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I think there’s a problem with my cars clutch- are you able to help?


A clutch is essential part of the car that helps us to change gears smoothly, however with that said, it’s a part that is also subject to huge stresses and strains as we drive along the road. For example, every time we change gear, the clutch will engage and disengage the pressure plates, this part of the cars clutch therefore takes a lot of strain.

So, just as the brake pads and discs on our car is deemed a wearable part, and so are so many other car parts, our cars clutch is the same, meaning that over time the clutch plate and other components will become worn.

This means that wear can occur sometimes causing potential faults.

Here at our garage every week we work on a wide range of cars which need their clutches repaired or completely replaced. The clutches we replace can therefore be fitted to say a 1.3 litre petrol car, through to much more powerful cars, such as a high-performance vehicle with a V6 engine under the bonnet. Therefore, our highly skilled mechanics have a huge amount of experience, working on replacing car clutches on a huge range of different car brands.

Driving style

Individual driving style will have a large effect on the wear of a cars clutch, for example, if you’re a driver that launches off from a standstill, then this can put a large strain on the clutch. However, regardless of driving style, you should get your cars clutch looked at by a mechanic at regular intervals, for them to tell you whether it needs replacing or not. As even if you are a very careful driver, the clutch will still need replacing at some point.

Smooth gear changes

So, if you are looking at improving your driving style, to help look after your car, you should aim for smooth gear changes. Rapid acceleration and engaging the clutch when there’s no need, such as when the car is at a standstill at the traffic lights, and also simply over revving the engine between gear changes, well, you guessed it, will cause excess stress on the clutch, such as the clutch plate.

Looking for a garage which can replace your cars clutch?

So, you may have already noticed that some garages make it clear on their websites that they only work on a handful of car brands, for example they may specialise in repairing and servicing say Italian cars for example. However, our garage is a bit different from some garages, simply because we work on all car brands and all models.

So, whether you have a classic car, that you’ve been storing in the garage for most of the year, that you know has a worn clutch, or instead you have a mass-produced diesel saloon car, that is suffering from “clutch judder” when you engage into first gear, we will be able to help you. We offer affordable prices on replacing clutches.

Don’t leave it until it gets worse

Your cars clutch may cause juddering as you engage first gear? So, at first, you might think not much of it, but the clutch plate is like the cars brake discs, they will wear out, and become less effective at doing their job.

This is why its important to get your car checked over by a mechanic as soon as possible, they can then recommend whether the cars clutch is okay for a while, or whether it should be booked in straightaway for a clutch replacement.

Clutch judder

You may notice a problem with your cars clutch is many different ways, for some car owners, a digital “fault code” might be produced on the car’s dashboard for example, for some others, it might be noticeable through the clutch peddle itself, in terms of the clutch being a lot higher than usual, yet sometimes you might experience what is called “clutch judder”.

This is when the driver feels the clutch actually juddering, it can even sometimes causes the whole car to judder. For example, you may notice this more when trying to engage first gear, or when theres extra load on the clutch, for example, when starting the car on a steep gradient, this means you should seek the advice of a mechanic as soon as possible.

Buying a used car?

Used car prices at the moment are particularly high, so you may have forked out a lot on your used car?

Therefore, the last thing you want is for any large mechanical problems to occur just after you’ve made the purchase, so prior to purchase, if the seller agrees with you, why not have us check the car over for you?

Sure, the car might be gleaming, and the interior might be to a show room quality, yet under the bonnet could be potentially a lot of problems, so why not let our mechanics give the car a check over before you buy it?

How our garage can help:

We can repair any make or model of car, so whether you have a large diesel saloon car, which has DPF exhaust problems, or you have a 4×4 car which won’t engage into first gear, as the clutch is not working, then we are your local garage which can help you. We offer affordable rates, whether its car servicing, such as changing your cars engine oil, or whether it’s a job where more labour required, such as a total gearbox failure, we have a team that can help get your car back on the road.




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