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Do you need to get your car repaired or serviced in Cardiff?

Automotive Cardiff Ltd are based just off Newport Road in the city of Cardiff. We have many five-star customer reviews and we can repair and service a wide range of different cars.

Here’s a sample of just some of the services that our car garage can offer:

·        Brake replacement and repair

·        Servicing

·        Oil changes

·        Car suspension

·        We can repair engine faults on a wide range of different brands

·        We can offer diagnostics on a wide range of cars

·        Exhaust repair or replacement, DPF

·        DPF problems

·        We are a TVR specialist

·        We can fix car electrical faults

·        Alternator problems

·        Battery replacement

·        We can also service a wide range of different vehicles

·        We can service a wide range of car’s including VW cars, Skoda cars, Seat, BMW and many more

Car repair Cardiff

Here at our garage, our mechanics can repair a wide range of different vehicles.

For example, we can repair faults with large 4×4 diesel vehicles, right through to repairing a small petrol engine cars.

We can therefore repair a wide range of different brands, and model cars, we can also offer competitive prices. We therefore offer repair and servicing on all types of cars, from diesel saloons, through to high-performance TVR car’s.

Car collection

If your car is immobile, and can’t be driven to our garage, then we can also offer a collection and delivery of your vehicle to your home or to your place of work.

We carry out all repair work to vehicles, we also specialise in fitting high performance brakes and also suspension as well.

We also have experience of working on a wide variety of different cars, ranging from high-performance cars, such as TVR, Porsche’s and Ferrari cars, right through to classic cars.

Car servicing (Full service and oil changes)

We also see a lot of repeat business from our customers in Cardiff who want their car serviced, we can service a wide range of different cars.

We can therefore offer car servicing for a wide range of different makes and models.

Our garage has invested in modern ramps and equipment, so we can quickly service your car, or simply change your cars oil.

We can therefore service all different makes and model cars, including Mercedes, Audi’s, BMW, Porsche’s, Toyota’s, Volkswagen and also Honda and Nissan cars.

We repair a wide range of cars

Our mechanics can repair and also service a wide range of different cars in Cardiff, we also offer very competitive prices on servicing all vehicles.

Therefore, whether you wish to have your cars oil changed, or wish to have a full service on your car, we can offer these services to you at very competitive price.

Repair and servicing

At our garage in Cardiff, our mechanics therefore repair and service many different makes and model cars, we therefore have very experienced mechanics that work for us.

A lot of our customers have their car serviced and also prepared for their annual MOT inspection by us.

We can therefore tell you whether certain faults with your car will need to be rectified, and we can undertake this work for you.


A wide range of different cars, from 4×4’s through to classic cars

We can repair a wide range of cars ranging from high-performance cars, like TVR cars, right through to repairing 4×4 vehicles.

Many high-performance cars are serviced by us, for example many performance Audi’s, Ferraris and also TVR’s are serviced by us.

Our garage owner, James has worked on many high-value cars, this is why we have repeat business from many performance and classic car owners here in South Wales.

We therefore regularly have Aston Martins, TVR’s and Ferraris which are serviced at our garage in Cardiff.


Prestige and sports cars

Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd, we repair and service a wide range of different cars, we can also add high-performance parts to your vehicle.


Brake replacement

If your car requires a brake change, and you wish to upgrade your car’s brakes, then why not give us a ring?


Car suspension

We can repair or fit new suspension to your vehicle.


Car exhaust need replacing?

Does your car’s exhaust need repairing?

Or perhaps you would like to upgrade your car’s exhaust, we can help you with this.


Electrical faults, batteries and alternators

Your car may just need it’s car battery changed- however we can also offer other services, such as repairing or replacing your alternator and also fixing error codes that may be appearing on your dashboard.


Engine faults

If the dashboard on your car is displaying a warning light, or an error code, then why not bring your car to our garage?

Our highly qualified mechanics can repair your car, and find out the reason why the cars warning light is been displayed on your car dashboard.


Car warning lights

Your car might be telling you that it needs a service, or you could have a warning light that is notifying you of the more serious problem with your car- so why not bring your car to us in Cardiff?

We have modern diagnostic equipment, we will quickly be able to analyse what the fault code is, and we will be able to offer a quote for fixing this problem with your car.


Car diagnostics

We have diagnostic equipment at our garage, we can quickly analyse any fault code.

All makes and models


Unlike some garages we do not repair and service just one make of car- we instead repair and service a wide range of different vehicles.

We therefore service a range of different cars, for example we regularly undertake servicing of Mercedes, Porsches, BMW and Audi cars.

We also repair all makes and models of cars, for example we can repair Peugeots, Honda’s, Toyotas and many other makes of car.

Cardiff Car Servicing

A large number of customers come to our garage to get their car serviced, sometimes the car owners will just want their oil changed, and some owners will want a full service of the vehicle.

Often cars will be taken to us because they would like the car to be prepared for an MOT inspection, and at the same time to have a service undertaken on the car.

Oil changes

We can carry out an oil change on your car, regardless of the make or model of your car we can offer a cost-effective way to have your car serviced or just to have your oil changed. Perhaps you would like a full service, and to have the air filter and pollen filter replaced?

Perhaps you just like the oil changed on your car?

Full service

We can offer a full service of your vehicle here in Cardiff, no matter which car brand you drive, whether that be a Skoda, Volkswagen, or say a Mercedes or perhaps an Audi? We can offer a cost-effective way to service your vehicle.

We can service all makes and models of vehicles

Our mechanics are able to service a wide variety of different cars, these range from small petrol engined cars, right through to large diesel engines within a 4×4 vehicle.

Call us for a competitive quote

If you would like a competitive quote to repair your car, or to have your car serviced in Cardiff, then why not give us a ring?


Meta description Cardiff car repair and servicing, we can repair all makes and models of car. Our garage and mechanics are based within Cardiff.

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