Air-Conditioning Repair

Car Air conditioning repair Specialists

We can repair your vehicle air conditioning system here in Cardiff, letting it produce cool air once more. Our air conditioning engineers offer car air conditioning services to help get rid of unpleasant smells. We offer a free air con check using our FLIR camera to test the temperature of the air coming from the system. We use this reading to check with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation of the output temperature. An aircon service should be completed bi-annually as over time the system looses refrigerant gas and this can dramatically reduce efficiency. People will generally get an air con service when the summer heat sets in and they notice a problem with warm air coming from the car air con.

Air conditioning recharge

The Air conditioning whole recharge process takes around an hour and starts with our trained technicians using one of our state of the art computer systems. The starting process involves removing the old refrigerant gas from the system, this will give us a measure of how much gas was recovered from the aircon system. vehicle manufacturers have recommended lubricant and refrigerant levels set for each vehicle. The next step is to do a vacuum test, this process makes sure there are no critical leaks in the system. On completion of the vacuum test the correct amount of new refrigerant is put back into the car’s air con inline with what the manufacturers recommend. Along with the refrigerant Gas we inject recharge lubricant and a UV dye. The UV dye assists us in being able to find any leaks in the system at a future date if there are any.

From £79.99

Car Aircon Re-gas Services for old and new Gases

We can re-gas your cars air conditioning system no matter of your car’s make or model.

Air conditioning system

We offer car air conditioning services for all cars including hybrid and electric vehicles.

From £79.99

Porsche Boxter air con recharge

Car Air con Servicing + Maintence for all models

We have invested in modern equipment in order to repair your car’s air conditioning system.

From £79.99



Automotive Cardiff now offer car air conditioning service recharge services to all of our customers. Our F gas certified technician’s can perform air con services and repairs for complete peace of mind

Our work carries a 12 month 12000 mile warranty to any air conditioning​ parts we fit. We aim to be the best at what we do.

Some new vehicles from 2014 have new type gas installed which we can also re-gas and repair. If you are unsure we can check your requirements before you book.

Air Conditioning Gas Types

The Air con system in your car will have one of two types of Gas in it R134a is the old type of refrigerant gas that is being phased out Most vehicles before 2017 will have this gas in. Vehicles after 2017 will have air con systems with the new type HFO-1234yf has in the system.

We have the ability to offer re-gassing services no matter which Refrigerant gas your cars air con system uses. We video the before and after output of the vents using a state of the art FLIR camera which shows a picture with colours to show the temperature output in real time.

Air Con Recharge Service

Our car Air conditioning Recharge service costs

£79.99+ vat  For older systems using the R134a refrigerant gas (air conditioning manufactured pre 2017)

£139.99+ vat For Newer systems – HFO-1234yf refrigerant gas

consult your vehicle handbook or give us a call to check.

If your air conditioner smells a bit funky, we can use our Clean bomb. This added extra flushes through you car service vents and kills bacteria, leaving the vehicle smelling clean and fresh. Full air conditioning services are available we are also Specialists at air conditioning fault finding. Leak detection, expansion valve issues, climate control cooling system, What ever your air con problem we can help. Leaving you with refreshing cold air for the summer heat, removing bad smells with regular servicing keeping your air con clean. for full details on our environmentally friendly service get in touch. Don’t leave your car using more fuel and your air con system under more strain than necessary.

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Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd we offer car air conditioning repairs for a wide variety of different vehicles. We can diagnose faults with your cars air conditioning system and we can also repair your vehicle air conditioners too.

All work will be undertaken at our Cardiff garage. Located just off Newport Road, we will also be able to offer you a competitive quote.

  • Competitive quotes

    We can offer competitive prices when repairing your car’s air conditioning system

  • Cardiff

    Our garage is located within the city of Cardiff

  • Quick turnaround

    We can often quickly repair your car’s air conditioning

  • Re-gas

    We can offer an affordable fee for re-gassing your cars air conditioning

Audi tt Air Conditiing Re-Gas

Car Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning systems can incur many different faults, some of these can be electrical faults and some can be simply caused because the system needs to be re-gassed.

No matter if you drive a large 4×4 vehicle or a small petrol engine car we be able to fix or re-gas your cars air conditioning system, leaving you with refreshing cool air

Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd we have invested in modern equipment; this allows us to quickly rectify faults with most air-conditioning systems.

We also offer competitive prices and a friendly service.

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