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Does your Jaguar require servicing?

Our garage is an independent and family run business, we are based within Cardiff. We can service any make or model vehicle, we work on a wide range of cars made by different manufacturers every single week.


Within this article, we are going to explain how we can service any make or model made by Jaguar.

Jaguar has been producing impressive vehicles ever since 1935. Here at our independent garage, we proud to be able to service classic Jaguars, as well as the more modern Jaguars as well.

We very much enjoy at our independent garage working on all classic cars, yet also more modern cars as well, for example cars that may have a hybrid system.

This means our mechanics have a diverse skill-set, whereby we can work on older model cars, and your more modern engines.

So, whether you own a very rare, and may we add a much sought-after E-Type, XJ220 or perhaps you own a Jaguar E-Pace?  What unites all of these cars, like cars made by any other car brands, is that all cars require servicing.

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Therefore, if your Jaguar car requires servicing, then why not call us for a quote on 07717752134?

Below we are going to explain some of the services that our independent garage offers to all car owners, plus, how our family run business can offer you great customer service.


Does your Jaguar require a full service?

Here at our independent garage, we are fortunate in to work on a wide range of cars made by a large range of different manufacturers. This means each week we work on a large range of cars, one moment we could be working on a city car, the next a classic vintage car such as rare Jaguar.

We can help to carry out what is known as a “full-service” on your Jaguar, to provide you with an exact quote for this work, we will need to know which model Jaguar you have, and the full registration number for that car, so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.


We can service any Jaguar here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd, so for example, whether you own a Jaguar F-Type, E-Type, C-Type or let’s say an Jaguar XK 5.0 V8 Coupe- we will able to offer you a quote to service your car.


Do your brake pads and discs need replacing on your Jaguar?

As with all vehicles, it’s absolutely imperative that you get your brakes replaced or repaired when needed, therefore at our garage we can provide you with a quote to change the brake discs and brake pads if needed on your Jaguar vehicle.

We also welcome any cars at our garage, regardless of the manufacturer or the model, to undertake a brake check at our garage. Our mechanics will then be able to tell you whether the brakes need to be replaced.

Does your Jaguar’s engine oil need changing as well as the oil filter?

It’s absolutely imperative that your car’s engine oil and oil filter is changed as per the manufacturers specification, but also that the right engine oil and the right oil filter is used.

We will therefore be able to provide you with a quote, to replace your engine oil with a quality engine oil.

Regardless of whether you drive a rather beautiful E-type Jaguar, which is a much sought-after classic car, or you drive a much more modern car such as a Jaguar F-Type which may have a 3.0 Supercharged V6 for example, we will be able to provide you with a quote to change the engine oil and oil filter on any Jaguar car.

Interim servicing

You may drive a high number of miles per year? For example, you might’s be part of the sales team for a company, and clock up ten’s of thousands of miles every year, or you may just simply travel long distances over the weekend, so you clock up a lot of miles?

Your vehicle may therefore need “interim servicing”, at our independent garage we are able to also offer you interim servicing.

We can offer interim servicing on all Jaguar cars, we also regularly service a wide range of other types of cars as well.

Why choose our family run business?

Jaguar 3

Many car owners choose our independent garage because we offer high-levels of customer service, plus we can also service any make or model car. We can therefore service any model Jaguar and also any other make car.

We take great pride in making sure that we offer high levels of customer service to every single one of our customers, and always aim for repeat business.

For example, a lot of the customers bring their car into us to get inspected prior to an MOT inspection.

At the same time some car owners, whether it be a SUV, that’s a sport utility vehicle, classic car, sports car or perhaps a family saloon ask us to service the car as well.

Sometimes the car owner will want belts changed as per the manufacturer’s specification, so for example timing belts or other serviceable parts which are fitted to the engine, and of course we can also offer this service as well.

We can also offer other services as well, for example a lot of customers prior to the hot weather do ask us to “recharge the air conditioning system” on their car. We can therefore recharge the air con system on any car, including Jaguars.

Does your car need to be serviced?


We would highly recommend that whichever brand of car that you drive, that it is serviced as per the manufacturer’s specification.

It’s not only important to get your car serviced, but it’s also important to pick a reputable garage, like our family run business.

For example, it imperative that quality engine oils are always used, whether they are mineral based engine oils or fully synthetic engine oils, it’s important that quality engine oil’s are always used.

Whenever you use our independent garage, that is Automotive Cardiff, you can be rest assured that we will always use quality car parts, this includes quality engine oils.

Regardless therefore if you drive a 60-year-old classic car, or you drive a relatively new hybrid-electric petrol vehicle? Our garage will be able to offer you a quote for car servicing in Cardiff, or if you would like a quote right now, then why not call our friendly team today on 07717752134?



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