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Car Brake Checks & Repairs | Book Fluid, Brake Pads and Discs Replacements


Has your brake warning light come on or are you hearing the sound of metal grinding on metal or are your brakes just not as sharp as they use to be? Were guessing you have noticed one of the above and that is why you have found us. Your vehicles brake discs and pads are the most important thing on your car aside of your tires because they are the only thing that is going to make you stop when you need too. The braking system should be checked when you car maintenance is done.


We offer a fixed price service for brake pads replacement and discs replaced the cost varies depending on the vehicle type but it is fixed for that vehicle.

How much does it cost to replace brake pads and discs?

Brake pads cost as little as £134.99 on performance cars Brake pads and discs can cost thousands an example of this is the Maserati Levante The performance Brake set up costs around £4,500 to replace the discs and pads, it can be eyewatering, we are normally around half the price of the main dealer.

Do I need new brake pads?

A few things you can watch out for when looking at the braking system.

Do you have a soft brake pedal?

Is the vehicle pulling when braking?

Do you hear a grinding noise or a squeaking noise?

Has the wear indicator set off the Brake warning dashboard light?

All of these things can be signs that the brakes are worn

Brake services at Automotive Cardiff

Our service starts with Free brake check, we check the thickness of the discs in comparison to manufacturer guidelines along with the brake pads. If the vehicle has drum brakes they are checked along with the brake shoes. The brake hoses, Brake Caliper, Brake lines and master cylinder all being looked at under the inspection. We will advise on any brake components that may need replacing after the brakes checked. The brake inspection should take no more than 20 minutes.

Brake pads replacement

You tend to find the front brake pads and discs will wear more than the rear brake pads. Noticeable if the car pulls when front wheel drive cars have brake fade due to the braking load that is on them. Modern cars have ABS (anti-lock Braking system) on the brakes. Most modern vehicles will have ABS fitted to at least the front brakes, Drum brake systems operate differently and are often found on Older vehicles or Commercial vehicles.

What Brake Service Do I Need?

When choosing a garage for a brake service just make sure they look at the vehicle as it is only by doing this that the correct type of service can be advised upon.

When to replace your brakes?

If you are noticing brake fade, squeaking brakes, friction material, or smoke coming from the disc’s surface then it is worth getting your car checked.

Book your free brake check at Automotive Cardiff

It won’t cost you a penny to have your brakes checked, We would rather spend our time knowing that people are safe driving their vehicles.

POPULAR SERVICES – Brake pads replacements

Brake pad replacements take around 90 minutes, we change them clean and lubricate all the mechanisms, remove any corrosion check the brake fluid and the brake pedal. If done when they should be brake pad maintenance can reduce the need of having the discs replaced as often. Worn brake pads can severely reduce your stopping distances especially in adverse weather. Replacing the car’s brakes could save you from an accident

When to Book a Brake Fluid Replacement

A brake fluid change should be completed every few years as the hydraulic lines forces brake fluid though the brake hoses allowing the brake pads and discs to operate correctly. The brake fluid can end up breaking down as it can absorb moisture. The warning signs will be there from the front wheels if you need disc replacement or brake pads fitting. New brake discs or pads replaced will feel so much better than faulty brakes.

What if I Don’t Know What Brake Repairs I Need?

Come for a free brake check and we will advise if anything needs looking at.

Warning light on the dashboard

Newer vehicles have a dashboard warning light to let you know there is an issue with the brake system. Brake pads and discs replacement services should be looked into.

How much do brake pads and brake discs cost?

Varying from car to car and vehicles to vehicle there is no set price,

Are brake pads or brake disc replacement necessary?

Replacement brake pads and discs are a critical part of car maintenance.

Can I paint the brake calipers?

Callipers can be painted but remember that they can get very hot so specialist paint is required, Make sure you check with an automotive professional first that painting is not going to cause any issues.

