For some car owners, we may take our cars for granted- that’s to say whether it’s nice and warm outside, or anything is frozen, we often expect our cars to start, every time and to work as we would expect.

However, for that to happen all of the cars different engine parts and other components need to work correctly, and for that to happen garages, like ours need to carryout regular maintenance of many different types of cars, in order to protect the car from increased wear, and also to help improve efficiency.

So, why is engine oil so important in particular?

Well, if we could see on the dashboard of our car, on the LCD panel how our cars engines work  each time we drive, we would be rather impressed, as they sure work very hard.  

For example, within our engines we would see pistons moving, turbos circulating and the engine rotating to produce power.

Now, as you would expect, with all that power, and rotation of the pistons, these causes friction, and as a by-product heat- so to help keep an engine lubricated, we need engine oil.

This is why engine oil, whether its in a 1 litre petrol car, on in a 3.1 V-6 engine, our cars engines, whether diesel or petrol need oil. And not just any oil, a cars engine needs a quality oil. This is why its important you use the right garage, like ours, which will offer quality car parts, such as oil filters, and which always use the right quality engine oils.

So, is all engine oil the same?

The simple answer is no, there are many different types, for example there’s synthetic, mineral oil, just to name a few, then there’s the additives that are added to some oils as well, this is to help with preventing the oil from breaking down as fast. Then there’s the all-important viscosity of the oil.

So, no not all engine oils are the same, the engine oil used in say a modern BMW engine, with start / stop technology, is going to need a totally different type of oil for say a classic car that what built in the 60’s.

The price of engine oil, well that can differ massively as well, from your cheaper options which may cost say £10.00 a litre, to highly engineered oils, which are designed for say a high-performance racing cars and can be very expensive. But as any good garage will tell you, ours included, its always worth buying top quality oil, as its absolutely crucial in helping your engine to run correctly.

Then there’s engine oils designed for certain engines, so, this might be for diesel engines, petrol engines, engines with start / stop technology and also hybrid engines. Yet, sometimes oils are designed for certain car brands as well, and this is important too, as some car manufacturers will only recommend a certain brand of oil.

Why should I regularly check my cars oil level?

Its so important to stay on top of your car maintenance, that’s to say, whether your car needs a full service, interim service, or lets say just an oil change, its crucial that this work is carried out when its needed. Yet, even if your car is not due a service, you should still be checking fluid levels, such as the engine oil level, as if this runs too low for example, well, the engine could simply overheat, seize and the resulting damage can sometimes be so large, that some garages, in some instances might say that the car is uneconomical to repair- so this is why engine oil, and servicing of a car is so important.

Should I be asking the garage which engine oils they use?

We would say yes, most definitely, for some car owners, they might think, well, it’s a garage, they can take care of changing the engine oil, but we think you should still be checking a quality brand of oil is used on your car.

Cheap engine oils we think are a false economy, instead what you want is a quality oil, the exact oil that your car manufacturer specifies.

Make sure you check your cars service history

It’s a good idea to check your cars service history, and make sure you know when the next service interval is, that’s whether the car needs an interim service, full service, or just the engine oil filter and oil replaced, we can help.  

So if your looking for garages in Cardiff that offer car servicing, why not book your car in with us?



Engine oil is an essential component in most cars, and it needs to be replaced regularly, that’s as per the manufacturers specification, thats in order to keep your vehicle running smoothly. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of why its important to change the oil in your car.

The first step in changing your oil is determining when an oil change is needed.

Many vehicles have a “maintenance records”  or a “service history” that this may tell you when it’s time for an oil change, typically this is based on mileage or time elapsed since your last oil change.

Yet with that said, there’s loads of other reasons why the engine oil might need changing, such as repair work has been carried out, and the mechanic needs to change the oil.

Once you know that you need to replace your cars oil, you should give us a ring and get your car booked in.

We will start by positioning your oil drain pan under the oil drain plug on your car, which is typically located on the bottom of the engine. Then, we use a socket set or spanner to remove the oil drain plug and allow the engine oil to drain into the pan. We can dispose of the oil correctly for you.

