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Does your car require a service prior to winter?


With winter just around the corner, this means that we will soon be scraping ice off our car windscreens, whilst also turning the heaters up to the maximum level within our cars.

With that said, there’s another important thing to think about for car owners, that is during the winter months our car engines can be placed under increased strain because of the cold weather in which the car’s engine operates in.

Engine oil levels

That is why it’s especially important that our car’s have the sufficient level of high-quality engine oil within the car’s engine, and antifreeze and to also ensure that your car is ready for winter.

It’s also really important that you use a high-quality engine oil

Here at Automotive Cardiff our mechanics can offer car servicing for all brands of car, plus if your car is in needs any type of repair work, our mechanics can also repair any brand of car.

So, if your engine oil needs to be replaced prior to winter, then why not give our garage a call?

Does your car require a full service?

Sometimes, some car owners will take their car to a main dealer, however you may wish to call us to see how much we charge for car servicing instead.

We can service any make or model car, this can range from a luxury 4X4 car, right through to a classic car, our mechanics can change your car’s engine oil and offer a full service of your car.

Our mechanics also are equipped with modern diagnostic equipment at our garage which allows us to service your car, as well as repairing faults that your vehicle may have.

MOT and Car servicing

For example, many car owners come to us for their car to be prepared for an MOT.

And because many drivers do not want to be off the road for any great deal of time, they often have one of our mechanics check the car before MOT inspection, as well as having a full service carried out of the vehicle as well.

This can help to save our customers time, that’s because we can check your car before it’s MOT, also when your car is on the ramp, one of our mechanics can change the oil or carry out a full service on your car.

Therefore if you are looking for a local garage in Cardiff, that offers car servicing, as well as car repair’s then why not call automotive Cardiff today?

Car service

Whether you drive a large prestige 4×4 vehicle or you have a much cherished classic car that you are keeping for those summer drives along the country roads, we will be able to offer you a competitive price for servicing any type of vehicle.

You can rest assured when you choose our garage, that our mechanics will use high-quality engine oils as well as using high-quality car parts as well. We frequently use high-quality fully synthetic Shell engine oils, which we believe offers a very high-quality engine oil.

At our garage, which is based just off Newport Road within Cardiff, our mechanics frequently repair high-value prestige vehicles as well as all car brands.

Affordable car servicing

We service a wide range of cars, ranging from small petrol engine cars, perhaps with a 1.0 petrol engine, right through to classic cars, we therefore have mechanics that car repair or service any car.

Why not call us for a quote to see how much it will cost to get your car serviced?

The cost of the service will depend on the engine size of your vehicle and which vehicle you have.

For example different cars will require different engine oils.

Some cars will require a fully synthetic motor oil, and others will not. It’s also especially important in all the vehicles such as classic cars to make sure that a very high-quality engine is used.

When you use our garage, you can rest assured that our mechanics will only use high-quality engine oils and also high-quality car parts.

That’s to say whether we are replacing brake pads, brake discs or simply carrying out an oil change of your engine, we will always use high-quality parts.

Our mechanics frequently service:

·        VW’s (Volkswagen)

·        Skoda

·        Seat’s

·        Ford

·        Vauxhall

·        And many other major car brands

We can therefore service any make or model car.

Is your car displaying a light to get your car serviced or a warning light?

A lot of car owners simply ignore warning light that may appear on their dashboard, however we would never recommend that you do this. Some car’s therefore tell you when your car is due a service.

We recommend that you get your car serviced, yet serviced by a garage that will use high-quality car parts and engine oils.

For example, the warning light might be telling you that your car is due service, or that your engine oil is running low, in which case if the engine runs low on oil then this could mean that the engine could incur a fault. This is why it’s so important to get your car serviced, and to ensure the correct level of engine oil is kept.

This is why it’s so important to get your car regularly serviced.

Is your car due a service?

A lot of our customers therefore bring their vehicle to us for a regular service, sometimes this is just to have the engine oil changed and sometimes it is carry out a full service of the vehicle.

If you are therefore looking for car servicing in Cardiff, then why not call our garage?

Is your dashboard stating that your car needs a service?

If your vehicle needs a full service, or for the oil to be changed, then why not call our garage? Our mechanics have worked on many different brand vehicles, we therefore see a lot of high-performance sports cars, prestige cars, classic cars.

For example our mechanics have serviced:

·        TVR’s

·        Aston Martin’s

·        Maserati’s

We also offer to repair and also service your more common every day type of cars as well.

Does your car require an oil change?

We frequently see customers that do a large amount of mileage per year, they frequently come to us for an oil change.

Each day we change the oil on many cars, ranging from large diesel engine cars, through to classic car’s such as TVR’s.

“Your car may require an oil change soon? if so, why not call our garage so that we can change the oil on your car for you?”

Full service

If you would like a full service carried out on your car, then why not call us for a quote?

We can service all makes and model of car, ranging from 4×4’s right through to a small car with a petrol engine for example.

We offer very competitive pricing, we can service any car.

All car brands welcome

We can service any brand of car, for example VW’s, Audi’s, Skoda’s, Seat’s and also Hyundai’s, Kia’s and other brands such as Vauxhall and also Ford as well.

We offer very competitive pricing on servicing of all brands of car.

Winter service

Our garage and our mechanics are especially busy during the build-up to winter, as many car owners want to get their car ready for winter.

For example, many car owners would like antifreeze either topped up or replaced within their car.


Experienced mechanics

We employ highly experienced mechanics, for example we can repair any brand or model of car.

Prestige and classic cars

At our garage we frequently service a wide range of prestige and also classic cars. For example a lot of TVR’s and also Aston Martins are serviced at our garage.

Our mechanics therefore have experience on working on a wide range of high-value prestige cars.

Car repair

We do not just offer car servicing at our garage in Cardiff, that’s because we can also repair any make or model of car.

For example, we frequently at our garage your replace car clutches, brakes and general engine repairs as well.

High-quality engine oils

You can rest assured that when you use our garage, we will only use high-quality engine oils.

For example, we use a high-quality brands such as Shell engine oils.

High-quality car parts

Some garages, and also some mechanics only use the cheapest parts, that’s in order to increase profitability.

We do not take this approach, instead we use high-quality parts, such as high-quality brake pads, brake discs, clutches, engine oils and oil filters, our mechanics are often able to take the time to explain different types of parts that you may wish to opt for.

For example, if you need new brake pads, and your brake discs replaced, our mechanics will be able to explain the different make brake pads and brake discs that we can offer you.

For example of the car is a high performance car, then we will be able to offer you suitable brakes, if you are looking for a quality set of brake pads and discs for a more every day type of card and we can also recommend different makes this as well.


Our garage is based in Cardiff, our friendly mechanics will be able to repair or service any make of car.

Our mechanics have experience of working on a large range of cars.

At our garage at any one time you will see a wide mix of different cars on our ramps, for example there may be a large 4×4 vehicle that needs a clutch replaced, then on another day, you might see one of our mechanics working on a high-value and high-performance vehicle.

Many high-performance cars are therefore serviced and also maintained at our garage.

For example, our mechanics are regularly working high-performance cars high-performance Nissans and Toyota vehicles.

We can recommend which parts may need replacing soon

Our mechanics can recommend different make car parts, therefore we do not just recommend just one manufacturer of certain car parts.

Repeat business

Our garage always aims for repeat business, so all of our staff are always friendly and we offer very competitive prices at our garage.

Brake check

When your car is on the ramp and we are carrying out a service for you whether that be an oil change or a full service, one of our mechanics can also carryout a brake check if you request us to do so.


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