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Are you an Alfa Romeo owner?


Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd we are great enthusiasts of all Italian cars. We especially like the Alfa Romeo brand for the impressive style of the companies cars, as well as all the impressive handling and performance of Alfa Romeo’s.

Often described as a true “petrol heads car”, they are a brand of car which quite simply makes brilliant sports cars.

Here at our garage, we have worked on all models of Alfa Romeo over the years, ranging from Alfa Romeo Spider’s through to the very luxurious Stelvio.

When we talk to Alfa Romeo owners, we often find that they have a true passion for driving, which is what our business owners also share.

We are therefore able to build a rapport and a relationship with our customers, which means that they often return to our garage each year to have their Alfa Romeo prepared for an M.O.T inspection or simply to have their car serviced.

Our family run business, which is based in Cardiff, sees Alfa Romeo car owners return to us as they know we offer a high-quality service.

Quality service

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Alfa Romeo owners that come to our garage know that we take great pride in every aspect of our work, and we offer a cost-effective service as well.

Whether you own a Giulietta or a Brera or perhaps you own a high-value and classic Alfa Romeo, we can help you at Automotive Cardiff.

All Alfa Romeo’s welcome

Here at our family run garage we have a workshop which is centrally based in Cardiff, our garage is near the busy Newport Road. Our garage has also invested in modern diagnostic equipment, as well as highly experienced mechanics which work for us.

This means whether you would like your brake discs and brake pads changed, alternatively you may well be simply coming to us for a full service, we offer a truly high-quality service when you pick our garage.

Sports cars  

We really do enjoy servicing and also offering repair services to all sports car owners. Many high-performance car owners, such as owners of high-value TVR’s, Maserati’s, Alfa Romeo’s come to us because we offer a truly professional service.

As soon as you talk to our highly experienced mechanics, you will know that they are highly capable team and we able to deliver a first-class service.

Quality car servicing (Full service, interim service, engine oil and oil filter change)

Whether you own a Giulia or perhaps you own a Spider or Giulietta, we are able to offer affordable car servicing.

Many car owners regular come to us for engine oil and filter changes or for a full service or perhaps for an interim service.

Some Alfa Romeo owners come to us with a rare classic Alfa Romeo’s that they would like serviced prior to enjoying the car on a long road trip that they have planned.

The twisty roads of some of Wales great driving roads means that Alfa Romeo owners can enjoy the fine handling of the car, while listening to great exhaust noises that are produced by the powerful engines.

Our mechanics have worked on a vast range of different sports cars and also high-performance vehicles, so you can rest assured that when you leave your car with us, that we will offer a top-quality service.

Brake pads and brake discs

We can offer to replace or repair the brake pads and brake discs on any make or model of vehicle.

If you have an Alfa Romeo that you would like the brakes replaced upon, then why not give us a ring?

Exhaust systems

Alfa Romeo’s are renowned for high-quality performance engines; therefore the car owners often want to hear these great engine’s as they drive along a country road, or let’s say through a tunnel. Therefore, you might want your car’s exhaust system repaired, we can offer to replace your cars exhaust, that’s irrespective of which car brand or model that you drive.

A local garage,

We offer a reliable garage, that you can return to each year in order to enjoy a high-quality service.

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly family run business.

If you own an Alfa Romeo and you would like your car to be booked in for a service or possibly to have the exhaust or brakes repaired or replaced then why not give us a ring?




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