Once all of the engine oil has drained from your cars engine, we will the put back the oil drain plug, which is a bolt and we will tighten it securely. Next, our mechanics will locate your oil filter and remove it using a tool designed for taking off oil filters.  

Finally, we will add new quality engine oil (synthetic oil, part synthetic oil, mineral oil, to your car until the full line is reached on your dipstick.

Once your car has enough oil, we will replace the oil dip-stick and start your car to check for any oil leaks.  

What does oil viscosity mean?

Oil viscosity is a measure of how easily the engine oil flows. The lower the viscosity, the more easily it flows. The higher the viscosity, the more slowly it flows.

You can find the viscosity of your oil by looking at the label on the oil container. A lower number means a lower viscosity and a higher number means a higher viscosity.  

So if you want to keep your engine running smoothly, it’s important to choose the right viscosity of oil for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for high performance or long-lasting protection, there is an oil out there that will suit your cars engine, and only use what a mechanic or the car manufacturer has recommended.  

Oil is very important  

Oil is one of the most essential components of your car, it has a vital role in ensuring that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Oil lubricates moving parts in your engine, and helps to reduce wear and tear over time.

Additionally, oil helps to keep your engine cool by removing heat from the internal components, which is critical as without it the engine would seize.

To maintain optimal performance of your vehicle, it is important to regularly change your oil and perform other routine maintenance tasks like checking tire pressure or replacing worn-out parts. Its important to get your car serviced, when required.

Old oil  

Old oil can even affect the efficiency of your car. This means that over time, oil breaks down and becomes less effective at lubricating your whole engine. This can lead to increased wear and tear on your engine, which can decrease fuel efficiency as well.  

What is fully synthetic Oil?

Fully synthetic oil is a type of oil that is designed to meet the specific needs of a lot of modern engines.

Unlike traditional oils, which are a blend of different base oils and additives, fully synthetic oil is made from a single chemical compound, making it highly efficient and ideal for use in high-performance engines, this doesn’t mean that any fully synthetic oil can be used, you still need to use the right oil for your car.

Synthetic oil can help improve engine performance by reducing friction and wear between engine parts. It also helps to protect an engine against overheating.

Part Synthetic Oil

There are different types of oil, including conventional oil, synthetic oil, and part synthetic oil.

So, what’s the difference between these types of oils?

Synthetic oil is made from chemicals that have been artificially created in a lab. Part synthetic oil is a mixture of both conventional and synthetic oils.

Do you change the oil on high performance cars? 

Engine oils are designed to withstand high temperatures,  they are also formulated to protect against wear, corrosion, and deposits.  High performance oils typically have a higher viscosity than conventional motor oils, we can change the oil on any type of car.


Every single time that we start the ignition on our cars, there are a large number of car parts than are all working hard to enable the vehicle to function and drive the way we want it to.

For example, if you own a car that has a combustion engine, then there are a large number of parts, such as pistons, cylinder heads and turbos which are all working to help propel the vehicle forwards.

However, cars require regular maintenance, and if this does not occur, then it’s possible that in a worst-case scenario that engine failure occurs.

This sometimes means, for example, if an engine runs how on oil, and seizes, that the car becomes uneconomical to repair, if it has incurred, then this means sometimes major damage has been incurred to the car.

For example, without engine oil, the car parts can become so hot, they actually seize, which can mean that the engine might be written off.

This is why it’s crucial that you service your car, as per the manufacturer’s specification.

You should therefore ensure that your engine oil is correctly topped up, and changed as per the manufacturers recommendation.

Does your car have an engine oil leak?

You should never ignore an engine oil leak on your car.

If you were to delay getting your car looked at by a mechanic, then this delay could mean that your engine loses so much engine oil, that it runs so low, then this could cause a large amount of engine damage.

So many car owners within the city of Cardiff come to our garage, simply because they know we offer competitive prices, on car servicing. This includes changing engine oils.

We always use quality car parts, and we aim to offer high levels of customer service

Therefore, a lot of people come to us because they know that if they want their engine oil changed, that we will always use good quality oils and car parts.


It’s important to use really good quality oils,  and that the oil is the right type for your engine.


