Automotive Cardiff Partners with Express Locksmith Cardiff for vehicle key solutions

Replacement car keys and remotes

We have partnered up with our favoured auto locksmith Express Locksmith Cardiff to assist our customers with preferential pricing if they have the need for for additional remote vehicle keys or have lost the keys to your vehicle. I have found that an increasing number of people have been caught out, only having one transponder keys for their car. The prices that some auto locksmiths charge when all the keys are lost can double. It is advisable to always make sure you have spare remote fobs as not only do they open the doors but also disengage the immobiliser. As a specialist auto locksmith Express Locksmith Cardiff offer dealer quality remote keys for a variety of vehicle types allowing you to gain access if you are stuck in a situation where your key has broken. On top of key programming they offer car key cutting services for any customer requirements, making them a complete auto locksmiths solution provider. If you require their service contact them quoting Automotive Cardiff for preferential pricing saving you money for your replacement keys or to unlock your vehicle.


What is a remote key?

Typically a remote key is a key blade with remote buttons the the handle. Some older cars had a separate key fobs and keys but newer model vehicles amalgamated into one key. The key fob contains a transponder and battery. so if it isn’t working it is always worthwhile checking that the battery hasn’t run dry. Due to the cost to repair is is more often more economical to replace the remote key fobs if damaged due to the cost. Different key fob buttons can have an array of functions, open and close doors, start engine, open boot and turn lights on to name a few of the features. You can contact a locksmith for a price to service the remote key fobs for your model of vehicle.

Vehicle Key cutting

Express Locksmith Cardiff carry the latest in digital key cutting equipment. so whether you have a bladed key or a ford rounded blade they will be able to assist in replacing the key for you. The method used to replace the key depends on your car model. As always lock repair work can be done in house here at automotive Cardiff along with ECU repair work. Contact us for more information.

Car key replacement

Replacement keys may seem costly but if you only have one it is something you should seriously consider as it will save you money in the long run and also stop you from being off the road. An auto locksmith is a great help if you ever need a car key replacement or key fobs programming. We recommend keeping a spare set of car keys in a safe place in case of emergency. With family or a friend where you can access them is ideal.

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