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Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd we are huge fans of all Porsche vehicles



If you were to talk to any independent mechanic or an independent garage, there are normally a few car brands which they really admire, and enjoy talking to the car owners about those vehicles.

Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd we admire all Porsche vehicles, from Porsche Boxster, right through to the legendary Porsche 911.

Our family run business, which is located in Cardiff looks to offer you friendly customer service and also we have experienced mechanics that work for us. We aim with every single customer that comes to us, whether they bringing a high-value car, or a classic vehicle, we aim to offer you high levels of customer service.

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We are an independent garage, and we take great pride in building relationships with our customers so that hopefully you return to us year after year for your servicing requirements and for other work that you might wish for us to carry out.

Porsche make brilliant and instantly recognisable vehicles, which are fantastic cars and are often referred to as “real drivers cars”.

We therefore hugely enjoy talking to Porsche car owners about the events they have gone to, the places where they have driven their vehicle abroad, and also just to share the experience of what it’s like to own a Porsche.

Our admiration for the brand, the iconic vehicles and also the owners that own these vehicles mean that we look forward to servicing these vehicles.

Perhaps you would like the oil changed on a 911 or perhaps you would like a brand-new set of brake pads anrd brake discs fitted to a Porsche Macan?

We greatly admire every single Porsche, whether it be a classic high-value and rare car or whether you own a brand-new Porsche 911, we can offer you a range of services including servicing.

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The mighty and legendary 911

The Porsche 911 is such an iconic vehicle, where a lot of people just dream to drive this car, we understand that the owners of 911’s will massively appreciate the engineering that is gone in to produce these fantastic vehicles.

Producing huge brake horsepower and also offering a true driver’s car, we massively admire the 911 whether it be a brand-new automatic or a classic 911, we believe all are simply fantastic vehicles.

If you own a 911 that you would like serviced, then why not ring us today?

Do you require your Porsche to be serviced?

Whether you drive a Porsche Macan, a Porsche Cayenne or perhaps you have the mighty and impressive Taycan parked on your driveway, we can offer you car servicing.

Perhaps you would like a full service carried out of the vehicle or perhaps you are taking your vehicle to a track day event and require just the engine oil to be drained and replaced? We can offer this service to you.

Porsche Boxster’s, 911’s, GT3’s, Macan’s or Taycan’s we can take care of your cars servicing requirements

Our independent family run company, can service your vehicle, for example you may have a really rare and classic Porsche which you keep in a dedicated heat controled garage, perhaps on the other hand you own a brand-new 911 vehicle, we can take care of your car’s servicing.

Whether you use your Porsche to commute back and fore work, or you have a rare classic Porsche 911 which you only take out a few times a year? We would be eager to offer you a quote servicing and possibly any work which you may require to be carried out?

Our admiration for the brand, it’s heritage and the quality cars that are produced by this company are evident when you speak to our business owner.

Our business owner very much enjoys servicing Porsche vehicles, whether they be brand-new or whether you own a Porsche which is over 40-year’s-old, we massively enjoy working on these cars and we also enjoy meeting the owners and building a relationship, so hopefully you return to our independent and family run business each year.

Track day events

We know a lot of Porsche owners really enjoy taking their Porsche car’s out either on a long drive with a car owners club, or perhaps to track day events somewhere within the United Kingdom.

We think this is an absolutely fantastic way to spend the weekend, often discussing with other Porsche owners about their cars and where they take them to enjoy the cars performance.

If you wish to prepare your car for a track day event, for example you might want the engine oil replaced or you might want a full service carried out, or even you might want the brakes checked over by us, then we can offer this service to you.

If you own a Porsche vehicle, then we would be eager to offer you a quote for servicing, why not call our garage today to arrange for a quotation to be provided?





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