Using the wrong engine oil, can also cause large amounts of damage to your car also, so if you are unsure which oil to use, make sure that you talk to your mechanics at your garage, to ensure that you use only the right engine oil.

For example, some engines might need a fully synthetic oil, where with some other engines the manufacturer might actually recommend a mineral oil is used for example. There are many different types of oil.

Another common oil type is semi-synthetic oils.

Each car will therefore require its own type of engine oil, and you should talk to your mechanic about which oil you should use in your car.

All cars are welcome


At our garage, we see many different brands of car come to us every single week for a service. For example the cars that we work on can range from large SUVs, right through to rare Italian classic cars that are high-value.

Leaving engine oil in your car for too long can cause increased engine wear


As any mechanic will tell you, if you leave all engine oil in your car for too long, it loses its ability to protect the engine as well.

The oil can pick up deposits from the engine, which mean that it is less effective in helping to protect the engine. Therefore, this is why it’s so important to get the engine oil changed as per the manufacturer’s specification.

Leaving the oil within the vehicle too long, can also cause the oil to break down, and this means that the engine will incur more wear.

It’s also important that you make sure that the engine oil is topped up to the correct level.

If your engine oil runs to low, is entirely possible that the engine will incur major damage, it could also seize.

Free quotes

We offer free quotes.


It’s really important that whichever car brand you drive, you get your vehicle serviced as per the manufacturer’s specification. Whether it’s a classic car, or a modern petrol hybrid engine, it will require a service.


We offer servicing on all car brands.

For example, from high-value classic cars, right through to sport’s utility vehicles (SUV’s), we can offer to service your car at a competitive price. Plus, we also offer the full range of car servicing options, therefore you might want to bring your car to us for an interim service, oil change or a full service? All car servicing options are offered at a very competitive price, for a no obligation quote, why not call us?


About us

We are a local garage here within Cardiff, we have serviced many diesel cars, petrol and also hybrid vehicles of all brands. We offer competitive prices, that’s regardless of which car brand you drive, you can also rest assured that we only ever fit quality car parts, plus we have very experienced mechanics, so why not book a service with us today?

This article will also explain the we offer other services as well, which a lot of car owners have carried out at the same time when their car is being serviced with us.


Is your car due a service?

If your car is due service, then why not bring it to our garage? We offer high levels of customer service as well as excellent prices.  


Why not call us for a no obligation quote?

Whether you drive a small petrol engine car, or you own a SUV, we can service any type of vehicle.


Do you know that we also re-gas and repair air conditioning systems as well?

A lot of our customers come to us for car servicing, and at the same time the ask us to re-gas or sometimes repair an air conditioning fault. This means just before the hot weather finally arrives here in Wales, we can offer to fix your car’s air-conditioning.


Do you want to get your car serviced before your summer holidays?

If you’re planning on going on a holiday while also taking your car, then you might be planning on doing a lot of driving? If so, a lot of people bring their car to us to get a car service prior to taking the car on a holiday.

Of course, it’s really important that you get your car serviced as per the manufacturer’s specification, so whether you’re going away on holiday or not, you can also be rest assured, that here at Automotive Cardiff, we can offer you great prices on car servicing, as well as any repair you that you might need?


Here’s just a same of some of the other services our garage can offer:

–        Car repair on any brand of car

–        Diesel, petrol and hybrid cars welcome

–        Fully electric car repairs

–        Servicing

–        Brake repair

–        Brake replacement

–        Brake upgrades

–        Exhaust replacement

–        DPF repair and replacement

–        And much more.


Do you own a classic car?

Perhaps you own the classic car, it might be a very high value vehicle, such as a TVR or a classic Maserati, we can offer to service your car at a competitive price.

So, whether you own a rare Italian classic car, or a British vintage car, whichever car you drive, we can offer to service it for you. We have a large amount of experience repairing, restoring and servicing classic cars. Our mechanics can therefore help to fix any brand of classic car.

So, if you own a classic car, and it’s been gathering dust in your garage for some time, and now needs extensive work, then we can help. Equally you may have a vehicle that’s in brilliant show room condition, and just passed its MOT, all you need is for the car to be serviced, and we can offer that too.  


