Crysler SRT with Brembo Calipers

Our garage can supply and also install Brembo Brake Pads, Brake Discs and Brake Shoes


Brembo is a very well-known manufacturer of quality brake components, these brakes can be seen fitted to many different types of cars, from high-value race cars, through to many roadgoing vehicles.

Theis brand of brakes are therefore fitted to many cars all over the world, here at Automotive Cardiff Limited, we can supply, and also our mechanics can fit new Brembo brakes for you.

The brand “Brembo” is therefore synonymous with high-quality car parts, therefore if you are looking to upgrade your car’s brakes here in Cardiff, have you considered having Brembo brake pads and discs fitted? We recommend Brembo to a lot of our customers that want to upgrade their brakes, we therefore fit Brembo brakes to everything from powerful diesel estates,  through to cars used just on the race track.

If you own a high-performance sports car, you might even want “carbon ceramic brakes” fitted, which allow a superior braking force. We can fit these brakes to your car here in Wales.

You may have noticed therefore on many car brands, that on the brake callipers are possibly a bright red colour? They may have “Brembo” written, and underneath the wording “Carbon Ceramic”- this innovation is therefore also fitted to many different cars that need high-performance brakes fitted.

Therefore, if you are looking for a local garage, which can help you to upgrade your car’s brakes why not give us a ring today?

So, what exactly are Brembo brakes?

All petrol heads will have heard of the brand “Brembo”, it’s an Italian brand which is well-known for supplying quality brake parts and you have seen the brand fitted to many race cars?  

Here at our independent garage, we fit disc brakes, as well as carbon ceramic to a wide range of different vehicles.

This is therefore a brand of car brakes which needs no introduction at all, so if you’re looking for a garage in South Wales which can fit this make of brakes, then why not call our garage?

What are the advantages to choosing Brembo brakes?

Brembo simply offers high-quality brakes, the company is also committed to innovation, this is shown by their range of carbon ceramic brakes. Followers of the company may have also heard of the “brake by wire” system as well.

My car already comes factory fitted with Brembo brakes, so are you just able to just replace the brake pads?

There are a lot of well-known car brands which send their cars rolling off of the factory line already fitted with Brembo brakes, therefore the owner of that car might now be looking for a local garage which is located in the city of Cardiff, which can just change the brake pads and discs using genuine Brembo car parts.

Our mechanics therefore work on a wide range of cars every week, we can change the brake pads on many cars, such as Alfa’s and Maserati’s and all other car brands. We are a very popular garage, so if your thinking of using our garage, to have your brakes upgraded we would ask you to book in with us as soon as possible.

All car brands are welcome at our garage, we also offer other services as well, such as car repairs, or car servicing. Therefore, while your car is with us, to have say new brake pads fitted, why not have your car serviced by us at the same time?

How our garage can help:

We don’t just install brakes, we can offer you the full range of car repairs as well, this can range from car diagnostics, right through to clearing out the DPF on an exhaust system on any car.

If you would like a quote for car repairs or servicing, then why not send us an e-mail or call us today?


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