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We also repair and service company cars

As Cardiff is such a large and also busy city, as you would expect there are many businesses based here which have sometimes large fleets of company cars.  Whether this is a fleet of diesel, hybrid, electric or petrol we can offer car servicing and repair here at our garage. We therefore see a lot of company cars at our garage.

If you run a company here in Wales, and therefore looking for an independent and local garage, which can offer servicing and repair, then why not call us today? We therefore also see a diverse range of company cars, this can range from a fleet of small petrol cars, to companies which own fleets of large diesel cars.


Here are just some of the car repair services we can offer:

–        Clutch replacement

–        Brake replacement

–        Exhaust repair and replacement

–        Batteries

–        Electrical faults

–        DPF issues

–        All manner of car repairs, on all types of engines, hybrid, petrol and diesel welcome

–        We can also repair electric cars


Our garage is based just off Newport Road, that’s within Cardiff, which is surrounded by many businesses that use our garage for car servicing or have car repair work carried out.

Therefore dropping your car off to us for a lot of local companies is very convenient due to our central location.


Does your business own a fleet of cars?

Regardless of the car’s brand, we can offer to service any make or model car.

Here in Wales, some businesses can own a very large range of different company cars, these can range from executive saloons, for the management of the company, right through to a range of hybrid vehicles for say the company’s sales team.

Often therefore for the business that require company car’s to be serviced, or to have repair work carried out, such as the brake change, we offer a very efficient service.


All businesses welcome

We welcome all businesses, it doesn’t matter for example if you only have one company car, or let’s say that you run a sales business and your sales representatives have over 100 vehicles, we can help you.


Competitive prices on vehicle servicing

Some company cars can be on the road a lot, clocking up those miles as the car might be regularly going on long journeys on the motorway for example.

This means, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, the car may require more regular servicing, if your car needs a service, then why not book it in with us today?


As company cars often do a lot of mileage every year, often the brake pads, discs, exhausts, batteries, and many more items will need to be replaced, as per the manufacturer’s specification, therefore if you are looking for an independent, as well as a local garage in Cardiff, then why not call us on: 07717752134 or why not call in and see us at:

Connies House

Rhymney River Bridge Road




Therefore whether you want the batteries replaced across your entire fleet of diesel saloons, or all of your company cars are now due for a full service, then we can assist you.


We offer very high-levels of customer service, and we often see a lot of repeat business.


Full Service

If you are looking for a garage which can fully service your companies cars, then why not call us?

Are you looking for a local garage which offers interim servicing?

We can also offer “interim servicing” for any brand of car.

Does your vehicle require an oil change?

We can also offer to replace the engine oil and oil filters on any brand of car.

Therefore, a lot of company cars are brought to us for an oil filter and to get the engine oil changed on the car.


All models of hybrid and electric vehicles are welcome at our garage

A lot of the cars that we service and repair can be hybrid vehicles, therefore all hybrid vehicles are therefore welcome at our garage.


Why not call our independent garage for a quote today?

If you would like a quote, why not call our team today for a no obligation quote?

We don’t just offer car servicing, here are just some of the other services our garage can offer:

·        Clutch repairs

·        DPF repairs

·        Brake pad replacement and discs

·        Exhaust faults

·        Electrical faults

·        Handbrake issues

·        Engine issues

·        Gearbox issues

·        All manner of car repair work



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