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Is your car due an oil filter and engine oil change?

Often, we just use our cars without thinking about how hard the engine is working for us.

That’s to say, on a cold winter’s day, we may just turn the key, without thinking much in the way of all the strains which are imposed on an engine, that’s whether your cars a hybrid, diesel or a petrol internal combustion engine.

This is why routine maintenance is so important, whether that’s carrying out a full-service, or perhaps just an oil filter and oil change or an interim service. You should therefore have your car serviced as per the manufacturers specification or when required.

Right engine oil

Some car owners make the mistake of topping up their car with the wrong engine oil, or simply replacing it with the wrong oil, this can cause engine damage.

Instead, its important to use the right oil, that’s recommended by the manufacturer of that car.

Without an engine oil change, the oil can actually start to break-down and be less effective at protecting the engine

If the engine oil is not replaced when it should be, then it can start to break-down, causing it to be less effective. Therefore, it’s important that contact a reputable mechanic to change the engine oil when required.

Why not book you can in for an oil change?

If your cars due to have its engine oil changed, then why not call us? Alternatively, you may want a full service, which our mechanics can also offer, we offer the full range of car servicing options.

Our garage also welcomes any model and make of car, so why not call our team, and book your car in for a full service, oil change or even an interim service?



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