Braking Systems

If you need brake repairs or a brake check call in to us and we will be more than happy to assist even if it is just the front pads. Your brakes should always be kept in good working order and are an MOT failure if not.

How Do Car Brakes Work?

The simplest method to explain is with a push bike. You have the lever (the brake pedal) you pull it and on a system that has brake discs the brake fluid changes the pressure allowing the brake pads to close onto the brake disc slowing the wheel from turning. Brake repairs are much simpler on a bike but the principals are the exact same as a car.

How Long Does it Take to Get Brake Pads and Discs Fitted?

Around 90 minutes for each set including brake discs and pads. Brake repair and brake fluid changes with add additional time

When to Book a Handbrake Cable Replacement

With the rise in vehicles using electronic handbrakes it is more important to get them checked. Manual handbrakes it is an easy spot if the handbrake needed adjusting as you could count the clicks as it was pulled up. Electronic handbrakes do not have that visual or audible indicator. Leaving you reliant on dashboard warning lights to tell you there is a fault.

Easing in new car brakes and brake pedal

Whilst the brake discs and pads bed in it is advisable not to be too overbearing with the brake pedal, car brake pads, brake shoes on drum brakes or disc rear brakes will require care after replacing brake pads. The wheel cylinder also after brake repair, Car brake pads should be back to normal within an hour of being replaced as long as they are being used.

Find local brake pads and brake disc fitting services, mechanics, and garages

A quick search on google will allow you to find companies that offer Brake replacement services near me.

Can I drive with faulty brakes?

Depending on the fault it is possible, If in doubt we can organise recovery of your vehicle to be brought in for the brake pad replacement.

Get your brake pads and brake disc fixed at home

Not a service we offer as we have all the equipment in our garage in Cardiff to be able to efficiently change the brake parts

Why Are My New Brakes Squeaking?

If you have had you brake discs replaced or a brake pad replacement then it can take a little while for the brakes to bed in to the vehicle. Once they bed in the brake system should operate much more responsively with new brake pads.

Car Brake Checks & Repairs

Brakes are the most important safety component aside from tires.

  • Brake pads, rotors, calipers, lines, and fluid should be regularly checked.
  • Warning signs of worn brakes include soft pedal, pulling, grinding noises, squeaking, and warning lights.
  • Free brake inspections check disc and pad thickness, hoses, lines, calipers, and cylinders.

Brake Pad Replacement

  • Front brake pads and rotors tend to wear faster than rear from braking forces.
  • Modern cars have ABS (anti-lock braking system) which operates differently than old drum brakes.
  • Signs of needed replacement include fade, friction material, smoke, and worn indicators.

Brake Discs & Pads Cost

  • Costs range widely by vehicle from £134.99 to £4,500 for high end models.
  • Timeframe is around 90 minutes per brake set.
  • Check ups prevent the need for more frequent disc replacements.

Brake Fluid Change

  • Fluid should be changed every few years as it absorbs moisture over time.
  • Fluid forces pads against discs so deteriorated fluid reduces effectiveness.

Dashboard Warning Lights

  • Newer vehicles have lights to indicate brake system issues.
  • Warning lights signify need for replacement or repairs.

Finding a Garage

  • Search “brake services near me” and check reviews.
  • Ensure full vehicle inspection to advise correct services.
  • Consider free brake checks to determine needed repairs.

How Brakes Work

  • Pedal applies hydraulic pressure via fluid to close pads on rotors/discs.
  • Same principal as bicycle brakes but more complex mechanisms.

Bedding in New Brakes

  • Take care not to over-use pedal when first installing new pads and rotors.
  • Allow 1 hour of use for fully bedding in and optimal responsiveness.

Other Repairs

  • Handbrake cables, wheels cylinders, master cylinders, and rotors may need repairs.
  • Faulty brakes can be dangerous so repairs are critical.


Regular brake inspections and fluid changes prevent major repairs. Address any warning signs promptly for safety. Quality garages perform thorough checks and advise the right repairs.