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It can sure be confusing to some car owners which car servicing option they require, after all, when you are presented with some garage websites, they sometimes automatically assume that you know whether you require a “major service”, “interim service” or perhaps a “full service”?

Then prior to your booking, you may get various other options, such as selecting from “mineral oil”, “fully synthetic” or “semi-synthetic oil”– so the sheer volume of servicing options, well, can be sometimes overwhelming to some.

So, as you can see, for some car owners, the huge range of servicing options, well can be rather confusing, and what can compound this even more is the fact that the list of servicing options is becoming even longer at some garages, as cars change how they are powered, with for example, various options for hybrid vehicles, and sometimes also “upgrade options” where extra items are added to the list for an additional fee.

Therefore what you might want instead is to instead opt for a friendly and family run business like ours, which will spend the time with you recommending which servicing option you may need. This is why so many car owners in Wales come to use because we offer great prices, and high-levels of customer service.

So, whether you drive a city car, that has a hybrid electric system, or you simply drive a powerful sports saloon, that has a large V12 petrol engine and produces huge amounts of horsepower, we can offer the right servicing option for you, regardless of which car you drive.

From prestige, to everyday run arounds, our friendly mechanics each day work on servicing a huge range of diesel, petrol, electric and hybrid cars, as well as also LPG converted cars as well.

What exactly is “interim servicing”?

A lot of car owners will instantly know what a “engine oil, and oil filter change is”, and know why this is so important to carry this out as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, that’s to say as per how often the car should get serviced.

However, when some car owners are flicking through the owner’s manual, well, they may see that the manufacturer also recommends “interim servicing”, say for example, after say so many miles have been covered.

But what does interim servicing mean?

Well, some car owners can carry out a lot of miles every year, so as you can imagine this car cause more wear on the car’s components.

This means, manufacturers often state how often the car should get serviced, in terms of a major service, and interim service, therefore the car should be serviced as per what the manufacturer stipulates.

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What’s included in the “full car servicing” that you offer at your garage?

As you would expect, with different vehicles, the manufacturer will specify which car parts should be serviced or replaced after so many miles or will stipulate a time-frame when they should be replaced, and this should be followed.

Therefore, a small petrol car may have a totally different service interval, and also list of items that need servicing when compared to say a large V6 performance saloon.

You can always talk to our friendly team, who can advise you as to costs, when you would like your car serviced here in Cardiff, South Wales.

Why is it so important to get items like the cars air filters, engine oil and engine coolant changed as per the car manufacturers guidance?

Under the bonnet of car are various components that work very hard every time you turn the ignition on, that’s regardless of whether the cars diesel, hybrid-electric or just petrol powered.

From the pistons to the cambelts, through to the engine oil, that’s job is to lubricate the engine, this is why as a car owner you should get your car serviced as per the manufacturer’s guidance as to “service intervals”. Also, certain car parts will be stipulated as to when then should be changed, for example, the car manufacturer will stipulate when the timing belt should be changed, so these items should be replaced as per the manufacturer’s guidance.

Therefore, because your car, and all the various car parts work so hard, it is important to keep on top of your servicing and also get car parts replaced as per the manufacturer’s recommendations or of course, when needed.

I need a garage that will service my car using good quality car parts, can you offer this?

Our friendly management team will be on hand to explain to you exactly which car parts we can supply, in terms of the various car part brands that we use at our garage.

For example, it’s not uncommon at all for a car owner to want to know which brand of engine oil we will use, during say a routine engine oil change

Our team can therefore offer all manner of car servicing, yet, we are also on hand to answer any queries that you might have.

Does your garage service hybrid vehicles?

We most definitely do, hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular, that’s to say here in Cardiff there are now many cars that have a petrol and also an electric engine.

These cars can range from a small city-cars, right through to very large sports utility vehicles.

Our mechanics can service hybrid-electric cars, whether you drive a Toyota, Lexus or perhaps a Mitsubishi? We can service your car for you, here at our independent and also family run company here in Wales.

For a no-obligation quote for car servicing, for engine oil and filter changes, through to carrying out a “major service” on your car, why not give us a ring?




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