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Do you own a Maserati?


We truly are big fans of the Maserati brand, the style, the elegance of a Maserati is something to be admired. Whether you own a Ghibli, Levante, Quattroporte or perhaps a rare classic Maserati that you love so much it has its own heated garage at home? You truly own a car from a car brand that’s admired right across the World.

And Whether you own a practically brand-new Ghibli or perhaps you are an owner of a Quattroporte that you’ve enjoyed owning and driving to work for a long time now, you will agree that a Maserati is a true driver’s car in every sense.

From the impressive design of all the Maserati’s through to the great sounding engines that produce a roar of power, a Maserati is a very enjoyable car to own and to drive on twisty roads here in Wales or simply to enjoy while driving down the motorway.

Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd, we are able to help you by offering to service your Maserati, alternatively perhaps you would like work undertaken on your car, for example changing the brake discs and the brake pads?

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Friendly team

Whether it’s the initial call that you make to us, or while you are discussing what work you would like undertaken with one of our friendly mechanics, you will receive a friendly and highly professional service from us, that’s from start to finish.

We therefore have many returning customers that return to our garage every year for their annual service or perhaps to prepare their vehicle ready for an M.O.T inspection.

Alternatively, you may have just purchased a used Maserati online, and you would now like us to perhaps to change the brake discs and brake pads and to carry out a full service as well?


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All Maserati’s are welcome

Whether you have recently bought a Maserati Ghibli or perhaps you have owned a Maserati Quattroporte for a very long time, we will be able to help you with your car’s servicing requirements.

Perhaps you would like your cars clutch, brake pad and brake discs changed also, perhaps you would like other work undertaken on your car then we can help.

With a highly experienced team, here at our garage we are able to offer a professional service and we aim to repair or service any car as swiftly as we can.

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Modern and classic cars most welcome

You may own a much cherished and perhaps rare Maserati, you may keep your Maserati safe in your heated and purpose built garage here in Wales?

Alternatively you may only Maserati that is perhaps only a year or two old? We are able to work on all Maserati models, that’s new and old.

Whether you own a classic, rare or a Maserati that’s much more modern we can help.


“Whether you own a high-value and rare classic Maserati or perhaps you own a car that is relatively new we will be able to help”


Perhaps you would like to bring your car to us for a full service or perhaps you’ve just bought a used Maserati online and you would like our team to give the car a once over, that is in order to see if we would recommend that any work is possibly needed on your used car, then we can help.

Maserati owners also come to us in order to prepare their vehicle for their annual M.O.T inspection.

You can therefore see that our garage is able and equipped to work on all Maserati cars both new and also old. Whether they are a rare classic vehicle or a car that just requires the engine oil changed as you are planning on a long road trip through Europe, we can help.

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As with any high-performance vehicle it is imperative that you regularly check your car’s brakes and brake pads, as well maintaining your car in good condition. You may also want to have your car reguarly serviced and we can help you with that also. 

At our garage, here at Automotive Cardiff Limited, we always use high-quality car parts, so whether you require an oil change on a Quattroporte, that’s before you take it on a driving tour around some Europe’s great driving roads, or perhaps you would like your brake pads and brake discs changed on a Maserati Levante, quite simply put we can help, why not call us today?






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