Do you own a TVR that requires servicing or repair work?




We are a family run garage, we are located in the heart of South Wales, Cardiff.

Since our garage opened, we have serviced and carried out repair work on many TVR cars.

We therefore now have many customers which only bring their TVR cars to us, as we have a huge wealth of experience working on this brand of car. From carrying out routine servicing, through to more complex work, we can offer the full range of services you would expect from an established garage, yet we also have the knowledge of repairing and offering to service many TVR cars.

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TVR Servicing

At our independent garage we have serviced many TVR’s (full service, interim and oil changes) , these might be for cars which have been stored away in a garage, for some time, and the owner has now decided to service the car and use the car on a regular basis.

For some of our other customers, their much-cherished TVR might be there daily commuting car, which they use to travel back and fore the office with, therefore clocking up a huge amount of miles, therefore needing not just a full service, but sometimes for us to carry out an interim service as well.


Word has travelled far and wide about our garage being TVR specialists here in the UK

When we first started, we knew that at our independent garage we wanted to offer really high levels of customer service, so that we gained a lot of repeat business locally.

We have achieved that goal, yet at the same time, what we did not expect was how far many TVR owners will be willing to drive and to bring their car to us.

As we offer such high levels of customer service, we have found that word has spread, and we are thankful to all of our customers who have gone on to recommend us to other TVR owners.

Sometimes we may have only carried out a full service, or sometimes carried out more labour intensive work, such as changing the clutch on a TVR- yet whatever the work is, we have found, that our customers tell us our fees are very reasonable, and the workmanship is top quality.

This is why, although we do repair and servicing work on all brands of cars, from modern through to classic, when you do come to our garage, here in Cardiff, you are more than likely going to see a TVR that’s with us for say servicing, as we have grown our independent business through word of mouth, and recommendations, which means that we have customers come to us from the South West and as far afield as Scotland.  


Why not bring your TVR to us?

We have mechanics that have a huge amount of experience working on TVR’s, whether that’s just carrying out a routine service, through to changing clutches, brakes, exhausts, and any work that you would like carried out.

If your TVR hasn’t been driven for a while, and is currently in your garage, then we can even offer to collect the car from you, for us to bring it to our garage.

So, if you are looking for a TVR specialist, then why not call us, we offer very competitive prices, whether that’s to service your TVR or to repair your TVR.

To book your car in with us, why not give our garage a ring today?

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