Top quality service

We offer a top-quality service, that’s whether you’re coming to us for a full nut and bolt restoration of a classic car, or just an engine oil and filter change, we offer high levels of customer service.

Plus, from the engine oils we use, through to the car parts, such as fitting a brand new clutch, we always use good quality parts.


So why not book your car in for a service with us?

Therefore, whether you drive a classic car, an executive saloon, or a hybrid vehicle, why not book your car in for a service with one of our mechanics?



The Maserati Levante


It’s clear to see why the Maserati Levante’s is such a popular model. As soon as you sit inside, you can see by the impressive interior, comfortable seats and the great design, why this is a car which has received so much praise.

Is also a great car to drive, with fantastic handling and performance, that’s whether you own a diesel or petrol engine fitted to your Levante.

We very much like the combination of infusing Maserati’s strong styling, into a new and impressive design of Maserati.

We are now going to explain how our independent and also family run business can help you if you need your Levante serviced.

We don’t just run offer car servicing, if your Levante needs any type of work, for example you might want the cars brakes replaced then we can offer to do this work for you. We can even collect the vehicle from you, and offer a quote to do this.

From the very point which you call us, you will see that we are committed to offering our customers very high levels of customer service. We have very friendly team members who can book your car in, we combine this with highly knowledgeable mechanics, and also offering competitive prices.

The high levels of service that we offer at our independent garage, we hope will mean that you return to us for any servicing work you might need on your Maserati in the future.

We can offer car servicing, for Maserati Levante and also other models.


Whether you are a own much loved classic Maserati, which you only choose to drive on the weekends, or you own an ultramodern diesel Maserati, that use on a daily basis for long drives on the motorway- we will be able to offer you servicing at a very competitive price.

We are an independent business, we do work on all makes and model cars, however we have experience of servicing many Maserati Levante’s and other models of Maserati as well.

Oil changes

Perhaps you just need the engine oil and filter replaced on your Lavante? If so we can help.  


Interim servicing

A lot of the Maserati Levante’s that are brought to us, sometimes do the huge amount of mileage per year, simply because they may well be company ownerd vehicles that may be drived by say the companies director.

Therefore, it’s important that you get your Maserati Levante, serviced as per the manufacturer’s specification. We can offer interim servicing, oil changes, and to carry out a full service on your Lavante.


Both diesel and petrol engines welcome

One of the reasons that the Maserati Levante is so popular is because it offers the option of a petrol or a diesel engine. A lot of our customers tell us how powerful these engines are, and great performance that they get from their car.


Do you need the brakes replaced on your Maserati Levante?

You may need to get your brake pads and also discs replaced? If so, we can offer you a competitive quote.

Perhaps you are unsure whether you need your cars brake pads or discs replaced? If so, our mechanics can offer to check this for you, and recommend whether the work is required or not.


High levels of customer service

We have received a huge amount of positive feedback from our many customers. We are pleased to say that a lot of the Maserati owners that come to our independent garage, often then return on a repeat basis.

That’s because we aim to offer friendly customer service, we use quality car parts, and we are an independent garage.


Why not call us for a quote today?

Do you own a Maserati Levante? If so, if you require your car to be serviced, whether that’s just to change the engine oil, or to carry out a full service, or even an interim service, then we can help you.


Maserati’s are true driver’s cars, offering impressive performance, however like with all combustion engine vehicles, the car should be serviced as per the manufacturers specification.

We can therefore offer to service your Maserati Ghibli, we offer very competitive prices, regardless of which engine type you own.

We are an independent garage, we are based in South Wales

We are established, independent garage here in South Wales, we can offer car servicing across all car manufacturers.

We also can also offer car servicing, for any Maserati model, irrespective of whether it’s a modern or classic car. Therefore if you require a basic service, such as only having the engine oil and filter replaced, then we can offer this- right through to offering a full service.


We can even collect from you

We can even collect the car directly from you, sometimes the Maserati owner, will prefer to have the car collected from their home or a place of business. We can arrange for one of our team, to come and collect the Maserati from you, and bring the Maserati to our independent garage for a service or a repair.


