Maserati Wing and air intake

Does your Maserati Ghibli require a service?


Maserati’s are true driver’s cars, offering impressive performance, however like with all combustion engine vehicles, the car should be serviced as per the manufacturers specification.

We can therefore offer to service your Maserati Ghibli, we offer very competitive prices, regardless of which engine type you own.

We are an independent garage, we are based in South Wales

We are established, independent garage here in South Wales, we can offer car servicing across all car manufacturers.

We also can also offer car servicing, for any Maserati model, irrespective of whether it’s a modern or classic car. Therefore if you require a basic service, such as only having the engine oil and filter replaced, then we can offer this- right through to offering a full service.


We can even collect from you

We can even collect the car directly from you, sometimes the Maserati owner, will prefer to have the car collected from their home or a place of business. We can arrange for one of our team, to come and collect the Maserati from you, and bring the Maserati to our independent garage for a service or a repair.


We can service any Maserati model

We see a wide range of Maserati’s that are brought to our garage for servicing, ranging from very rare, and also high-value classic cars, right through to your ultra-modern cars which are on a 2021 registration plate.

We therefore have experience of working on a wide range of different Maserati vehicles, which includes petrol diesel models.


We can service your Maserati Ghibli

The Maserati Ghibli is a very popular model, that offers great performance, we can offer to service your car for you.

Whether you own a Maserati, and you are driving tens of thousands of miles every single year, and might need say an interim service, or your car is simply due for a full service, we will be able to help you, and offer competitive prices as well.

Our customers often comment, how great our service is,, how competitively priced we are, and how we go the extra mile to make sure that we offer our customers the best possible customer experience that we can.

We are therefore independent garage which is located in Wales, however we find that we have customers coming to us from further afield.

For example, a Maserati owner in Bristol, in The South-West of England, might bring their car to us, because of the fantastic service that our business offers, and the competitive prices, so we do see car owners, sometimes travel distances to use our garage.

We can also offer other services, such as brake pad and disc replacement

Are your brake pads due to be replaced?

Do you need to brake pads and discs replaced?

Whichever Maserati model you drive, we can offer to replace the brake pads, and discs at a competitive price.


Competitive prices

We offer very competitive prices- whether that’s to service your car, to replace the brakes, or to repair your vehicle.

Why not call our garage today? We can offer you a free estimate?






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