Maserati Wing and air intake

Do you own a Maserati in the city of Cardiff or beyond?

Maserati cars are not just great to drive, we think there also a thing of beauty, of style and great design.

This is why at our independent family run garage; we appreciate that Maserati are a true drivers’ cars.

We like nothing more than sharing our passion and admiration for the brand with our valued customers here in Wales. We also like hearing how many of the cars which come to us for a service are often then bound for long road trip, perhaps the owners for example are off for an enjoyable drive through the South of France.


Feb 02 22

We also like hearing from our customers that say how great Maserati’s are to drive, how these vehicles, whether diesel or petrol powered offer such effortless performance, and are fun to drive.

Therefore, here at Automotive Cardiff Limited, we have serviced many Maserati cars for our customers, and have built long standing repeat business with many of these customers, so if you own a Grancabrio, or perhaps even the mighty MC20, we would love to hear from you.

Do you require your Maserati to be serviced?


No matter which Maserati you own, here at our independent, family run garage we enjoy meeting all owners of Maserati cars. We have therefore serviced many Ghibli’s, Levante’s and also many Quattroporte’s.

We find that the owners of Maserati’s truly care about keeping their cars well serviced and maintained. Here at our independent garage we are on hand to help you, to keep your car serviced.


Our mechanics

Our mechanics carryout work on a wide range of different car brands.

We don’t therefore just work exclusively on just Maserati cars, yet with that said, due to our valued customers recognising that we aim to offer such good customer service to every single customer that we have at Automotive Cardiff, many customers choose to come back to us for many years to come.

Automotive Cardiff Limited is therefore an independent garage, one which is owner James, is passionate about delivering an excellent service, so that you want to return to our garage as and when needed.


Brake changes

Maserati’s are true drivers’ cars, therefore if you own a Maserati in Cardiff, you might want us to change the brake pads and discs for you?

We offer competitive prices for brake pad changes, or to change the discs as well if needed. We see a lot of repeat business from our customers, which are based all over South Wales.


Full Service

Having a car regularly serviced and looked after, as per the car manufacturers specification is important whichever car brand you drive.

This is no different for Maserati’s, our customers we find are very diligent at getting their car serviced with us, as they often cherish their Maserati so muchthat they want to get it serviced when required.

Here at Automotive Cardiff, we can offer you a competitive price to service your car, plus, our mechanics can talk you through exactly what’s included in the service price.


All Maserati models welcome

Maserati have produced a wide variety of great sports cars, from the stunning MC20, through to the powerful Quattroporte, there have been so many impressive models produced by this great car manufacturer over the years.

Therefore, regardless of which model you own, diesel or petrol, we can offer to service, or repair any model for you.


Feb 01 22

South Wales

The vast majority of our customers live in South Wales, as our garage is located near central Cardiff, yet, with that said, from recommendations our customer base is growing.

We are an independent garage, that doesn’t just see customers travel to us from within Cardiff, but also from much further afield as well, for example we are increasing amount of customers come to us from The South West also.

Why not book your Maserati in with us?

As an independent family run business, here at Automotive Cardiff, we know its not just about offering competitive prices. We understand that offering a friendly and professional service is vital, this is why we aim to offer the best possible customer service that we possibly can.

Whether its our friendly garage manager Emma who answers the phone, through to talking to James about what services you need, we aim to offer the best possible customer service we can at our family run business.

Whether your car is in need of any repair work, or just a service, why not talk to our friendly team today, and we will aim to get you booked in as quick as we can.



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