We can service any Maserati model

We see a wide range of Maserati’s that are brought to our garage for servicing, ranging from very rare, and also high-value classic cars, right through to your ultra-modern cars which are on a 2021 registration plate.

We therefore have experience of working on a wide range of different Maserati vehicles, which includes petrol diesel models.


We can service your Maserati Ghibli

The Maserati Ghibli is a very popular model, that offers great performance, we can offer to service your car for you.

Whether you own a Maserati, and you are driving tens of thousands of miles every single year, and might need say an interim service, or your car is simply due for a full service, we will be able to help you, and offer competitive prices as well.

Our customers often comment, how great our service is,, how competitively priced we are, and how we go the extra mile to make sure that we offer our customers the best possible customer experience that we can.

We are therefore independent garage which is located in Wales, however we find that we have customers coming to us from further afield.

For example, a Maserati owner in Bristol, in The South-West of England, might bring their car to us, because of the fantastic service that our business offers, and the competitive prices, so we do see car owners, sometimes travel distances to use our garage.

We can also offer other services, such as brake pad and disc replacement

Are your brake pads due to be replaced?

Do you need to brake pads and discs replaced?

Whichever Maserati model you drive, we can offer to replace the brake pads, and discs at a competitive price.


Competitive prices

We offer very competitive prices- whether that’s to service your car, to replace the brakes, or to repair your vehicle.

Why not call our garage today? We can offer you a free estimate?






Here at Automotive Cardiff, over the years we have serviced many Maserati’s, from Levante’s right through to Qyattroporte’s.

At our garage we also see a lot of repeat business- that’s simply because we make sure that we work hard to offer good customer service at our independent, and family run company.

Our customers often therefore return to us, for car servicing or any car repair work that they might need- that’s because, here at Automotive Cardiff, we aim with every customer to offer the best service we possibly can.

So, whether you just need the oil changed, as your planning on taking your Maserati on a long drive during your holidays, or you would like extra work, such as having the brake pads replaced, we can help.

All Maserati cars are welcome at our garage


Sometimes rare classic Maserati’s are brought to us at our garage, and also, at the same time, our mechanics might be working on a Masterati that are very modern.

This means that our mechanics, such as James, has a lot of experience servicing these high-performance sports cars at our garage, whether its a classic Maserati, or a very modern Maserati, such as the MC20, we welcome all models to our garage.

So, if you own a Maserati, why not call us? And we will aim to get you booked in with one of our mechanics as soon as possible.

Is it just car servicing that your garage offers?


We can also offer car repair services, such as brake pad and disc replacement, why not call our garage to see if we can assist?


Why should I bring my Maserati to you?


We see a lot of repeat business from Maserati owners, not just local car owners, that live in say South Wales, but also Maserati owners from much further a field.

We also use quality car parts, as well as offering very competitive prices.

So whether your a Maserati owner here in Cardiff, or you live a bit further away, such as in Bristol, why not call us for a quote?

We can even collect the car from you.


Rare Maserati’s are welcome

Here at Automotive Cardiff, we can service any Maserati, this means, whether own an ultra-modern MC20, or any other model of Maserati, we can offer you a competitive price.


My Maserati’s brake pads and discs need replacing, is this something that you can help with?


Yes, we don’t just offer car servicing, if you would like us to, we can also offer to replace your cars brakes.

For a quote, we would just need to know which model Maserati you have, so why not give us a call, for replacing your Maserati’s brake disc and pads?


How much will a full service cost?


Servicing costs vary, it depends on which model Maserati you drive, and the type of service you want.


Why not give us a quick call?


Do you carry out interim servicing on Maserati’s?


Yes we do, for a quote, why not call us?


I just need the oil and engine oil filter replaced on my Maserati, is this something you can help with?


Yes, we most certainly can, we can replace the oil, and filter on any model Maserati.


My exhaust needs replacing can you help?


We also offer exhaust repair or replacement, so if there’s a problem with your Maserati’s exhaust, why not call us?


My car will need collecting, is this something you can help with?


We can collect your Maserati from you, this is another reason why a lot of people use our garage, as we can collect the car from your home or place of work.





