Crysler SRT with Brembo Calipers

Brembo brakes

Brake replacement

We can replace brakes on many different makes and model vehicles

Brembo approved

We are a Brembo approved fitting centre

Brake repair

We can also repair traction control faults and ABS issues


Brembo brakes are renowned all over the world for their high build quality and performance.

Brembo first started to produce brake discs for cars back in 1964, since then they have been fitted to a wide variety of vehicles.

We can offer to supply and fit Brembo brakes and to also offer maintenance for your Brembo brakes.

Car Brake Replacement Cardiff

If you are looking for a garage within Cardiff that can repair or replace your brakes then why not call Automotive Cardiff?

We have vast experience of replacing and repairing brakes for a wide variety of vehicles.

  • Brembo approved fitting centre

    We are an approved fitting centre

  • ABS and traction control

    We can repair and rectify ABS and traction control problems

  • Brake replacement

    We can repair brakes on a wide variety of cars

  • Cardiff brakes

    Why not call our garage for a quote today?

R35 GTR rear view

Why choose Automotive Cardiff?

Automotive Cardiff has a convenient location just off Newport Road in Cardiff. We can repair and replace brakes for a wide variety of vehicles.

Therefore, whether you want to opt for a set of performance brakes for a prestige vehicle, or simply have a brake system repaired on a family saloon, our business can help.

We can also offer to service your vehicle and we can also help to prepare your car for an MOT inspection.

Our mechanics can therefore diagnose faults with all braking systems and offer a competitive price to repair or completely replace your braking system.

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