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We need an auto-electrician in Cardiff- can your garage help?


Whether it’s an electric window that doesn’t work, or your electronic handbrake which has issues, most cars these days are quite simply full of electrics.

So, whether it’s the wiper blades that wont switch on, or there’s a problem with the lights on your car, its crucial that car owners get these repaired by a qualified auto electrician and this is where we can help.

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Sometimes, car owners will contact a garage in Cardiff, yet not know, that only some garages will be able to fix car electrical faults.

So often instead an auto-electrician will be needed, plus, due to how complex the wiring and ECU’s are on some cars, some mechanics only work on a certain brand of car.

However, here at Automotive Cardiff Limited, our auto electricians that work on many different car brands every day, and we can fix all manner of issues, from warning lights on the dashboard, through to heated seats not working.

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Car diagnostics

Its important that when you choose a garage in Cardiff, that they have a good quality diagnostic machines, to quickly find the fault, to find out exactly which car parts need replacing, and to then have experienced staff to fix the problem, that’s exactly what our garage can offer.

Electric window repair

Electric windows are great, whilst they are working that is, soon as our electric windows develosp a problem, such as the window regulator not working, or simply the window motor, it will need an auto electrician to help.

So, whether your windows taking an eternity to close, or the windows simply not working at all we will be able to help.

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Electric handbrake

In most modern cars, the manual handbrake has been replaced with an electric handbrake, that after a quick press, you may hear the wheels being clamped so they can’t move and to hold the car in place.

Well, that’s when everything is working as it should, yet if your handbrake has developed a fault, we can help, it could be a mechanical fault, or something to do with your car’s electrics.

A quick check on our car’s diagnostic equipment, and we will be able to check, and get back to you with a quote in order to repair the car for you.

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Warning lights

A warning light on the dashboard could be mechanical, for example, perhaps the brake pads are in need of replacement, and possibly also the discs as well.

Or the fault could be electrical, such as a faulty sensor on the cars DPF, our cars often now have a lot of sensors, from sensors on the exhaust, right through to the fuel injectors, and this is a good thing, as they are monitoring as we drive along for any problems that have been incurred, and relaying this to the cars brain, which is the ecu.

Yet, as with any fault on our cars, we shouldn’t ignore it, that’s even if you think the car feels normal to drive, as it could be a warning that somethings not working right, and if left unfixed, could cause more mechanical damage.

So, whatever the fault is, it should be fixed by a mechanic or an auto electrician, at our garage, we can fix the electrics and any mechanical defects, so, this means you haven’t got to visit two separate garages, as some garages don’t fix electrics, yet ours can.

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