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Which car makes do you service?


It’s true, some garages only service one brand of car, that might be because that’s the policy at some main car dealerships or because the independent garage only works on one brand, or different brands of car which are part of the same manufacturer.

So, sometimes, your most local garage, well, they might just work on single brand of car, or group of brands, and not offer repairs or servicing on your model of vehicle.


I need a garage that offers car servicing in Cardiff on a wide range of car brands

Quite often within a family will be multiple different makes of car, and sometimes the owner will want to go to just one independent garage in Cardiff, that’s exactly what our garage can offer.

Our garage can work on any brand of car, regardless of whether its diesel, petrol, hybrid.

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Oil changes

As regular as clock-work we change the oil on a wide range of cars at our garage, which as most car owners know is vital in helping to maintain an engine.

Old oil, which is being used past its service interval can cause increased strain on the engine, the oil can simply built-up microscopic particles, which all accumulate in the oil being less efficient.


Engine oil is crucial in helping to lubricate an engine, to help reduce friction and therefore heat.

If the oil is not working efficiently, by that we mean, that the oil must be good quality, it shouldn’t be used past the service interval, and also as a driver you must make sure its at the correct level.

We can change the oil on any car, plus, we only use quality car oils, so whether you need synthetic oil, mineral oil or perhaps semi-synthetic oils then we can help.

By far, the most common oils now in modern engines are synthetic oils, which are used in everything from high revving sports cars, through to diesel saloons.


Full service

Our engines work very hard every time we turn the key, for example, pistons are moving, turbos are circulating very hot gases, and our engines then need to turn air into waste emissions through the exhaust system.

This means as we drive along the road, our cars are doing a lot, so this means that as car owners we need to service our cars, that’s at the service intervals that the car manufacturer recommends.

If we don’t, then this can mean that the engine car wear more quickly, or a worst case scenario would be the engine runs too low on oil, overheats, and causes major damage to the car.

So this is why getting the car serviced is so important. Plus, also,  its crucial that real high quality parts are used, its really not worth saving on buying say cheap engine oil, instead you need a real high quality product, quality oils, made by leading manufacturers, that’s exactly what we can offer.


From sports cars, to diesel saloons- we offer affordable car servicing in Cardiff

We have a lot of really powerful sports cars brought to us, some producing well over 500 brake horse power.

Then equally a lot of cars, which are much more mass produced come to us for a service, so whatever car you drive, we car offer you affordable car servicing, plus, we offer good quality customer service.

So whether it’s a high performance car that needs a full service, or an old diesel saloon, if you come to us, we can offer you a great price, whether its to change the oil, full service, or maybe you need an interim service?


Customer service

We know that when you need to get your car serviced, its not just about maintaining your car, its also about friendly customer service, and that’s exactly what we offer.

We are therefore a garage in Cardiff that employs friendly and helpful staff, whether its our mechanics, our receptionist or our owners, we truly pride ourselves on offering high levels of customer service.


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