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Does your vehicle need to be repaired or serviced?

If you are looking for a local garage to get your car repaired or serviced, then simply choosing a local garage from the amount of car garages on Google can seem overwhelming.

That’s to say, in a capital city like Cardiff there are so many garages and local mechanics to choose from.

There are your mobile mechanics, right through to very large garages that may service and repair everything from a small van, right through to large trucks.

Some garages may even specialise in servicing and repairing just one brand of car, however far more common are the garages which repair a wide range of different brands and model of vehicles.

Here at Automotive Cardiff Ltd we have highly experienced mechanics that work for us, our mechanics can repair and also service any make and also any model of vehicle.

Therefore, whether you drive a Volkswagen, Audi, or let’s say at perhaps you drive a Skoda or Seat vehicle, we will be able to help you at our garage. That’s because here at our independent garage we repair a wide range of cars, that’s from very large engine diesel 4×4’s through to SUV’s, right through to say a city car that has a 1.0 petrol engine.

We can therefore repair any brand and model car, for example, if you are looking to have a Mercedes, or let’s say a TVR serviced, then why not call our garage? We welcome all car brands at our garage.

We run an independent garage, our workshop and our mechanics are located just off the busy Newport Road, which is within central Cardiff, South Wales.


We can offer a wide range of vehicle repairs

When you visit our garage you will see instantly that we work on a wide range of different vehicles, for example, in any one working day on our ramps we might be working on replacing brake discs and brake pads on let’s say a large 4×4 vehicle.

Then in another bay, we might have let’s say a high performance car, that we are working on, therefore our mechanics are well-versed in working on a wide range of different engines, that’s to say we often work on hybrid, diesel and also electric cars.

We also offer very competitive prices, whether that’s just to change the engine oil in your car, or perhaps your car has a larger mechanical problem such as let’s say a problem with the car’s exhaust and DPF?

Many car owners, right throughout the city of Cardiff trust our mechanics and our garage simply because we offer very competitive prices and honest advice.


All car makes and models welcome

We welcome all car brands makes and models here at our garage, we service and also repair a wide range of cars, in order to offer you an estimate, why not give our garage a ring today?


Does your garage repair and replace car brakes?

One of the more frequent tasks that our mechanics carry out is to replace brake discs and brake pads.

For example, we frequently change the brake pads and the brake discs on many cars that are brought to our garage, and you may even wish to bring your car to us so that we can prepare it ready for its M.O.T inspection?


Is your car’s instrument panel displaying an engine warning light?

Sometimes some customers come to us and say that a warning light has been on their vehicle for quite a while, however, we would never recommend delaying getting your car seen to by a mechanic if a warning light appears on the dashboard of your car.

That’s to say, we would recommend that you immediately contact a reputable garage, like Automotive Cardiff Ltd in order to rectify the problem and for the garage to use a “fault code reader” in order to understand what is wrong with the car.

For example, delaying taking your car to your local mechanic may mean there may well be a mechanical problem that can become worse if it is not immediately seen by your local mechanic.

That’s to say a warning light can appear sometimes on the instrument panel, or let’s say on the LCD screen of the car, yet the warning lights may not elaborate on what the fault is.

This is why it’s so important to take your car to a local garage, sometimes the car owner will need to phone the garage before taking the car to the garage, and sometimes the garage will recommend that the car is not driven any further and is collected instead by the garage.

That’s to say our mechanics can dispatch a vehicle recovery van, in order to take your car to our garage so that we can repair it for you.


Can you replace my car’s clutch?

Another very common task that our mechanics carry out is replace a car’s clutch, for example a lot of car owners will sometimes know prior to the car’s clutch becoming unusable, that it will need to be repaired or replaced.

This is why many cars are brought to our garage, that’s in order to have the car’s clutch repaired or to have the clutch removed and replaced.


My car has a “DPF problems” can you repair this?

Your car may have a “DPF problem”, that’s to say this DPF problem may even mean that your car goes into what is called “limp mode”.

A lot of car owners sometimes see “limp home mode”, or “limp mode” display on the instrument panel of the car.

Sometimes this is supplemented with the information that there is a “DPF problem”, DPF problems can be fairly common, so if your car has a DPF problem, then why not call our local garage today?


My car has a suspension problem, can you help to repair this?

Due to the amount of potholes, and uneven roads, it is common today for a car to have suspension problems that are caused by the car hitting a pothole for example.

Therefore, if your car has any kind of suspension problems, then why not call our mechanics?


Does your garage and mechanics offer car servicing?

Another common reason why car’s are brought to our garage, is because the car requires engine servicing, therefore if you are looking for “car servicing garages” why not call us today?


We are now going to explain the different types of car servicing that we can offer you:


Can you carry out a full service on my car?

One of the most frequent types of car servicing that we carry out, is referred to as a “full service”.

A full engine service is often carried out on many cars that are brought to our garage, this is especially when any repair work needs to be undertaken, or the car is being prepared for an MOT inspection.

That’s because a lot of customers prefer to have a full service carried out on their car, while the car is being repaired or prepared for it’s M.O.T inspection, as this can limit the inconvenience to the car owner, as they do not need to go back to the garage to have their car serviced at another time.

Instead the car can be serviced, and it can be repaired or prepared for it’s M.O.T inspection at the same time as having say a full engine service, or a interim service, or just an oil change.

This can minimise inconvenience to the customer, as they will be having the engine serviced at the same time as having engine repair or car repair work undertaken.

When you choose our mechanics, and also our garage, you can rest assured that we will use high quality engine oil.


Can you carry out an interim service on my car?

A lot of car owners will do a lot of mileage per year, for example, some workers will commute quite a distance to work, and therefore they might travel a lot of miles per year.

Also, some vehicles sometimes are used for work purposes, and therefore will tend to have a much higher mileage. Car owners which travel higher mileages sometimes come to our garage in order to have an “interim service”.


Can you just change the engine oil and oil filter on my car?

Perhaps you would just like the engine oil changed on your car?

If you would like your engine oil changed, then why not call our garage today?


Where is your garage and mechanics based?

Our mechanics are located in Cardiff, just off Newport Road.


Do you also repair prestige and high-performance cars?

We also repair prestige and high-performance cars, for example if you own a TVR motor vehicle, and you are looking for a car garage that can repair TVR cars then why not give us a ring?


Why not give us a ring today?

Why not give us a ring today, we can offer you an estimate on how much it will cost for car repairs in Cardiff.

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