer.  



High-performance braking systems (Brembo Brakes)

Sometimes a car owner will wish to upgrade the whole system braking system to a much higher performance braking system completely and to just get rid of the old brakes. Our garage frequently installs Brembo braking systems on a wide range of cars, for example we have installed Brembo brakes to many performance cars, modified cars and also saloon cars.

Our mechanics will therefore be able to spend time with you explaining which braking system that we would recommend, our mechanics can therefore supply and fit performance brakes as well. We have fitted Brembo brakes on Maserati’s, TVR’s and many other cars, such as modified Nissans.

Whether you have a track day car, that you wish enjoy just on the weekends or perhaps you have a much-cherished classic car that sat in a heated custom-built garage, and you wish to upgrade the cars brakes to a braking system which offers higher braking performance, simply put we can help.


We have upgraded the braking system on rare Nissan cars, right through to replacing brake pads and discs on mass-produced saloon cars, we are able to offer competitive quotes whatever brand car you own.


We can offer you many different options when you choose our garage.

Brake repair

Like most working components on your car, it’s not just the brake discs, calliper’s and pads that often need replacing, braking systems on some modern cars can be an intricate and sometimes very complicated systems.

We are able to also replace and repair your braking system, our modern state of the art diagnostic equipment, which includes fault code readers, will be able to connect with your car’s ECU.

When our modern car diagnostic equipment connects with your cars ECU, regardless of which car brand that you drive, our highly skilled mechanics can start to read fault code(s) that your car might be displaying.

For example, you might have a fault code that is informing us about a problem with the cars braking system, that our mechanics can immediately start to repair. You may also have several other faults, yet sometimes the cars dashboard may only be showing one fault code such as a sign of a spanner, which is just the visual display sometimes used to mean there’s a fault with the car or sometimes many.

If you have such a fault, then we would recommend that you call us, we can even offer to collect your car from you.

Brembo braking systems

Many car owners, especially sports car owners and high-performance car owners come to us for our mechanics to fit Brembo braking systems. Brembo brakes are renowned around the world for offering high-quality braking systems, our mechanics can fit these braking systems to your vehicle.

Car Brake and Car Servicing

Having your car off the road for any length of time can sometimes be a big inconvenience to the car owner, so when you are having your brakes adjusted or replaced, our mechanic’s will aim to repair your car as quick as we can.

Why not think about having your car serviced at the same time?

We can offer a range of car servicing options, for example, you may want a “full service” carried out on your car, an “interim service” or perhaps you would like an oil change and oil filter change carried out on your vehicle?

Therefore whether you own a high-performance racing car, or an everyday vehicle that is just used to go back and for the supermarket, we have the mechanics that are able to service and also repair any vehicle.

Therefore whether it is the brakes, your car’s clutch, car servicing or perhaps another type of car repair that is needed, we can offer a cost-effective solution, and we aim to turnaround your vehicle as fast as possible.

Our investment in state-of-the-art car diagnostic equipment, also our highly trained mechanics mean that we are able to repair your car in a short period of time. Our garage will always liaise with you to give you timescales for when we think we can repair your car, we aim to repair your car as fast as can.

Quality brakes and quality car parts

Regardless of the brand car that you drive, whether it be a luxury saloon, or perhaps just a car that is not intended for the road, and just intended for motorsports, such as drifting or perhaps track days, we will be able to repair and also offer to supply high-quality car parts.

It’s fair to say that some garages will use the cheapest car parts possible, however, when you come to our garage, we can often offer you a number of choices in terms of car parts and you may wish to opt for. We are highly committed to using quality car parts, for example we regularly install high-performance, and high-quality Brembo brakes, which is testimony to the quality of the car parts that we can supply and fit for you.

To get your vehicle’s brakes checked, or replaced, why not give us a ring?






Regardless of the make or model car that you drive, all cars will require servicing.

Many car owners therefore ask us to carry out a “full service”, “interim service” or just an engine oil and oil filter change on the vehicle. We offer very competitive prices, plus our garage and mechanics are located just off Newport Road, Cardiff, so our garage is very easy to find.

“We service a wide range of cars, this ranges from high-performance cars sometimes only used for track-days, right through to your everyday small petrol engine cars, our mechanics are therefore well versed in servicing a wide range of cars”

At our garage we will only ever use high-quality engine oils combined with high-quality car parts. We never compromise on the engine oil that we use, when a customer asks us what engine oil does our garage recommend, we always say Shell Engine Oils, these oils are high-quality and are used in many high-performance engines.

Also, our highly experienced mechanics are able to repair or service a wide range of different car brands. Unlike some garages we do not therefore just specialise in servicing or repairing just one brand of car, we can service and repair many different brands.

When you visit our garage therefore, you will see our mechanics working in different bays servicing and repairing many different cars. For example, we often have high-value rare classic cars, we also have saloons, hybrid cars, executive diesel cars, modified imported cars and much more- our mechanics are therefore sought after by car owners far and wide to service and carryout car repairs.

