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Which services are your mechanics able to offer?


There are some mechanics and also some garages that are used to working only working on a single brand of vehicle.

Occasionally some local garages do work on a range of different car brands which may well be manufactured by a group of car brands.

Here, however, at our garage we are different, we work on all car brands, this simply means once we roll-up the roller shutter-doors in the morning, we could be starting work on a track-day car or perhaps a city-car, we therefore have mechanics which are well versed on working on a wide variety of cars, from your everyday run-arounds, to your very rare sports cars.

Here are just some of the services that our highly skilled mechanics are able to offer:



As you will already know, whichever brand of car that you drive, whether it be a sport’s car, which only gets taken out from the garage in the peak of summer, or a car that clocks up a very high number of miles every single week, each car will require servicing.

Like most garages, we offer a large range of different car servicing options, from “full-servicing”, right through to replacing the cars oil filter, and engine oil.

So, whichever car that you own, we can service it.

Clutch replacement

A cars clutch will take a massive amount of strain and wear, as such, clutches will need to be replaced.

We can replace a car clutch, regardless of whether it’s fitted to a large three litre 4×4 or whether it’s fitted to a compact petrol city car, we have the highly skilled mechanics, that are able to replace clutches fitted to any car.

Car brake replacement

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Todays busy and congested roads mean a lot of us are in stop and start traffic, and this means that our cars take a lot more strain.

From the cars gear box which is constantly going up and down the gears, through to the cars clutch being engaged and disengaged from the clutch plate, through to the cars brakes, which are often what are called “disc brakes” – now there called this because the metal plate which the brake pads clamp to, are in the shape of a disc, now as you can imagine, something the size of a car, well, that’s going to take a huge amount of stopping power, and this causes friction, which in turn causes heat, now heat, whether its applied to a metal brake disc, or lets say a cars exhaust, its going to cause wear, and when you combine this to friction that is caused by the brake disc, well, this part will need replacing.

We can replace the brakes on any make car, we offer very competitive prices on brake discs and brake pad replacement, so why not call us with your car’s registration, made and model, and we often get back to you with a quote quickly.

DPF problems and replacement

March 21 Ex

Most people regardless of how good their mechanical knowledge is, will understand how a cars brakes work, the purpose of the cars exhaust system, and also when its likely the cars battery is running rather weakly.

But a lot of car owners, here in Cardiff, South Wales, well, if they see “DPF Fault” appear in rather bright lights on the dashboard, or if the engine management light switches on, and the local mechanic says, the fault-code, once being analysed on the car diagnostic equipment simply states the DPF is blocked or needs replacing, well the car owner may well simply be confused, as to what a DPF is, and what its function is.

Well, in a nutshell, DPF simply means diesel particulate filter.

On some cars, not all, this will be fitted, and sometimes, this can get clogged, and therefore needs the attention of a local mechanic.

This is where our mechanics can help you.


In summary therefore, you can see that we don’t just service cars, that’s by offering full car servicing, we can also offer all manner of cars repairs, from fixing say an electrical fault, that the car may have, such as working out why a cars battery is constantly draining, through to fixing a cars clutch, exhaust, brakes, lights or any other problem your car may experience.

For a no obligation quote, why not call or e-mail our garage, and we will be able to offer you a quote.




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