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We can offer car servicing for a wide range of car brands


Regardless of the make or model car that you drive, all cars will require servicing.

Many car owners therefore ask us to carry out a “full service”, “interim service” or just an engine oil and oil filter change on the vehicle. We offer very competitive prices, plus our garage and mechanics are located just off Newport Road, Cardiff, so our garage is very easy to find.

“We service a wide range of cars, this ranges from high-performance cars sometimes only used for track-days, right through to your everyday small petrol engine cars, our mechanics are therefore well versed in servicing a wide range of cars”

At our garage we will only ever use high-quality engine oils combined with high-quality car parts. We never compromise on the engine oil that we use, when a customer asks us what engine oil does our garage recommend, we always say Shell Engine Oils, these oils are high-quality and are used in many high-performance engines.

Also, our highly experienced mechanics are able to repair or service a wide range of different car brands. Unlike some garages we do not therefore just specialise in servicing or repairing just one brand of car, we can service and repair many different brands.

When you visit our garage therefore, you will see our mechanics working in different bays servicing and repairing many different cars. For example, we often have high-value rare classic cars, we also have saloons, hybrid cars, executive diesel cars, modified imported cars and much more- our mechanics are therefore sought after by car owners far and wide to service and carryout car repairs.

For example we regularly carryout:

·       Clutch changes

·       Brake pad and brake disc changes

·       DPF repair

·       Electrical car faults

·       Exhaust changes

Car servicing

Whether you drive a large diesel engine car, a petrol engine car or perhaps even a hybrid we will be able to service your vehicle.

Many car owners use our garage simply because they know that we use quality engine oils and quality parts. Therefore, at our garage we service a huge range of cars, ranging from rare TVR cars, through to your more common everyday saloon cars.

At our garage you might see a rare TVR car getting serviced, and that might be right alongside say a hybrid electric car, so we work on a wide range of cars.

High-levels of customer service

We pride ourselves on offering high-levels of customer service, we therefore strive to service your car as quick as we possibly can. Just take a look at our many five-star customer reviews on Google.

Many of our customers have their car serviced by us while their vehicle is with us for car repair work.  

For example, a car may be in our garage for a routine brake pad and brake disc change, yet when the car is with us on the ramp, and our mechanics that are working on the vehicle, may service the car as well, if the customer asks us to. This can help you to save time.

This makes good sense, that’s because the car owner has not got to go through the inconvenience of arranging a separate date to get their car serviced.

Therefore, when a car is being repaired at our garage, we can also offer car servicing as well, so if you would like is to carry out an interim or a full service on your vehicle we can at an affordable price.

Our mechanics can recommend which oil we can use, which oil filters we will use, and we can also offer you a free estimate on whether any other work is needed, such as changing the cars brakes, brake pads, clutch or perhaps to change the DPF?

We also offer to just change the oil and oil filter if required by the customer.

We offer many car servicing options

We can offer many different servicing options, here are the servicing options that our garage offers.

Full service

Many customers opt for the “full service” option, we can therefore carry out a full service on any make or model vehicle. For example, we frequently carry out a full-service on Volkswagen’s, Audi’s and also other manufacturers such as Skoda and Ford vehicles.

Therefore when you visit our garage, there is often a wide range of different car brands which we are servicing.

“All different makes and model vehicles are welcome at our garage, we do not specialise in just servicing any one type of car, we service all makes and model cars”.

Interim service

We can carry out an interim service on your vehicle, for example a lot of vehicles that are used for work purposes, or vehicles which simply travel a vast amount of miles per year, often require an interim service.

Our garage also offers interim servicing.

Oil filter and oil change

We can also offer to change the oil filter and the oil in your vehicle. We use high-quality engine oils such as Shell Engine Oils.

High-quality service

Whether you drive a prestige or high-performance car like a TVR, or simply drive an everyday saloon vehicle, we will be able to carry out a high-quality service of your car.

High-quality engine oils

We only use high-quality engine oils, we always use high quality oil.

High-quality car parts

Whether it be air filters, oil filters or other car parts such as the engine oil, you can always rest assured that we will use the best quality parts.

Different car brands

Many different cars come to our garage, ranging from large engine diesel vehicles, right through to hybrid vehicles that combine electric power and also petrol engines.

We do not specialise in just one brand of car, we service and repair a wide range of different car brands.

Highly skilled mechanics

We employ highly skilled mechanics at our garage.

Why not give our garage a call today?

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