Oil change (Oil + Oil Filter)

We can replace your car’s engine oil and oil filter with high-quality engine oil.

Fast service

We pride ourselves on offering a fast service and high levels of customer service

Quality engine oil

You can rest assured that our garage will only use high-quality engine oil.

Oil change (Engine Oil + Oil Filter)

At our garage we can offer to change your car’s engine oil and oil filter. We can change the oil and filter on a wide variety of different car brands.

We can also offer to carry out a full service of your vehicle, or perhaps you would just like our mechanic’s to change the oil filter and engine oil?

We pride ourselves on offering high-levels of customer service at our garage, this means that we are able to quickly turnaround any vehicle that requires a full service or just the engine oil and oil filter changed.

To book your car in for a full service or just an oil change why not give our garage in Cardiff a call today on07717752134? Or, why not pop-in and visit is at: Automotive Cardiff Ltd, Connies House, Rhymney River Bridge Road, Cardiff, CF239AF

(Engine Oil change) Vehicle Servicing

We can service any make or model car, for a quote why not call us on: 07717752134

  • Engine oil change

    We can change the oil and filter on a wide variety of different car brands including Skoda’s, VW’s, Seat, Honda, Nissan and many other car brands.

  • High-quality engine oils

    We always use high-quality engine oils. For the vast majority of cars that we service here in Cardiff, we often use Shell engine oils.

  • Shell Oil

    We often use high-quality Shell engine oils, we also use quality oil filters.

  • Wide variety of car brands

    We change the engine oil daily on a wide variety of different cars, ranging from prestige cars, through to small petrol engine cars.

Oil filter and Engine Oil change

High-quality engine oil is essential for ensuring that a car’s engine runs efficiently and as it should.

It’s so important also to use quality engine, oils whether that be a quality mineral oil or a fully-synthetic engine oil.

Engine oils can therefore help your engine to operate at the correct temperature and can actively work to help prevent engine wear.

Our mechanics will quickly drain all of your car’s old engine oil out of your car’s engine, and then replace the engine oil with a high-quality oil that is to the manufacturers specification.

 While our mechanics are changing your cars old engine oil, we will also change the oil filter as well.

You may also ask our mechanics while your car is on our ramp having it’s oil changed, to also check your cars brake pads and brake discs, that’s if you require us to do so?

Therefore while your car is with us for a full service or an oil change, why not ask us whether your brake pads, brake discs or exhaust system needs replacing?

Our garage is located just off the busy Newport Road, which is located within the city of Cardiff.

If you like the oil changed on your car, why not call our mechanics today, to arrange for your car to be booked in?