For example we regularly carryout:

·       Clutch changes

·       Brake pad and brake disc changes

·       DPF repair

·       Electrical car faults

·       Exhaust changes

Car servicing

Whether you drive a large diesel engine car, a petrol engine car or perhaps even a hybrid we will be able to service your vehicle.

Many car owners use our garage simply because they know that we use quality engine oils and quality parts. Therefore, at our garage we service a huge range of cars, ranging from rare TVR cars, through to your more common everyday saloon cars.

At our garage you might see a rare TVR car getting serviced, and that might be right alongside say a hybrid electric car, so we work on a wide range of cars.

High-levels of customer service

We pride ourselves on offering high-levels of customer service, we therefore strive to service your car as quick as we possibly can. Just take a look at our many five-star customer reviews on Google.

Many of our customers have their car serviced by us while their vehicle is with us for car repair work.  

For example, a car may be in our garage for a routine brake pad and brake disc change, yet when the car is with us on the ramp, and our mechanics that are working on the vehicle, may service the car as well, if the customer asks us to. This can help you to save time.

This makes good sense, that’s because the car owner has not got to go through the inconvenience of arranging a separate date to get their car serviced.

Therefore, when a car is being repaired at our garage, we can also offer car servicing as well, so if you would like is to carry out an interim or a full service on your vehicle we can at an affordable price.

Our mechanics can recommend which oil we can use, which oil filters we will use, and we can also offer you a free estimate on whether any other work is needed, such as changing the cars brakes, brake pads, clutch or perhaps to change the DPF?

We also offer to just change the oil and oil filter if required by the customer.

We offer many car servicing options

We can offer many different servicing options, here are the servicing options that our garage offers.

Full service

Many customers opt for the “full service” option, we can therefore carry out a full service on any make or model vehicle. For example, we frequently carry out a full-service on Volkswagen’s, Audi’s and also other manufacturers such as Skoda and Ford vehicles.

Therefore when you visit our garage, there is often a wide range of different car brands which we are servicing.

“All different makes and model vehicles are welcome at our garage, we do not specialise in just servicing any one type of car, we service all makes and model cars”.

Interim service

We can carry out an interim service on your vehicle, for example a lot of vehicles that are used for work purposes, or vehicles which simply travel a vast amount of miles per year, often require an interim service.

Our garage also offers interim servicing.

Oil filter and oil change

We can also offer to change the oil filter and the oil in your vehicle. We use high-quality engine oils such as Shell Engine Oils.

High-quality service

Whether you drive a prestige or high-performance car like a TVR, or simply drive an everyday saloon vehicle, we will be able to carry out a high-quality service of your car.

High-quality engine oils

We only use high-quality engine oils, we always use high quality oil.

High-quality car parts

Whether it be air filters, oil filters or other car parts such as the engine oil, you can always rest assured that we will use the best quality parts.

Different car brands

Many different cars come to our garage, ranging from large engine diesel vehicles, right through to hybrid vehicles that combine electric power and also petrol engines.

We do not specialise in just one brand of car, we service and repair a wide range of different car brands.

Highly skilled mechanics

We employ highly skilled mechanics at our garage.

Why not give our garage a call today?

Free quotations, why not give us a ring?




If you are looking for a local garage to get your car repaired or serviced, then simply choosing a local garage from the amount of car garages on Google can seem overwhelming.

That’s to say, in a capital city like Cardiff there are so many garages and local mechanics to choose from.

There are your mobile mechanics, right through to very large garages that may service and repair everything from a small van, right through to large trucks.

Some garages may even specialise in servicing and repairing just one brand of car, however far more common are the garages which repair a wide range of different brands and model of vehicles.

Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd we have highly experienced mechanics that work for us, our mechanics can repair and also service any make and also any model of vehicle.

Therefore, whether you drive a Volkswagen, Audi, or let’s say at perhaps you drive a Skoda or Seat vehicle, we will be able to help you at our garage. That’s because here at our independent garage we repair a wide range of cars, that’s from very large engine diesel 4×4’s through to SUV’s, right through to say a city car that has a 1.0 petrol engine.

We can therefore repair any brand and model car, for example, if you are looking to have a Mercedes, or let’s say a TVR serviced, then why not call our garage? We welcome all car brands at our garage.

We run an independent garage, our workshop and our mechanics are located just off the busy Newport Road, which is within central Cardiff, South Wales.


We can offer a wide range of vehicle repairs

When you visit our garage you will see instantly that we work on a wide range of different vehicles, for example, in any one working day on our ramps we might be working on replacing brake discs and brake pads on let’s say a large 4×4 vehicle.

Then in another bay, we might have let’s say a high performance car, that we are working on, therefore our mechanics are well-versed in working on a wide range of different engines, that’s to say we often work on hybrid, diesel and also electric cars.

