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Why you should make sure that your car’s engine oil is regularly changed


Every single time that we start the ignition on our cars, there are a large number of car parts than are all working hard to enable the vehicle to function and drive the way we want it to.

For example, if you own a car that has a combustion engine, then there are a large number of parts, such as pistons, cylinder heads and turbos which are all working to help propel the vehicle forwards.

However, cars require regular maintenance, and if this does not occur, then it’s possible that in a worst-case scenario that engine failure occurs.

This sometimes means, for example, if an engine runs how on oil, and seizes, that the car becomes uneconomical to repair, if it has incurred, then this means sometimes major damage has been incurred to the car.

For example, without engine oil, the car parts can become so hot, they actually seize, which can mean that the engine might be written off.

This is why it’s crucial that you service your car, as per the manufacturer’s specification.

You should therefore ensure that your engine oil is correctly topped up, and changed as per the manufacturers recommendation.

Does your car have an engine oil leak?

You should never ignore an engine oil leak on your car.

If you were to delay getting your car looked at by a mechanic, then this delay could mean that your engine loses so much engine oil, that it runs so low, then this could cause a large amount of engine damage.

So many car owners within the city of Cardiff come to our garage, simply because they know we offer competitive prices, on car servicing. This includes changing engine oils.

We always use quality car parts, and we aim to offer high levels of customer service

Therefore, a lot of people come to us because they know that if they want their engine oil changed, that we will always use good quality oils and car parts.


It’s important to use really good quality oils,  and that the oil is the right type for your engine.


Using the wrong engine oil, can also cause large amounts of damage to your car also, so if you are unsure which oil to use, make sure that you talk to your mechanics at your garage, to ensure that you use only the right engine oil.

For example, some engines might need a fully synthetic oil, where with some other engines the manufacturer might actually recommend a mineral oil is used for example. There are many different types of oil.

Another common oil type is semi-synthetic oils.

Each car will therefore require its own type of engine oil, and you should talk to your mechanic about which oil you should use in your car.


All cars are welcome


At our garage, we see many different brands of car come to us every single week for a service. For example the cars that we work on can range from large SUVs, right through to rare Italian classic cars that are high-value.

Leaving engine oil in your car for too long can cause increased engine wear


As any mechanic will tell you, if you leave all engine oil in your car for too long, it loses its ability to protect the engine as well.

The oil can pick up deposits from the engine, which mean that it is less effective in helping to protect the engine. Therefore, this is why it’s so important to get the engine oil changed as per the manufacturer’s specification.

Leaving the oil within the vehicle too long, can also cause the oil to break down, and this means that the engine will incur more wear.

It’s also important that you make sure that the engine oil is topped up to the correct level.

If your engine oil runs to low, is entirely possible that the engine will incur major damage, it could also seize.

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