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We need our car serviced- which car brands do you service?


Which car brands do you service?

Our highly skilled mechanics can service any make or model car. This means that on our garages ramps are often a wide range of different car brands. For example, in one working day our mechanics could be servicing a rare classic TVR, the next hour we could be working on a two-litre diesel saloon- therefore the cars our mechanics work on can be very different.

This means from Japanese cars through to German cars, we can offer car servicing on every make and model regardless of which car manufacturer has made your car.

We therefore welcome all petrol, diesel or hybrid cars at our independent garage in Wales. We also have a very friendly and efficient team which aim to offer very high levels of customer service to every single customer that visits our garage.

Wide range of servicing options

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When looking on Google for a local garage to service your car here in Cardiff, you may instantly see from some garage websites that they also offer car servicing, yet some garages will only service just one or a few brands of car.

This could be because they are a main dealer, yet there are also some garages which are independently run, that also only work on just one brand of car, or a few different brands.

What makes us slightly different from some other garages, is that we service every make and model of car, from very rare track-day cars, through to mass produced German saloons. We could therefore be carrying out a full service on a modified Japanese sports car in the morning, and in the afternoon we might have a much sought after TVR on the ramps in for a routine engine oil and filter change-we therefore have experienced mechanics who are well versed on working on any brand car.  

For a no obligation quote to carry out a full-service on say a hybrid electric car, or to just change the oil on a one litre petrol engine car, why not give us a ring?

We will just need to know a few basic details about the car, and we can offer you a quote in a short period of time.

We can service hybrid cars, diesel cars and also petrol cars.

Here’s just some of the reasons why many car owners appoint us to carry out their servicing:

·        We use quality engine oils

·        Friendly service

·        We offer very competitive pricing, whether it’s a sports car, 4×4 or a campervan.

Book in advance


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We encourage all customers to book in advance at our garage.

In order to receive a quote, for car repair or servicing, then why not call us today?

All cars are welcome, including:

·        Classic cars

·        Modified cars

·        Sports and high-performance cars

·        Hybrid, Petrol and Diesel engines welcome

·        Track day cars

Engine oil changes, interim services, full car servicing

We can offer the full-range of vehicle servicing options, for example, you may want an “interim service” carried out on your car? For example, you might be a car fleet manager here in Wales, your company might have in excess of hundred company cars, you may therefore be looking for a garage to service these cars, for example to undertake routine servicing, and also to change for example brake pad and brake discs when required?

We therefore work with companies and also car owners, we offer the full-range of car servicing.

Therefore whether you want your campervan serviced for an upcoming holiday, or lets say a diesel saloon, we can help.


Where is your garage location to?

Our garage is in a great location, our garage is based just off Newport Road, within the city of Cardiff.

Our garage is set in a compound, we can be easily found.


Does your car require any further repair work?

Some garages just offer car servicing, yet we can also offer the full range of car repair services.

Our mechanics can therefore offer the following if required:

·        Air-conditioning repairs and recharge’s

·        Car diagnostics- regardless of the car brand or model, we have modern diagnostic equipment to quickly find fault-codes

·        Car repair, including brakes, suspension faults, exhaust replacement, electrical faults, steering repair

·        Turbo repairs

·        DPF repairs

·        All car repairs welcome


We therefore don’t just service cars

We don’t just offer car servicing, our garage also offers all manner or car repair work as well, ranging from replacing turbo’s, right through to changing brake discs and pads on any make car. We therefore offer car repair services.

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