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Do you own a TVR which needs to be repaired or serviced- then why not talk to us?



Here at Automotive Cardiff  Ltd, we have experienced car mechanics which have worked on a wide variety of TVR cars. We have therefore repaired and serviced TVR Tuscan’s, through to working on many Chimaera’s and also Tamora’s.

Our mechanics have worked on most TVR cars, and have a huge knowledge of both classic TVR cars, and the more modern vehicles.

We also offer very competitive prices, for servicing, and also car repair work, such as brake pad and disc changes, exhaust or clutch replacements.




Whether you just require the engine oil and filter to be replaced on a TVR, or you need a full service carried out, our garage will be able to assist, as well as offering competitive prices.


Brake disc and pad, drum brakes, brake repair


Often our customers come to us, as they know, James and the team here at Automotive Cardiff have an intricate knowledge of all TVR models, from fixing brake issues, right through to more complex work, such as diagnosing and fixing gearbox issues that may have occurred.

Therefore, here at this garage, we don’t just offer car servicing, we can also fix more complex problems that may have occurred with your car.

So, whether your planning a drive around the South of France, and therefore need a full service on your classic TVR, or perhaps, you would like us to do other mechanical work, such as replacing the cars clutch? We can help.

You can be rest assured that we offer very competitive prices, this is why so many TVR car owners travel from far and wide, for our mechanics to work on their car, as they know our garage, here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd, has a huge amount of experience repairing and servicing TVR cars.

You do have some garages which specialise in just servicing and repairing classic TVR’s, yet, at our garage, we work on all models, from the very rare TVR Grantura’s through to Tuscans, we have experience of working on all models of TVR.


 Customer service


Here at Automotive Cardiff, we see a lot of TVR owners return to our garage every year, thats because, we have a strong reputation for offering good customer service, and charging competitive prices.

We also offer a service, where we can collect your TVR from you, we understand, that for some customers there might be a fault, which means the car can’t be driven to our garage. This is why, at our garage, we can collect the car from you.



Our garage is situated in the city of Cardiff, yet, we find that sometimes our owners travel great distances to bring their TVR to us, from The South West of England, to much further afield. That’s because, after a conversation with us, you will know, that here at Automotive Cardiff, we have very good knowledge on how to repair to service any model of TVR, whether its a Tamora, Tuscan or Sagaris.


TVR car repair


Whether you need the clutch replaced, a new set or brakes, or the exhaust needs completely replacing, we can offer you a competitive price to repair or to service your TVR.

Here’s just some of the car repair services that our garage can offer:


  • Car servicing
  • Oil changes
  • Full service
  • Interim service



TVR Tuscan

We have experience of servicing, as well as repairing many TVR Tuscans here at Automotive Cardiff. You can be rest assured, that whether your bringing your car in to us for a service, or car repairs, we always use good quality car parts.


TVR Chimaera

Another popular TVR is the TVR Chimaera, with its great design, and high-performance engines, this is a true drivers car. If you own a TVR Chimaera, and you are looking for a garage which offers servicing, and also repairs TVR’S, then, why not write us an e-mail, or call our garage today?


All TVR cars welcome, both classic and modern

Whichever TVR you drive, we are an independent garage which can help you, whether you need the clutch replaced on a Tamora, or you want a full service on a TVR Grantura, we can offer you high levels of customer service, we always use quality car parts, plus, we offer very fair prices, so why not call us today?




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