Here at Automotive Cardiff  Ltd, we have experienced car mechanics which have worked on a wide variety of TVR cars. We have therefore repaired and serviced TVR Tuscan’s, through to working on many Chimaera’s and also Tamora’s.

Our mechanics have worked on most TVR cars, and have a huge knowledge of both classic TVR cars, and the more modern vehicles.

We also offer very competitive prices, for servicing, and also car repair work, such as brake pad and disc changes, exhaust or clutch replacements.




Whether you just require the engine oil and filter to be replaced on a TVR, or you need a full service carried out, our garage will be able to assist, as well as offering competitive prices.


Brake disc and pad, drum brakes, brake repair


Often our customers come to us, as they know, James and the team here at Automotive Cardiff have an intricate knowledge of all TVR models, from fixing brake issues, right through to more complex work, such as diagnosing and fixing gearbox issues that may have occurred.

Therefore, here at this garage, we don’t just offer car servicing, we can also fix more complex problems that may have occurred with your car.

So, whether your planning a drive around the South of France, and therefore need a full service on your classic TVR, or perhaps, you would like us to do other mechanical work, such as replacing the cars clutch? We can help.

You can be rest assured that we offer very competitive prices, this is why so many TVR car owners travel from far and wide, for our mechanics to work on their car, as they know our garage, here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd, has a huge amount of experience repairing and servicing TVR cars.

You do have some garages which specialise in just servicing and repairing classic TVR’s, yet, at our garage, we work on all models, from the very rare TVR Grantura’s through to Tuscans, we have experience of working on all models of TVR.


 Customer service


Here at Automotive Cardiff, we see a lot of TVR owners return to our garage every year, thats because, we have a strong reputation for offering good customer service, and charging competitive prices.

We also offer a service, where we can collect your TVR from you, we understand, that for some customers there might be a fault, which means the car cant be driven to our garage. This is why, at our garage, we can collect the car from you.



Our garage is situated in the city of Cardiff, yet, we find that sometimes our owners travel great distances to bring their TVR to us, from The South West of England, to much further afield. That’s because, after a conversation with us, you will know, that here at Automotive Cardiff, we have very good knowledge on how to repair to service any model of TVR, whether its a Tamora, Tuscan or Sagaris.


TVR car repair


Whether you need the clutch replaced, a new set or brakes, or the exhaust needs completely replacing, we can offer you a competitive price to repair or to service your TVR.

Here’s just some of the car repair services that our garage can offer:


  • Car servicing
  • Oil changes
  • Full service
  • Interim service



TVR Tuscan

We have experience of servicing, as well as repairing many TVR Tuscans here at Automotive Cardiff. You can be rest assured, that whether your bringing your car in to us for a service, or car repairs, we always use good quality car parts.


TVR Chimaera

Another popular TVR is the TVR Chimaera, with its great design, and high-performance engines, this is a true drivers car. If you own a TVR Chimaera, and you are looking for a garage which offers servicing, and also repairs TVR’S, then, why not write us an e-mail, or call our garage today?


All TVR cars welcome, both classic and modern

Whichever TVR you drive, we are an independent garage which can help you, whether you need the clutch replaced on a Tamora, or you want a full service on a TVR Grantura, we can offer you high levels of customer service, we always use quality car parts, plus, we offer very fair prices, so why not call us today?





At our independent family run garage, we have experience of working on many Maserati cars, both modern and classic cars.

Here at Automotive Cardiff, we also aim to offer very high-levels of customer service, this is why here at our garage, we have many repeat customers, that return to us routinely for their car servicing, and for other work such as brake pad and disc replacement.

Therefore, whether you own a Ghibli, Quattroporte or a Grancabrio, we can help you at our garage.

Are you due brake pad or disc replacement on your Maserati?

We have worked on many different models of Maserati’s, we can therefore change the brake pads, or the discs on any Maserati car.

For brake pad and disc replacement, we offer very competitive prices, after a quick chat with you, we will get back to you in a short period of time with an itemised quote.



As a capital city, here at Automotive Cardiff, we are based just off the very busy Newport Road, we are therefore in a great central location, for you to drop your car off to us.