We also offer very competitive prices, whether that’s just to change the engine oil in your car, or perhaps your car has a larger mechanical problem such as let’s say a problem with the car’s exhaust and DPF?

Many car owners, right throughout the city of Cardiff trust our mechanics and our garage simply because we offer very competitive prices and honest advice.


All car makes and models welcome

We welcome all car brands makes and models here at our garage, we service and also repair a wide range of cars, in order to offer you an estimate, why not give our garage a ring today?


Does your garage repair and replace car brakes?

One of the more frequent tasks that our mechanics carry out is to replace brake discs and brake pads.

For example, we frequently change the brake pads and the brake discs on many cars that are brought to our garage, and you may even wish to bring your car to us so that we can prepare it ready for its M.O.T inspection?


Is your car’s instrument panel displaying an engine warning light?

Sometimes some customers come to us and say that a warning light has been on their vehicle for quite a while, however, we would never recommend delaying getting your car seen to by a mechanic if a warning light appears on the dashboard of your car.

That’s to say, we would recommend that you immediately contact a reputable garage, like Automotive Cardiff Ltd in order to rectify the problem and for the garage to use a “fault code reader” in order to understand what is wrong with the car.

For example, delaying taking your car to your local mechanic may mean there may well be a mechanical problem that can become worse if it is not immediately seen by your local mechanic.

That’s to say a warning light can appear sometimes on the instrument panel, or let’s say on the LCD screen of the car, yet the warning lights may not elaborate on what the fault is.

This is why it’s so important to take your car to a local garage, sometimes the car owner will need to phone the garage before taking the car to the garage, and sometimes the garage will recommend that the car is not driven any further and is collected instead by the garage.

That’s to say our mechanics can dispatch a vehicle recovery van, in order to take your car to our garage so that we can repair it for you.


Can you replace my car’s clutch?

Another very common task that our mechanics carry out is replace a car’s clutch, for example a lot of car owners will sometimes know prior to the car’s clutch becoming unusable, that it will need to be repaired or replaced.

This is why many cars are brought to our garage, that’s in order to have the car’s clutch repaired or to have the clutch removed and replaced.


My car has a “DPF problems” can you repair this?

Your car may have a “DPF problem”, that’s to say this DPF problem may even mean that your car goes into what is called “limp mode”.

A lot of car owners sometimes see “limp home mode”, or “limp mode” display on the instrument panel of the car.

Sometimes this is supplemented with the information that there is a “DPF problem”, DPF problems can be fairly common, so if your car has a DPF problem, then why not call our local garage today?


My car has a suspension problem, can you help to repair this?

Due to the amount of potholes, and uneven roads, it is common today for a car to have suspension problems that are caused by the car hitting a pothole for example.

Therefore, if your car has any kind of suspension problems, then why not call our mechanics?


Does your garage and mechanics offer car servicing?

Another common reason why car’s are brought to our garage, is because the car requires engine servicing, therefore if you are looking for “car servicing garages” why not call us today?


We are now going to explain the different types of car servicing that we can offer you:


Can you carry out a full service on my car?

One of the most frequent types of car servicing that we carry out, is referred to as a “full service”.

A full engine service is often carried out on many cars that are brought to our garage, this is especially when any repair work needs to be undertaken, or the car is being prepared for an MOT inspection.

That’s because a lot of customers prefer to have a full service carried out on their car, while the car is being repaired or prepared for it’s M.O.T inspection, as this can limit the inconvenience to the car owner, as they do not need to go back to the garage to have their car serviced at another time.

Instead the car can be serviced, and it can be repaired or prepared for it’s M.O.T inspection at the same time as having say a full engine service, or a interim service, or just an oil change.

This can minimise inconvenience to the customer, as they will be having the engine serviced at the same time as having engine repair or car repair work undertaken.

When you choose our mechanics, and also our garage, you can rest assured that we will use high quality engine oil.


Can you carry out an interim service on my car?

A lot of car owners will do a lot of mileage per year, for example, some workers will commute quite a distance to work, and therefore they might travel a lot of miles per year.

Also, some vehicles sometimes are used for work purposes, and therefore will tend to have a much higher mileage. Car owners which travel higher mileages sometimes come to our garage in order to have an “interim service”.


Can you just change the engine oil and oil filter on my car?

Perhaps you would just like the engine oil changed on your car?

If you would like your engine oil changed, then why not call our garage today?


Where is your garage and mechanics based?

Our mechanics are located in Cardiff, just off Newport Road.


Do you also repair prestige and high-performance cars?

We also repair prestige and high-performance cars, for example if you own a TVR motor vehicle, and you are looking for a car garage that can repair TVR cars then why not give us a ring?


Why not give us a ring today?

Why not give us a ring today, we can offer you an estimate on how much it will cost for car repairs in Cardiff.