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Do your car brakes need replacing or upgrading?

It’s imperative that the brakes on our cars function perfectly- this is especially so now winter is upon us and the roads are more icy and slippery at this time of year.

This is why car owners should have their car brakes regularly checked by a highly skilled mechanics.

Perhaps it might just be the brake pads that need replacing, or sometimes your brake pads and brake discs will need replacing as well?

Whatever your car requires in terms of repair work we can help. If your car requires new brake pads, discs or just a brake fluid top-up we can help.

Many car owners also upgrade their cars brakes with us, that’s to say some car owners want a much higher performance braking system installed by us. Therefore, many car owners come to us, not just to get their car brakes fixed, they also come to us when they want to upgrade their brakes to say a high-performance set of Brembo brakes that might be fitted to say a high-performance Nissan for example.

Some of these vehicles that we work on are sometimes high-value track day cars and some or are simply high-performance vehicles that the car owner wishes to upgrade the entire braking system on. We therefore work on a wide range of different cars, yet we can always offer reasonable costs of for upgrading or replacing your cars brakes.

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We can replace or upgrade the brakes on all types of cars, this means we can work on all makes and model of car, including:

·        Prestige vehicles

·        Your more common cars, such as saloons and city cars

·        Large 4×4’s

·        Hybrid cars

·        Fully electric cars

Our mechanics can upgrade or replace any brakes or any brand of vehicle, we can therefore offer you a free no obligation quote.

We are now going to explain within this article how we can help you to upgrade or replace your car’s brakes.

Do your brake pads need replacing?

Sometimes a car will only need its brake pads replaced, our friendly mechanics will be able to explain whether the brake pads need replacing or if the brake pads and also the brake discs will need replacing. It often only takes us a few minutes when your car is on our ramp to see whether the pads need replacing, or the brake discs as well.

Some garages do specialise in servicing and repairing just one brand of car, for example, they must just work on VW cars, however what makes our garage slightly different from some other garages, is that we frequently carry out work on a massive range of different vehicles.

For example, one day we could be changing the brakes on a hybrid electric vehicle, the next week we might be changing the brake pads on a high-value classic car, we simply therefore can work on any brand of car. From installing a set of Brembo brakes on a performance Ford, through to putting a new set of brake pads on a city car, we can repair, upgrade and replace brakes on a huge variety of cars.


What is important is that you have your brake pads and brake discs replaced by a highly experienced mechanic, and that’s exactly what our garage can offer.  



High-performance braking systems (Brembo Brakes)

Sometimes a car owner will wish to upgrade the whole system braking system to a much higher performance braking system completely and to just get rid of the old brakes. Our garage frequently installs Brembo braking systems on a wide range of cars, for example we have installed Brembo brakes to many performance cars, modified cars and also saloon cars.

Our mechanics will therefore be able to spend time with you explaining which braking system that we would recommend, our mechanics can therefore supply and fit performance brakes as well. We have fitted Brembo brakes on Maserati’s, TVR’s and many other cars, such as modified Nissans.

Whether you have a track day car, that you wish enjoy just on the weekends or perhaps you have a much-cherished classic car that sat in a heated custom-built garage, and you wish to upgrade the cars brakes to a braking system which offers higher braking performance, simply put we can help.


We have upgraded the braking system on rare Nissan cars, right through to replacing brake pads and discs on mass-produced saloon cars, we are able to offer competitive quotes whatever brand car you own.


We can offer you many different options when you choose our garage.

Brake repair

Like most working components on your car, it’s not just the brake discs, calliper’s and pads that often need replacing, braking systems on some modern cars can be an intricate and sometimes very complicated systems.

We are able to also replace and repair your braking system, our modern state of the art diagnostic equipment, which includes fault code readers, will be able to connect with your car’s ECU.

When our modern car diagnostic equipment connects with your cars ECU, regardless of which car brand that you drive, our highly skilled mechanics can start to read fault code(s) that your car might be displaying.

For example, you might have a fault code that is informing us about a problem with the cars braking system, that our mechanics can immediately start to repair. You may also have several other faults, yet sometimes the cars dashboard may only be showing one fault code such as a sign of a spanner, which is just the visual display sometimes used to mean there’s a fault with the car or sometimes many.

If you have such a fault, then we would recommend that you call us, we can even offer to collect your car from you.

Brembo braking systems

Many car owners, especially sports car owners and high-performance car owners come to us for our mechanics to fit Brembo braking systems. Brembo brakes are renowned around the world for offering high-quality braking systems, our mechanics can fit these braking systems to your vehicle.

Car Brake and Car Servicing

Having your car off the road for any length of time can sometimes be a big inconvenience to the car owner, so when you are having your brakes adjusted or replaced, our mechanic’s will aim to repair your car as quick as we can.

Why not think about having your car serviced at the same time?

We can offer a range of car servicing options, for example, you may want a “full service” carried out on your car, an “interim service” or perhaps you would like an oil change and oil filter change carried out on your vehicle?

Therefore whether you own a high-performance racing car, or an everyday vehicle that is just used to go back and for the supermarket, we have the mechanics that are able to service and also repair any vehicle.

Therefore whether it is the brakes, your car’s clutch, car servicing or perhaps another type of car repair that is needed, we can offer a cost-effective solution, and we aim to turnaround your vehicle as fast as possible.

Our investment in state-of-the-art car diagnostic equipment, also our highly trained mechanics mean that we are able to repair your car in a short period of time. Our garage will always liaise with you to give you timescales for when we think we can repair your car, we aim to repair your car as fast as can.

Quality brakes and quality car parts

Regardless of the brand car that you drive, whether it be a luxury saloon, or perhaps just a car that is not intended for the road, and just intended for motorsports, such as drifting or perhaps track days, we will be able to repair and also offer to supply high-quality car parts.

It’s fair to say that some garages will use the cheapest car parts possible, however, when you come to our garage, we can often offer you a number of choices in terms of car parts and you may wish to opt for. We are highly committed to using quality car parts, for example we regularly install high-performance, and high-quality Brembo brakes, which is testimony to the quality of the car parts that we can supply and fit for you.

To get your vehicle’s brakes checked, or replaced, why not give us a ring?





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