Sometimes, some of our customers will have a classic car, or a car that’s been off the road for quite a while now. Therefore, if you would prefer, we can even collect your car from you, or your place of work.

We can therefore arrange a suitable time, for us to come and collect your Maserati, and we can bring it back to our garage for any work it may require.


Experienced mechanics

At our garage, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have very experienced mechanics, which are highly knowledgeable on many different car brands and models.


Brake discs, pads or drum brakes

No matter if you have a classic car, that you only use for just a few drives per year, or you have a car that you clock up a lot of millage with every year, that might be used as your company car for example, we can help with car servicing for your car or your company car. We can also, help with routine maintenance, such as car brakes, exhausts, and also clutch replacements.


No obligation quotes

We don’t just repair and replace brakes, we can also offer all manner of car repair and servicing.

So, whichever Maserati you drive, whether you own a MC20 or a Ghibli, why not call us? We offer free and no obligation quotes.

We can even collect your car from you, so why not call our independent, family run company in Cardiff?







It’s a part that’s fitted onto our cars, which a lot of drivers will simply know nothing about, that’s to say, a lot of drivers will know its crucial that the car has an adequate amount of engine oil, brake fluid and power steering fluid for example- yet may not know what the timing belt fitted to the cars engine does.

Yet the timing belt, or as some people call it the cambelt is absolutely crucial to an engine running correctly.

The reason being is if the timing belt was to fail, which in most cases results in the belt coming completely detached off the pulleys, well, this can sometimes cause a huge amount of damage to the engine.

Cambelts can fail for all manner of reasons, for example, the rubber can become perished or the pulley may not be rotating smoothly, sometimes because of bearing problems, and then the next thing a broken cambelt can occur.

A cambelt failure is not something that can result in a quick fix, sometimes the resulting damage can be so great, that sometimes considerable labour by a mechanic, as well as car parts are sometimes needed, and that’s if the engine can be salvaged at all.



What are some of the main reasons a cambelt / timing belt can fail?

A failure can be caused for all manner of different reasons, for example sometimes its due to a pulley, say attached to an air-conditioning pump not rotating smoothly. The excess stress placed on the cambelt ultimately causes friction, which leads to the belt tearing off the rollers.

Other reasons can be due to no fault of the driver, but due to items being picked along the road finding there way into the engine, for example a sharp strip of metal can cause the cambelt to shear and come off.



I simply don’t know when the timing belt was last replaced, so how will I know if its due to be replaced?

Sometimes, not always, the work will be stamped into your cars service records, yet sometimes a garage will not stamp the service book. So, its better to have it replaced by a reputable garage if you are unsure.

As mentioned, the timing belt is absolutely crucial to the running of an engine, so if it needs to be replaced, due to the next replacement interval coming up, or for any other reason, you should not delay for a second getting this work completed.

The reason being is, sometimes, with some engines, the amount of damage caused by a faulty timing belt can mean the whole engine is sometimes written-off, if the cambelt was to fail, so we cant stress that point enough.

I need to get my timing belt checked out, which car manufacturers does your garage work on?

Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd, we work on many different car brands, we therefore can service and repair any make and model of car.



I have just purchased a used car, should I get the timing belt checked over?

Yes, when you have just purchased a used car, its so important to get the car checked over by a qualified mechanic for peace of mind, but also so that any major problems are flagged as soon as possible.

For example, someone may have forked out a lot of money on their dream car, and okay, the body work might look in perfect condition, as well as the interior. However, a problem such as a major oil leak, a timing belt that’s worn or lets say a gear box running low on transmission oil, might mean that the new unlucky owner may well be incurring large garage bills.

Therefore, its best to get your car checked over by us, and to get it repaired or serviced as soon as possible.

If you’ve bought a used car, regardless of which brand it is, or the year the car was made, we can offer you competitively priced car repair and servicing.

Don’t delay

Sometimes a car owner will suspect that a pulley has faulty bearings, or that the timing belt itself looks worn, yet sometimes choose to delay getting the problem fixed, this is never recommend.

So, why not call us today?