Is your Maserati due a service?

Here at Automotive Cardiff, over the years we have serviced many Maserati’s, from Levante’s right through to Quattroporte’s.

At our garage we also see a lot of repeat business- that’s simply because we make sure that we work hard to offer good customer service at our independent, and family run company.

Our customers often therefore return to us, for car servicing or any car repair work that they might need- that’s because, here at Automotive Cardiff, we aim with every customer to offer the best service we possibly can.

So, whether you just need the oil changed, as your planning on taking your Maserati on a long drive during your holidays, or you would like extra work, such as having the brake pads replaced, we can help.

All Maserati cars are welcome at our garage


Sometimes rare classic Maserati’s are brought to us at our garage, and also, at the same time, our mechanics might be working on a Masterati that are very modern.

This means that our mechanics, such as James, has a lot of experience servicing these high-performance sports cars at our garage, whether its a classic Maserati, or a very modern Maserati, such as the MC20, we welcome all models to our garage.

So, if you own a Maserati, why not call us? And we will aim to get you booked in with one of our mechanics as soon as possible.

Is it just car servicing that your garage offers?


We can also offer car repair services, such as brake pad and disc replacement, why not call our garage to see if we can assist?


Why should I bring my Maserati to you?


We see a lot of repeat business from Maserati owners, not just local car owners, that live in say South Wales, but also Maserati owners from much further a field.

We also use quality car parts, as well as offering very competitive prices.

So whether your a Maserati owner here in Cardiff, or you live a bit further away, such as in Bristol, why not call us for a quote?

We can even collect the car from you.


Rare Maserati’s are welcome

Here at Automotive Cardiff, we can service any Maserati, this means, whether own an ultra-modern MC20, or any other model of Maserati, we can offer you a competitive price.


My Maserati’s brake pads and discs need replacing, is this something that you can help with?


Yes, we don’t just offer car servicing, if you would like us to, we can also offer to replace your cars brakes.

For a quote, we would just need to know which model Maserati you have, so why not give us a call, for replacing your Maserati’s brake disc and pads?


How much will a full service cost?


Servicing costs vary, it depends on which model Maserati you drive, and the type of service you want.


Why not give us a quick call?


Do you carry out interim servicing on Maserati’s?


Yes we do, for a quote, why not call us?


I just need the oil and engine oil filter replaced on my Maserati, is this something you can help with?


Yes, we most certainly can, we can replace the oil, and filter on any model Maserati.


My exhaust needs replacing can you help?


We also offer exhaust repair or replacement, so if there’s a problem with your Maserati’s exhaust, why not call us?


My car will need collecting, is this something you can help with?


We can collect your Maserati from you, this is another reason why a lot of people use our garage, as we can collect the car from your home or place of work.



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