We repair and service Aston Martin and TVR cars

Our team of expert mechanics have repaired and serviced many Aston Martin and TVR vehicles throughout their career’s.

We can therefore offer the following services to you if you own a TVR indeed an Aston Martin car.

·        TVR and Aston Martin vehicle servicing

·        All car repair work

·        We can prepare your car for it’s MOT inspection

·        Our mechanics have serviced many TVR and also Aston Martins including DB9’s, Vantage’s Chimaera’s and also Griffith models

We are trusted by many Aston Martin and TVR car owners in Wales and also the South West of England, in area’s like Bristol and Bath  owners to regularly service and repair their vehicles. We are trusted because our mechanics have accrued a great deal of experience servicing these vehicles and are well-known for our customer service and level of knowledge of TVR and Aston Martin cars.

We therefore take the time that is needed to look after these great classic and sports car’s.


High-level’s of customer service

Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd we pride ourselves on offering a high-level of customer service, and with every customer that we serve we strive for repeat business.

This is why many Aston Martin owners and also TVR owners travel from far and wide to have their car serviced by our hard-working mechanics. We have therefore serviced many Vanquish’s, DB9’s and also Vantage models at our garage.

We have equally worked on servicing many Cerbera, Chimaera and also Griffith models.


Our garage can offer general repair work and to also service Aston Martin vehicles

Our mechanics can repair and service your Aston Martin, our mechanics have experience of working on many DB9’S, Vanquish, Vantage and also Rapide Aston Martin models.

Our garage (Automotive Cardiff Ltd) is situated within Cardiff, South Wales on Newport Road, so our garage is in a great location. Yet with that said many Aston Martin owners and also many TVR car owners do travel far and wide to drop their car’s to us to be repaired and also serviced by us.

Automotive Cardiff is therefore trusted to work on many high-value vehicles, we also have many customers that come back to us each year for servicing of Aston Martin and TVR vehicles, some of these are more modern models, yet we also work on classic Aston Martins as well.


Our mechanics very much enjoy servicing Aston Martin vehicles and TVR’s, and our level of knowledge of Aston Martins and TVR cars is very much appreciated by our customers that come back to our garage every single year to get a service carried out on their car.

We also offer very competitive prices for servicing TVR’S and Aston Martin’s

We can therefore offer a reliable and cost-effective way repairing or servicing your vehicle, whether that be just for a routine oil change or to have a full service.

TVR cars

Our mechanics and our company owner very much enjoys repairing and servicing TVR classic cars.

Our business can therefore service your TVR car whether you own a Cerbera, Chimaera, Sagaris, Griffith or indeed a Tuscan TVR.

We have many of our customers return to us every single year to have their TVR vehicle serviced by us. Our mechanics have accrued a large amount of experience repairing and also servicing TVR vehicles.

TVR repair and servicing

Many of our customers travel from far and wide to have their TVR vehicle serviced by us. However, a lot of customers also ask us to collect their TVR from their place of work or from their home so that we can collect and then drop the vehicle back to them once repaired or serviced.

We have many years’ experience repairing and also servicing TVR cars, therefore our expert knowledge is valued by many of our customers that’s whether they own a Chimaera TVR, Cerbera, Sagaris, Griffith TVR or a Tuscan. We also strive for repeat business from every single one of our customers.

We can offer competitive pricing when repairing or servicing your TVR, we also based in central Cardiff, our garage is in a great location for TVR owners here in Wales.

Our mechanics have many years experience of working on TVR cars, therefore our mechanics can offer advice and also a cost-effective service.

TVR Servicing

Many of our customers request that we service there TVR car prior to an MOT inspection. We can offer a cost-effective way of servicing your TVR vehicle, whether that be an oil change or a full service of your TVR.

Many of our customers value our expert knowledge of TVR’s, we are therefore confident that you may wish to use our garage on a repeat basis.

Therefore if you would like your TVR to be repaired or serviced by one of our expert mechanics then why not give our garage in Cardiff ring today?

Our friendly team will be able to offer you advice and also a time when we can repair or service your TVR or Aston Martin for you.



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