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Is your car due a service this summer- then why not book your car in at our garage?


It’s really important that whichever car brand you drive, you get your vehicle serviced as per the manufacturer’s specification. Whether it’s a classic car, or a modern petrol hybrid engine, it will require a service.


We offer servicing on all car brands.

For example, from high-value classic cars, right through to sport’s utility vehicles (SUV’s), we can offer to service your car at a competitive price. Plus, we also offer the full range of car servicing options, therefore you might want to bring your car to us for an interim service, oil change or a full service? All car servicing options are offered at a very competitive price, for a no obligation quote, why not call us?


About us

We are a local garage here within Cardiff, we have serviced many diesel cars, petrol and also hybrid vehicles of all brands. We offer competitive prices, that’s regardless of which car brand you drive, you can also rest assured that we only ever fit quality car parts, plus we have very experienced mechanics, so why not book a service with us today?

This article will also explain the we offer other services as well, which a lot of car owners have carried out at the same time when their car is being serviced with us.


Is your car due a service?

If your car is due service, then why not bring it to our garage? We offer high levels of customer service as well as excellent prices.  


Why not call us for a no obligation quote?

Whether you drive a small petrol engine car, or you own a SUV, we can service any type of vehicle.


Do you know that we also re-gas and repair air conditioning systems as well?

A lot of our customers come to us for car servicing, and at the same time the ask us to re-gas or sometimes repair an air conditioning fault. This means just before the hot weather finally arrives here in Wales, we can offer to fix your car’s air-conditioning.


Do you want to get your car serviced before your summer holidays?

If you’re planning on going on a holiday while also taking your car, then you might be planning on doing a lot of driving? If so, a lot of people bring their car to us to get a car service prior to taking the car on a holiday.

Of course, it’s really important that you get your car serviced as per the manufacturer’s specification, so whether you’re going away on holiday or not, you can also be rest assured, that here at Automotive Cardiff, we can offer you great prices on car servicing, as well as any repair you that you might need?


Here’s just a same of some of the other services our garage can offer:

–        Car repair on any brand of car

–        Diesel, petrol and hybrid cars welcome

–        Fully electric car repairs

–        Servicing

–        Brake repair

–        Brake replacement

–        Brake upgrades

–        Exhaust replacement

–        DPF repair and replacement

–        And much more.


Do you own a classic car?

Perhaps you own the classic car, it might be a very high value vehicle, such as a TVR or a classic Maserati, we can offer to service your car at a competitive price.

So, whether you own a rare Italian classic car, or a British vintage car, whichever car you drive, we can offer to service it for you. We have a large amount of experience repairing, restoring and servicing classic cars. Our mechanics can therefore help to fix any brand of classic car.

So, if you own a classic car, and it’s been gathering dust in your garage for some time, and now needs extensive work, then we can help. Equally you may have a vehicle that’s in brilliant show room condition, and just passed its MOT, all you need is for the car to be serviced, and we can offer that too.  


Top quality service

We offer a top-quality service, that’s whether you’re coming to us for a full nut and bolt restoration of a classic car, or just an engine oil and filter change, we offer high levels of customer service.

Plus, from the engine oils we use, through to the car parts, such as fitting a brand new clutch, we always use good quality parts.


So why not book your car in for a service with us?

Therefore, whether you drive a classic car, an executive saloon, or a hybrid vehicle, why not book your car in for a service with one of our mechanics?



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